Russia may target US missile defense sites says Medvedev

Associated Press
November 23, 2011

Russia will deploy new missiles aimed at US missile defense sites in Europe if Washington goes ahead with a planned shield despite Russia’s concerns, President Dmitry Medvedev said Wednesday.

Russia will station missiles in its westernmost Kaliningrad region and other areas if Russia and NATO fail to reach a deal on the US-led missile defense plans, he said in a tough statement that seemed to be aimed at rallying domestic support.

Russia considers the plans for missile shields in Europe, including in Romania and Poland, to be a threat to its nuclear forces, but the Obama administration insists they are meant to fend off a potential threat from Iran.

Moscow has agreed to consider NATO’s proposal last fall to cooperate on the missile shield, but the talks have been deadlocked over how the system should operate. Russia has insisted that the system should be run jointly, which NATO has rejected.

Medvedev also warned that Moscow may opt out of the New START arms control deal with the United States and halt other arms control talks if the US proceeds. The Americans had hoped that the treaty would stimulate further ambitious arms control efforts, but such talks have stalled over tension on the missile plans.

“The United States and its NATO partners as of now aren’t going to take our concerns about the European missile defense into account,” a stern Medvedev said, adding that if the alliance continues to “stonewall” Russia it will take retaliatory action.

The US plan calls for placing land- and sea-based radars and interceptors in European locations over the next decade and upgrading them over time.

Medvedev warned that Russia will deploy short-range Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad, a Baltic Sea exclave bordering Poland, and place weapons in other areas in Russia’s west and south to target US missile defense sites.

Medvedev added that prospective Russian strategic nuclear missiles will be fitted with systems that would allow them to penetrate prospective missile defenses.

He and other Russian leaders have made similar threats in the past, and the latest statement appears to be aimed at domestic audience ahead of Dec. 4 parliamentary elections.

Medvedev, who is set to step down to allow Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reclaim the presidency in March’s elections, leads the ruling United Russia party list in the parliamentary vote.

A stern warning to the US and NATO issued by Medvedev seems to be directed at rallying nationalist votes in the polls.

Russia Could Abandon START Treaty

May 16, 2011

Further deployment of the US missile defense system in Europe gives Russia the right to withdraw from the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov has said.

“START may become a hostage of the so-called US European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA),” Ryabkov said at Monday’s meeting of the Expert Council on cooperation between Russia and NATO at the State Duma.

The official noted that Moscow has repeatedly warned its partners that if the scale of the US missile defense system creates a threat to Russia’s strategic nuclear forces, Russia has the right to withdraw from the agreement. That would be considered “an exceptional circumstance” mentioned in Article 14 of the New START.

He added that Russia will have to take responsive measures if the US and NATO develop their missile defense shield without taking Moscow’s opinion into account.

“In this situation, we will have to take the necessary measures to restore the disrupted balance of power,” Ryabkov said, cites Interfax.

The official also observed that Moscow is disappointed over Washington’s denial to give legal guarantees that the US missile defense system will not be targeted against Russia.

“We are disappointed with the reaction of Washington; this is a negative reaction,” he said.

The historic agreement – the New START – was signed by Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev on April 8, 2010, in Prague.

On Saturday, President Dmitry Medvedev sent letters to Russia-NATO Council members in which he reaffirmed Moscow’s readiness to contribute to maintaining strategic stability and security by creating a joint missile defense system in Europe.

“The Lisbon summit of the Russia-NATO Council on November 20, 2010, opened up opportunities for building strategic partnership based on the principles of equality, indivisible security, mutual trust, transparency, and predictability,” the president’s letter reads, the Kremlin press service reported on Saturday.

Medvedev confirmed Russia’s readiness – voiced at the summit – to take a share of responsibility for maintaining strategic stability and security, including through the creation of a joint missile defense system in Europe. He underlined that the system could only be truly efficient and viable if Russia participates in the project as an equal member. The Russian President stressed the need for guarantees that the shield being deployed in Europe will not undermine strategic stability and will not be aimed against one of the sides.

