More Proof of Military Invasion of the United States


Yesterday, The Real Agenda reported on the latest influx of foreign Russian and Chinese commandos into the United States. On August 17th, a report on   TruNewsRadio told about how inside sources in the US government have revealed details on the continuous arrival of troops who have positioned themselves in both the U.S. and Canada, in what seems to be an attempt to prepare for a military takeover of North America.

In the article sent to The Real Agenda, the author explains that a person close to TruNewsRadio host Rick Wiles, revealed how his source from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security confirmed that “Russian Spetsnaz commandos are infiltrating into the U.S.A from Canada. He said it’s been underway all summer, and he estimated the number of commandos at the present time inside the U.S.A to be in excess of 20,000.”

It is well known that both Russian and Chinese military operatives visit the U.S. to participate in so-called ‘civil drills’. The previous one known drill took place at Ft. Carson, Colorado between May 24 and 31 of this year and it may have had something to do with the ongoing clandestine immigration of Russian commandos. Besides the confirmation made by the US DHS source, other news reports from today alert about the strong presence of foreign troops on U.S. soil and that they are as close to the US military as it can get.

For example, according to, both Russian and American Air Force personnel began a joint counter-terror exercise beginning Monday, with the supposed intention of preparing for a scenario that would include a hijacked plane on international airspace. There is no way the U.S. government is unaware that thousands of Russian and Chinese commandos are entering the country, and of course they know about the Air Force drills, too. One must then ask, how can two countries that have such volatile past and present, especially when it comes to military issues, meet in the air to conduct joint military exercises?

“As global powers, the United States and Russia have a special responsibility for ensuring peace and stability in the world,” said the White House back in 2009 after both governments signed an agreement to conduct the kind of military exercises that began yesterday and that also include Canadian forces.

But the seemingly warm relationship between Russia and the U.S. does not stop there. While the United States talked about the weather and political campaigns, Russian military commanders were shown inside NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command. Back in 2011, NORAD deputy commander Col. Todd Balfe, shared the comfort of a Fencing 1220 aircraft with Russian Air Force Col. Alexander Vasilyev during operation Vigilant Eagle 2011; another joint military exercise.

“What makes this year interesting is that the Russian personnel from the Russian Federation air force are actually here at NORAD headquarters at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs,” said Royal Canadian Navy Lt. Al Blondin and NORAD spokesman. The close relationship between military forces isn’t even hidden from the public light, as it might have been done years ago. Russian military counterparts are now training deep within the U.S.’s defense network.

Although it seems the relationship between the two countries is cool, they remain enemies on the battle field, as the U.S. arms the terrorist rebels in Syria, while Russia has thrown its support behind Bashar-al Assad’s led government. China, another partner in the kind of military exercises being conducted today, has also been very clear about its rejection of a military attack on Syria or Iran.

While the power and influence of the United States seems to be decreasing in the financial, commercial and military areas, China and Russia appear to be taking center stage, with the Chinese running towards the position of most important economy in the world, a goal that may be achieved by as early as 2017, and the Russians imposing their will in the military side of things. While the U.S. has been unable to effectively stop China from manipulating its currency, it has also failed to complete its missile defense shield around Russia. Both China and Russia have won the battle so far when it comes to avoid an attack on Iran.

But military exercises are not the only red flags in what seems to be a quiet infiltration of foreign military groups in the United States. News about rather strange military occurrences have been reported in the last few weeks, and they just happen to involve Russia. See below as we reported yesterday:

1 – Russian Submarine in Gulf of Mexico Raises Concerns

The Russian Akula-class nuclear attack submarine ventured undetected in the Gulf of Mexico and was able to operate for weeks before being discovered only after it had left the area, raising concerns over gaps in U.S. patrols off American coasts, according to reports in The Washington Free Beacon

Source –

2 – Russia Moves Nuclear Missiles to Cuba

A report out of Pravda quotes President Vladimir Putin as saying that Russia has moved strategic nuclear missiles to Cuba in response to the United States’ continuing efforts to encircle Russia in Eastern Europe.

Source –

3 – Russian Troops to ‘Seize’ CIA Facility in Elaborate War Game… on U.S. Soil

According to reports, the U.S. and Russian military will be engaging in an anti-terrorism exercise that will involve Russian paratroopers using U.S. weapons to “take and hold” the main facilities of the CIA and Denver International Airport in Colorado and the National Security Agency in Utah.

Source –

4 – Russian Troops Coming to U.S. for Terror Drills, DoD Confirms

Russian “Airborne Assault Forces” will be arriving in Colorado this May for joint terror-war exercises with U.S. soldiers, according to U.S. officials and Russian military personnel cited in media reports. The Kremlin’s Defense Ministry and the U.S. Department of Defense both said it would be the first time in history that American and Russian airborne special operations troops would be training together on U.S. soil.

Source –

5 – The Bear at the Door – Russian nuclear bombers test U.S. air defenses in arctic war games during chilly Obama-Putin summit

Russian strategic nuclear bombers threatened U.S. airspace near Alaska earlier this month and F-15 jets responded by intercepting the aircraft taking part in large-scale arctic war games, according to defense officials.

The Russian war games began the same day President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin held a frosty summit meeting in Mexico June 18.

Source –

To these news one has to add the fact that several U.S. Departments, including Homeland Security, Social Security Administration, FEMA and countless police departments all over the country have purchased millions of hollow point bullets in the last few months. Several U.S. cities have also served as transit lines for the movement of heavy military equipment across the country.

Is the U.S. government preparing to round up it’s citizens due to the financial collapse, or will the foreign troops do it? Will the U.S. “suffer an attack” to be used as an excuse to impose martial law? Will the U.S. military together with the Russians and Chinese turn against Americans as the only way to control the rise of the liberty movement in this country? The background information being exposed by the alternative media seems to provide enough proof, as US law enforcement have admitted to preparing to face a citizen rise up.

Choose your scenario and prepare.

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