The Anglo American Oil Fraud

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
April 18, 2010

The surplus oil production capacity could totally disappear, says the Military. Really?  Last time I checked there were numerous oil fields waiting to be discovered and exploited.  So, why is the United States military warning about peak oil again?  Can there really be a limitation to access fossil fuels?  Sure, there is.  However it is not due to lack of oil, but to lack of infrastructure to localize it and extract it for everyone to use.

Most of the scarcity talked about today originates from two different places.  The first, as mentioned before, the lack of infrastructure in many parts of the world which limits refining capacity.  Second, the fact that the oil cartel and oil companies hug the existing oil in order to make prices spike and availability to be limited.  So why is the military warning us?  Can this be the beginning of the U.S. military campaign to massively find support for an attack on Iran?

Propaganda works in many ways.  Provoking fear of war, lack of resources and apocalypse are some strategies well known today.  Just like the Military Industrial Complex brainwashed its way into two wars at the start of the new century, it is also possible it may be preparing for another conflict.  Persia is blessed with lots of oil and the establishment always had its eyes on it.  Peak oil, danger of nuclear war, and other strategic geopolitical reasons will be asserted in the following months to invade yet another country in Asia.

In the meantime, we can analyze why there may be oil scarcity in the United States and elsewhere.  Recently, Russia Today dedicated a news segment to the claim that peak oil is within two years from occurring.  Watch the report here.

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