Almost half-a-year on after Moscow was officially invited to participate in the missile defense program, the sides have not managed to iron out differences in their views on the planned system.

Moscow said it was ready to assume protection of its sector in Europe from a missile threat in the framework of the so-called “sectoral” approach put forward by Medvedev. The general idea is that Europe would be divided into sectors and each side – Russia and the Western partners – would defend their sector of responsibility. Moscow has also warned that if no compromise is found on missile defense and the West ends up building its own shield, Russia would have no choice but to respond with military measures.

On May 4, at the meeting of commanders of the general staffs of the Russia-NATO Council 29 member states in Brussels, Russia’s General Nikolay Makarov said that Moscow would insist that the alliance would guarantee that its European missile defense would not pose a threat to Russia’s strategic nuclear forces.

“We intend to seek firm guarantees on de-targeting missile defense against Russia’s nuclear potential. We will wait for proposals from NATO. We hope that our European colleagues will understand us”, Makarov said. “We cannot create the security situation in Europe depending on the Russian-US agreements as it was during the Cold War times,” he added, cited Itar-Tass.

The gathering took place shortly after the US announced its plans to deploy interceptor missiles in Romania, which raised serious concerns in Moscow.

Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said on Friday that the Brussels talks brought no breakthrough.

“We cannot watch indifferently as the US is deploying near our borders elements of its missile defense system, which can reach as far as the Urals,” he told journalists in Moscow. Russia is being told that its security would only benefit from it as Americans would be able to intercept missiles over the Russian territory. However, Moscow is not happy with such an approach as it can provide its national security itself, he added.

Tratado START: Un Ejército Mundial bajo el Poder de las Naciones Unidas

Por Mark Matheny
Adaptación Luis R. Miranda

Sin que el ciudadano medio se de cuenta, el plan para el desarme completo y total en un mundo supuestamente pacífico continúa su camino. Conocido como el Tratado START, el orden del día para entregar el control militar total a las Naciones Unidas está llevandose a cabo por la administración Obama, en cooperación con el gobierno ruso y las Naciones Unidas.

Todo el poder militar estará en manos de las Naciones Unidas y todos los ejércitos de los países se disolverán.

Se espera que el Senado estadounidense discuta el miércoles la ratificación del tratado con el gobierno ruso, tan pronto como el paquete fiscal esté en manos de Harry Reid.

A fin de mantener la apariencia de que luchan por el pueblo, el lado derecho del sistema tiene a sus republicanos “oponiéndose” al Tratado. Cuando se le preguntó, sin embargo, si los 67 votos necesarios para ratificar el tratado estaban allí, Harry Reid, dijo confiar en que los 67 votos estaban seguros.

“Para tener transparencia, para comprender las reglas que ponen esta estructura en actividad, necesitamos START y lo necesitamos mucho”, dijo el general James Cartwright, vicepresidente del Estado Mayor Conjunto en una conferencia de la Casa Blanca.

El Secretario de Prensa de la Casa Blanca (del Ministerio de la Verdad de Obama), Robert Gibbs, dijo el viernes que la cámara se quedaría en la sesión de este año por el tiempo necesario para ratificar el acuerdo START.

Por supuesto, a través de los años, los Estados Unidos y Rusia han jugado con todos con su “guerra fría” para asustar a las masas con la amenaza de aniquilación nuclear, y con la intención de convencer a las naciones a firmar los tratados de reducción de los arsenales nucleares a casi nada, mientras que al mismo tiempo dan más autoridad a la organización criminal de delincuentes llamada Naciones Unidas.

De acuerdo a un documento poco discutido conocido como “La Publicación 7277 del Departamento de Estado, publicado en 1961 durante la administración Kennedy, y titulado” La libertad de la guerra: Estados Unidos Programa de Desarme General y Completo en un Mundo en Paz “, describe que la agenda real es que todas las fuerzas militares nacionales queden en control de las Naciones Unidas.

