U.S. Nazi Past goes Main Stream

NYT reports about Project Paperclip, CIA-Nazi link

Deborah Dupré

The Justice Department report, describing what it calls “the government’s collaboration with persecutors,” says that O.S.I investigators learned that some of the Nazis “were indeed knowingly granted entry” to the United States, even though government officials were aware of their pasts. “America, which prided itself on being a safe haven for the persecuted, became — in some small measure — a safe haven for persecutors as well,” – New York Times.

The New York Times obtained the full 600-page Justice Department, report without the many redactions, on Operation Paperclip and has reported about it on November 13 calling the most damning aspect of it the Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement with Nazis brought into the US.

The strong Nazi history in the United States has been suppressed until the NYT report that states, “Scholars and previous government reports had acknowledged the C.I.A.’s use of Nazis for postwar intelligence purposes. But this report goes further in documenting the level of American complicity and deception in such operations.”

The report names some of the most infamous Nazi scientists and doctor responsible for the Jewish holocaust and then brought to the US: Dr. Josef Mengele, the so-called Angel of Death at Auschwitz, Arthur L. Rudolph, and Otto Von Bolschwing, “an associate of Adolph Eichmann who had helped develop the initial plans “to purge Germany of the Jews” and who later worked for the C.I.A.”

The NYT report reveals that only some 300 of the 10,000 Nazis brought into the US were ever deported and that the “Justice Department itself sometimes concealed what American officials knew about Nazis in this country…”

Despite the long suppression of the Nazi influence on Americans and the Obama administration’s attempts to keep the report from he public, because of determination of the late Mark Richard, a senior Justice Department lawyer, this major part of US history is now revealed.

NYT reports that in 1999, Richard convinced Attorney General Janet Reno to begin a detailed look at the US Nazi history, assigned career prosecutor, Judith Feigin, to the job and he edited the final version in 2006. He “urged senior officials to make it public but was rebuffed, colleagues said.”

“When Mr. Richard became ill with cancer, he told a gathering of friends and family that the report’s publication was one of three things he hoped to see before he died, the colleagues said. He died in June 2009, and Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. spoke at his funeral.

“’I spoke to him the week before he died, and he was still trying to get it released,” Ms. Feigin said. “It broke his heart.”

“After Mr. Richard’s death, David Sobel, a Washington lawyer, and the National Security Archive sued for the report’s release under the Freedom of Information Act.

Thanks to Mr. Richard, Ms Feigin, Mr, Sobel plus to Eric Lichblau’s NYT reporting, roots of the most sordid US policies and practices today such as non-consensual human experimentation, torture and eugenics can finally be seen by those who will look at the Nazi-CIA partnership revealed in the report.

Those roots are deep, alive and strong. They have supported the growth of what has been aptly called the Nazi Hydra in America after over 60 years in fertile ground. The hydra has its tentacles in every level of society, including America’s medical system with the military to continue Nazi Germany’s experimentation on humans.(See: Today’s US medicos and military Nazi human experimentation, Dupre, Examiner, June 7, 2010)

The Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century exposes how the Dulles brothers and U.S. tycoons launched Hitler and brought Nazi assets, including concentration camp scientists and “doctors” to the U.S. It details the the Nazis – OSS merger to create the CIA and NSA for the purpose of laying the foundation of the modern police state presently controlling Americans and the nation.

If this “no longer seem like America,” and instead resembles Nazi Germany, this Justice Department report, according to the NYT, explains why.

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