Pentagon to Lobotomize People with Virus in Vaccines?

Leaked April 13, 2005 video shows how the Pentagon intends to destroy people’s brains by putting a virus in vaccines used by most of the population.


As if disease alone wasn’t a problem, there are powerful people searching for ways to change the way people think and act. A video apparently originated in the Department of Defense (DoD), which is identified with the number 149AZ2 and recorded in room BC282 of the Pentagon shows a speaker relating to a rather small audience the breakthrough in the making of a brain eating virus which will make people permanently passive, by attacking the V-Mat 2 gene.

The V-Mat 2 gene is responsible, according to the speaker, for the emotional side of any human being. It governs over anger, happiness, sadness, faith and other emotions. The discovery and implementation of the virus was presented as a way to lobotomize people deemed as religious fundamentalists, the kind that US authorities would like everyone to believe are hiding under everyone’s bed. By injecting the virus into a person, the individual will lose all emotions, which in a brain scan are shown as activity in the frontal right side of the brain. According to the unidentified researcher, that is the area where the V-Mat 2 gene would show a person’s reaction when he or she is exposed to a situation that causes their emotions to change.

The video dates April 13, 2012, appears to have begun a little after nine in the morning. It cuts immediately into a speaker explaining how the virus will act to eliminate the sense of ‘fundamentalism’ from people in war zones such as Afghanistan. The elimination of the so-called God Gene would be achieved by putting the virus in a vaccine that is widely provided to a population, which would ensure a larger reach. During the interactions between the apparent researcher and the people in the audience, it is also discussed how would this virus be spread faster over larger population areas and those methods include spraying the virus from above; from a plane perhaps.

The researcher also talks about how some people are predisposed to be religious fundamentalists as a consequence of their V-Mat 2 gene manifesting itself more aggressively. This gene then causes them to think about causing terrorist attacks such as blowing buildings or themselves in a public or private setting. When asked about the effect the virus would have on those injected or sprayed over, the speaker said that his research validated the theory that the virus would effectively eliminate terrorist behavior after an individual was vaccinated. “By vaccinating them against this, we’ll eliminate this behavior. The virus would immunize against this V-Mat 2 gene and that would….essentially turn a fanatic into a normal person.” He then added that preliminary tests showed that the best way to deliver the virus would be using it in conjunction with respiratory viral forms, such as the flu. “… we believe that’s a satisfactory way to get the exposure of the largest part of the population.”

In addition to having created and tested the synthetic virus, the speaker said that a petition has been officially submitted to implement the use of the virus against people who, according to him show a tendency to be fundamentalists. He identified the proposal as FunVax, or the vaccine for religions.

See the video below:

Although there has been skepticism about the authenticity of the video posted on YouTube, the truth is that the public does not need a video from the Department of Defense to realize that viruses like the one described on the clip exist for real. In the last few months a conscious campaign launched in many main stream media outlets tell of scientists who promote lobotomizing people who don’t believe in the theory of man-made global warming, for example. These scientists believe that people need to be re-educated and, if need be, given a pharmaceutical to help them change their mind about global warming or any other matter that is promoted by core members of the scientific community. Some scientists have also claimed to have produced a vaccine which would indeed make people calm. Others have said that new vaccines and viruses should be used to cure depression, or stress.

What some scientists are claiming is that people’s feelings of anger, passion, intensity, can be erased from their brains so that they no longer have to suffer any emotional or even physical pain, which many believe stems from emotions. In essence, those scientists would be trying to end with what makes people human. It seems that tools like the ones proposed in the video clip or the ones supposedly created by other scientists are made to assure the controllers that at a certain point in time, the masses will be easily controlled. They’d be manageable people who will simply comply with whatever is it they want us to do.

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