El nombre de esta fuerza, según el documento, sería La Fuerza de Paz de las Naciones Unidas, y estaría compuesta por internos de la policía o de las fuerzas militares de cada uno de los países del mundo.

En la sección DESARME META Y OBJETIVOS dice el documento:

El objetivo principal de los Estados Unidos es un mundo libre, seguro y pacífico de estados independientes que se adhieren a las normas comunes de justicia y de la conducta internacional y someten el uso de la fuerza para el Estado de Derecho, un mundo que ha logrado general y completo desarme bajo control internacional eficaz, y un mundo en el que la adaptación al cambio se lleva a cabo de conformidad con los principios de las Naciones Unidas. Este es un ejemplo de doble discurso. Mientras se dice que los países serán independientes, al mismo tiempo se fuerza a quedar bajo el control de las Naciones Unidas; un órgano no gubernamental compuesto por oficiales no electos quienes entonces tendrían todo el poder militar existente en sus manos.

Con el fin de hacer posible el logro de ese objetivo, el programa establece los siguientes objetivos específicos hacia los cuales las naciones deben dirigir sus esfuerzos:

• El desmantelamiento de todas las fuerzas armadas nacionales y la prohibición de su restablecimiento en cualquier forma que no sean los necesarios para preservar el orden interno y para las contribuciones a las Fuerzas de Paz de las Naciones Unidas;

• La eliminación de los arsenales nacionales de todos los armamentos, incluyendo todas las armas de destrucción masiva y los medios para su entrega, excepto los necesarios para la Fuerza de Paz de las Naciones Unidas y para mantener el orden interior de cada país;

• La institución de medios eficaces para la ejecución de los acuerdos internacionales, para la solución de controversias, y para el mantenimiento de la paz de conformidad con los principios de las Naciones Unidas;

• La creación y el funcionamiento eficaz de una Organización Internacional de Desarme en el marco de las Naciones Unidas para garantizar el cumplimiento en todo momento con todas las obligaciones de desarme.

Cada vez que el Tratado START se menciona en las noticias, sin embargo, el énfasis ha sido para referirse a los primeros principios del Tratado START de los que el presidente republicano Ronald Reagan habló en Ginebra el 29 de junio de 1982, como para recordarnos el hecho de que fue la Derecha la que inició el proceso para cumplir el objetivo de librar al mundo de la guerra. (Esto ayuda a Obama en sus discursos para ganar el apoyo de los elementos belicista neoconservadores del paradigma Izquierda / Derecha).

Si nos remontamos en el tiempo, sin embargo, podemos ver los comienzos de este tratado realmente bajo el presidente demócrata Kennedy. En un discurso que Kennedy dio al frente de los delegados de las Naciones Unidas, destacó la importancia del papel de las Naciones Unidas:

“Porque en la creación de esta organización descansa la única alternativa real a la guerra …”.

Los ejércitos del mundo formaran la "Fuerza de Paz" de las Naciones Unidas.

La “única alternativa real” se refería al desarme completo de todos los estados-nación con la excepción de una fuerza militar controlada por la ONU, compuesta por fuerzas de todos los países.

También en la publicación 7277, se afirma, en la sección titulada PRINCIPIOS RECTORES:

• A medida que los estados renuncien a sus armas, las Naciones Unidas debe ser reforzado progresivamente con el fin de mejorar su capacidad para garantizar la seguridad internacionales

• El desarme debe proceder lo más rápidamente posible, hasta que se cumpla

Desde 1967, el importe total de armas nucleares entre los EE.UU. y Rusia juntos ha pasado de 60.000 armas nucleares a sólo 1.900 en Estados Unidos, y 2.000 en Rusia. Eso significa que se eliminaron 1.322 armas nucleares por año durante los últimos 43 años. Yo consideraría que fue un proceso rápido en el esquema de las cosas.

