Overweight? There is a Vaccine for that


A new crop of bogus vaccines are claiming to promote weight loss. A new study, published in BioMed Central’s open access journal, Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology, promoted the claimed benefits of two vaccines which chemically and artificially inhibit the action of natural hormones.

One of the the primary aims of the  biotech industry is to create a vaccine for every common ailment known to man. The pseudo-scientists at Vaccine Inc have already offered a universal flu vaccine for what they feel is an uninformed and lazy public who are no longer interested in receiving the seasonal jab year after year. Why not dip into wider markets like obesity? Most of the developed world has obese populations–”can you imagine the potential for vaccines?” says the pharmaceutical executive.

Somatostatin, a peptide hormone, inhibits the action of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), both of which increase metabolism and result in weight loss. The claim by vaccine scientists in the study was  to create a vaccine with modified somatostatin causing the body to generate antibodies to somatostatin, effectively removing this inhibition. However, this could also alter and  directly interfere with the other hormones and subsequently cause other problems.

“This study demonstrates the possibility of treating obesity with vaccination”, Keith explained. He continued, “Although further studies are necessary to discover the long term implications of these vaccines, treatment of human obesity with vaccination would provide physicians with a drug- and surgical- free option against the weight epidemic.”

Somatostatin is secreted in several locations in the digestive system including the stomach, intestine, and cells of the pancreas. It is also produced by neurons in the brain.   The hormone is eventually then carried to the brain’s pituitary gland which is essentially the target where it inhibits the secretion of growth hormones.

The problem is, when you mess with   somatostatin pharmacologically    through potent inhibitors, you create a host of other physiological disasters, but the study won’t tell you about those. The most frequent adverse effects are hypothyroidism, cardiac conduction changes, gastro-intestinal reactions, gallstones, reduction of insulin release, hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia and  even erectile dysfunction.

Artificially inhibiting growth hormones by generating antibodies to somatostatin would also    inhibit the secretion of many other hormones, such as gastrin, cholecystokinin, glucagon, insulin, secretin, pancreatic polypeptide, TSH, and vasoactive intestinal peptide, all which are involved in crucial physiological processes for  energy expenditure and weight loss.

Big pharmas obsession with creating a vaccine for  every illness is reaching a climax that will inevitably regress human health to new levels. We don’t need another excuse for people to eat more junk food.  An obesity vaccine will only cater to the lazy mentality of developed nations. This will naturally lead to a host of new health problems which the biotech industry will address and find additional solutions for–but only for the problems they created. It’s a vicious cycle.

You don’t need a vaccine to lose weight and you never will.  There’s something called a great diet and exercise which is far more effective and will keep you healthier and alive for much longer.

Dave Mihalovic
 is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.

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