CBS’ 60 Minutes Demonizes Constitutionalists

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
May 16, 2011

Anyone and everyone concerned with government handle of power and its limitless abuse of the Constitution and what it represents is now on the black lists of many law enforcement officials in the United States. Anyone who disagrees with government actions and voices such disagreement publicly, is considered dangerous and is the subject of police scrutiny.

CBS’s 60 Minutes is trying to play along with government corruption by labeling all people who are worried about government abuse as armed, dangerous, crazy and unconsciously prone to violence towards other people, especially law enforcement. People who talk about the right to free speech, the right to own and bear arms for self-defense, the right not to be taxed to death or abused by the fraudulent financial system will be kept on short leash by authorities as they may, says CBS,  ”explode in anger” and simply kill anyone.

Law enforcement officials are now being “trained” to learn to spot and handle people who express respect for their constitutional rights. They want to paint everyone with the same brush, a brush that stamps them as “armed and dangerous”. The United States government has issued manuals and documents such as the MIAC Strategic Report to local law enforcement where it calls Libertarians and Constitutionalists “dangerous”, warning police to act cautiously when dealing with them.

Another goal of this kind of propaganda is to make it so that the rest of the public gets scared and promptly accepts the government issued message that it is necessary to tattle on family members, neighbors and friends who talk about the Constitution or constitutional rights. This group, includes Ron Paul supporters, people who want to end the current debt- based economic system or “end the feders”, those who preach freedom of assembly and the right to protest in public. Individuals who talk in public about government abuse of power will be named inciters of violence and will be rounded up if necessary.

This is happening while the U.S. government puts in place one of the largest police states in the history of humankind, with spying agencies listening to people on their cellphones, children being spied at home through their laptops, cameras on every corner, fliers molested at airports and the government’s military on the street, at airports and train stations to give a false sense of security.

Watch 60 Minute’s video for yourself.

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