El documento describe un total de tres etapas que se llevarán a cabo, mientras que se fortalecen las instituciones internacionales. Esto también se realiza en instituciones como las Naciones Unidas, la OTAN, el Fondo Monetario Internacional, Organización Mundial del Comercio, Banco de Pagos Internacionales, y a través de muchas Organizaciones no Gubernamentales.

En la Etapa I, algunos de los objetivos son:

• La reducción de los vectores estratégicos

• La reducción de las armas y las fuerzas armadas

• El fortalecimiento de las Fuerzas de Paz de la ONU

En la Etapa I, el documento propone la reducción de de las Fuerzas Armadas de los Estados Unidos y Rusia a 2,1 millones en cada país. La cantidad de armas de todo tipo en consecuencia se reduce también. En la actualidad los EE.UU. tiene alrededor de 2,5 millones de soldados, mientras que Rusia tiene cerca de 21.5 millones de soldados.

En la ETAPA II se describe la creación de una fuerza de paz internacional permanente en las Naciones Unidas, así como

• el desmantelamiento o la reconversión de ciertas bases e instalaciones militares dondequiera que se encuentren.

Creo que esto puede considerarse un paso que se ha logrado aquí en los EE.UU. bajo el programa REX 84 y HR 645 con la conversión de algunas bases militares de EE.UU. en campos concentración.

Teniendo en cuenta el hecho de que hay alrededor de 20 países en el mundo que actualmente tienen poco o nada de fuerzas militares, esto deja alrededor de 175 países que con fuerzas militares. Si se suman los números actuales combinados de las fuerzas de los 175 países (con Rusia, EE.UU., China, India, Vietnam, Corea del Norte y del Sur, e Irán da un total de 2,1 millones) llegamos a una fuerza total de 47.354.590 [1] tropas. Estas tropas de todos los 175 países estarán bajo el control de las Naciones Unidas.


• Los Estados conservan sólo las fuerzas, armamento no nuclear, y otras estructuras necesarias para mantener el orden interno, y para apoyar y dar fuerza de trabajo acordado para un Grupo de Paz de la ONU.

• La Fuerza de Paz de las Naciones Unidas, equipado con los tipos armas, sería totalmente funcional.

• La fabricación de armamento sería prohibida con excepción de los tipos y las cantidades acordadas para ser utilizadas por la Fuerza de Paz de la ONU y las necesarias para mantener el orden interno. Todos los otros armamentos serían destruidos o convertidos para fines pacíficos.

Al finalizar esta etapa, las Naciones Unidas, en efecto, será el órgano ejecutor del Nuevo Régimen Mundial, haciéndose pasar por uno que “mantiene la paz”. En los EE.UU. se ha completado la parte de esta etapa que menciona a las fuerzas que mantienen el “orden interno” en sus respectivos países. Nuestra fuerza interior se llama el Departamento de (Interior) de Seguridad. Todos los otros departamentos y agencias se han combinado a través de la Ley Patriota y Ley de Comisiones Militares.

Para entender la potencia de las Naciones Unidas en la finalización de la Etapa III, el documento afirma:

En la Etapa III, el desarme controlado y progresivo y continuará según los principios y procedimientos del derecho internacional el cual conduciría a un punto en que ningún Estado tendría el poder militar para desafiar el progresivo fortalecimiento de la Fuerza de Paz de las Naciones Unidas y todas las controversias internacionales se resolverán de conformidad con los principios acordados del derecho internacional de conducta. En otras palabras, la ONU tendrá el poder militar y de derecho internacional y podrá usarlos contra cualquier Estado de desafíe su poder militar y político. Por esto que es tantos tratados se firman en el marco legal de las Naciones Unidas, pues una vez que la ONU sea el Gobierno Mundial, ningún país podrá operar si no cumple las directrices acordadas en esos tratados.

Si se tiene en cuenta el hecho de que hay aproximadamente 6,5 millones de habitantes en la tierra, esto, entonces significaría que sólo el 7% de la población mundial podría estar armado. O para decirlo de otra manera, cerca del 93% de la población del mundo estaría desarmado! Esta sería entonces la posición ideal para imponer medidas de reducción de población que han estado en boca de gente como Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, y otros globalistas.

El actual Tratado START siendo empujado por Barry Seotoro (Obama) así como el Senado y la Cámara de Representates del Congreso tiene que ser definitivamente detenido.

Usted no oirá a nadie contar esta historia, mucho menos a los medios de comunicación corporativos tradicionales.

START Treaty: One Army under United Nations Power

By Mark Matheny

All firepower will be under the United Nations and all countries will disband their national armies.

With little notice from the average joe on the street, the plan for complete and total disarmament in a supposedly peaceful world continues its way toward completion. Known as the START Treaty, the agenda to turn over total military control to the United Nations is being carried out by the Obama administration, in cooperation of the Russian government and the United Nations body.

The Senate is expected as early as Wednesday to discuss the ratification of the treaty with the Russian government, as soon as the Tax package is taken care of stated Harry Reid on Tuesday.

And in order to keep the guise of fighting for the American people, the right side of the “two headed- one party” system has their republicans who have stepped up to “oppose” the Treaty. When asked, however, if the 67 votes needed to ratify the treaty were there, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was confident that the 67 votes were assured.

“To have transparency, to understand the rules by which to put structure to that activity, we need START and we need it badly,” said General James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at a White House briefing.

White House Press Secretary (for the Obama Ministry of Truth) Robert Gibbs said Friday that the chamber would remain in session this year for as long as necessary to ratify the START agreement.

Of course through the years, the United States and Russia has played out the “cold war” operation scaring the hell out of the masses with the threat of Nuclear Annihilation, and with the intent of convincing the nations to sign treaties reducing nuclear stockpiles to almost nothing while at the same time giving more authority to the rogue criminal organization called the United Nations.

According to a little discussed document known as “Department of State Publication 7277, published in 1961 during the Kennedy administration, and titled “Freedom from War : The United States Program for General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World”, the real agenda is to bring all national military forces under the control of the United Nations.

The name of this force, according to the document, would be called The United Nations Peace Force, and would be comprised of internal police/military forces of each of the countries of the world.

Under the section DISARMAMENT GOAL AND OBJECTIVES the document states:

The over-all goal of the United States is a free, secure, and peaceful world of independent states adhering to common standards of justice and international conduct and subjecting the use of force to the rule of law; a world which has achieved general and complete disarmament under effective international control; and a world in which adjustment to change takes place in accordance with the principles of the United Nations.

In order to make possible the achievement of that goal, the program sets forth the following specific objectives toward which nations should direct their efforts:

The disbanding of all national armed forces and the prohibition of their reestablishment in any form whatsoever other than those required to preserve internal order and for contributions to a United Nations Peace Force;

The elimination from national arsenals of all armaments, including all weapons of mass destruction and the means for their delivery, other than those required for a United Nations Peace Force and for maintaining internal order;

The institution of effective means for the enforcement of international agreements, for the settlement of disputes, and for the maintenance of peace in accordance with the principles of the United Nations;

The establishment and effective operation of an International Disarmament Organization within the framework of the United Nations to ensure compliance at all times with all disarmament obligations. (emphasis mine)

Whenever the START Treaty is mentioned in the news, however, the emphasis has been to refer to the first START Treaty beginning under Republican President Ronald Reagan in Geneva on 29 June 1982, as if to remind us of the fact that it was the Right that started the process of this grand and noble undertaking of ridding the world of war. (This helps Obama in his speeches to gain support from the current warmongering Neocon element of the left-right paradigm).

If we go back in time however, we can see the beginnings of this treaty actually starting under Democratic President Kennedy. In a speech Kennedy gave in front of the United Nations delegates, he stressed the importance of the United Nations’ role saying:

“For in the development of this organization rests the only true alternative to war….”

All Armies of the World will form the United Nations International Army.

The “only true alternative” he was referring to is for the complete disarmament of all nation-states with the exception of a military force controlled by the U.N., comprised of internal “police” forces from all countries.

Also in publication 7277, it further states under the section titled GOVERNING PRINCIPLES:

As states relinquish their arms, the United Nations must be progressively strengthened in order to improve its capacity to assure international security…….

Disarmament must proceed as rapidly as possible, until it is completed………..(emphasis mine)

Since 1967, the total amount of Nuclear weapons between the U.S. and Russia combined has went from

60,000 nuclear weapons down to the U.S. having only 1,900, and Russia having 2,000. That breaks down to about a reduction of 1,322 nuclear weapons per year over the last 43 years. I would consider that a rapid process in the scheme of things.

The document describes a total of three stages to be carried out while at the same time strengthening international institutions. This is also being accomplished in such institutions as the United Nations, NATO, the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, Bank of International Settlements, and through many Non Governmental Organizations.

In STAGE I, some of the objectives are:

• The reduction of strategic delivery vehicles

• The reduction of arms and armed forces

• The strengthening of U.N. Peace-keeping powers

In stage I, the document proposes reducing the United States and Russian Armed forces to 2.1 million per each country. The amount of weapons of all descriptions would correspondingly be reduced as well. Currently the U.S. has about 2.5 million troops, while Russia has about 21.5 million troops.

STAGE II describes the establishment of a permanent international peace force within the United Nations, as well as

the dismantling or conversion of certain military bases and facilities wherever located……(emphasis mine)

I believe this can be considered another step that has been accomplished here in the U.S. under the REX 84 program and HR 645 with the conversion of certain U.S. military bases into civilian inmate labor camps.

Given the fact that there are around 20 countries in the world that currently have little to no military forces, that leaves about 175 country that do have forces. If you add together the current combined numbers of all 175 countries’ military forces (with Russia, US, China, India, Vietnam, North and South Korea, and Iran at a top out of 2.1 million) then we come to a total force of  47,354,590[1] troops. These troops from all 175 countries would be under the control of the United Nations.


States would retain only those forces, non-nuclear armaments, and establishments required for the purpose of maintaining internal order; they would also support and provide agreed manpower for a U.N. Peace Force.

The U.N. Peace Force, equipped with agreed types and quantities of armaments, would be fully functioning.

The manufacture of armaments would be prohibited except for those of agreed types and quantities to be used by the U.N. Peace Force and those required to maintain internal order. All other armaments would be destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes.(emphasis mine)

At the completion of this stage, the U.N. will in effect be the henchman and enforcer for the New World Global Regime, posing as “Peace Keepers”. Here in the U.S. we have the completed part of this stage that mentions forces that would keep “internal order” in their respective countries. Our internal force is called the Department of HOMELAND (Internal) Security. All of the other departments and agencies have been combined through the Patriot and Military Commissions Act etc.

To bring home the point of the power of the United Nations at the completion of Stage III the document asserts:

In stage III progressive controlled disarmament and continuously developing principles  and procedures of international law would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge  the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force and all international disputes would be settled according to the agreed principles of international conduct.(emphasis mine)

If you consider the fact that there are approximately 6.5 billion inhabitants on the earth, this would then mean that only about 7% of the world’s population would be armed. Or to put it another way, about 93% of the world’s population would be UNARMED! This would then be the ideal position for the population reduction measures that have been talked about by the likes of Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, and every other globalist criminal!

The current START Treaty being pushed by Barry Seotoro and the Politburo Senate -House- Congress Regime is one that definitely needs to be the STOPPED Treaty!!!

You will not hear anyone else telling this story, especially the main stream media Ministry of Truth.

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