The United Nations and its Agenda 21 are Unsustainable


If the whole story about how the United Nations wants to control the world, impose limits over human development and transform current standards of living into a thing of the past seems far fetched or too complicated to understand, I don’t blame you. It is complicated. One of the reasons for that is the UN and its controllers managed to create policies they’ve been able to implement under the auspices of saving the planet and keeping resources available for future generations.

In reality, though, the United Nations and its Agenda 21 program are not sustainable at all. In fact, they are exactly the opposite. Both the organization and its policies are an attempt to end human freedom as enjoyed by millions and millions of people throughout history. Agenda 21 intends to change our lives in every single way you can imagine, and it has been doing so more vehemently since it was approved and adopted during UN meetings in 1992. Thanks to Agenda 21 and policies derived from it, children have been deliberately dumbed down, the family unit has been almost completely destroyed and the planet’s resources have been concentrated in the fewest amount of hands ever.

The policies stemmed from Agenda 21 are in our schools, workplace, places of worship, community groups and other social gatherings. They were introduced and seamlessly imposed on all of us under the disguise of being environmentally conscious and now, the UN intends to perpetuate their reach by mentally and physically kidnapping a complete generation of children who will be, according to the UN’s plans, the willful perpetrators of such anti-human endeavor.

In the following video, you will find a compilation of explanation about some of the most important aspects that the United Nations seeks to impose its will on through Agenda 21. Please watch it carefully and consider to research even further than the points touched upon on the video. If you have not read the text of Agenda 21, please do so. It is a short and bitter insight of the kind of world you and your children will live in if humanity does not act NOW.

The Agenda 21 document is composed by 40 chapters that explain specific goals the UN wants to implement on a global basis. If fully adopted, it will permanently alter the way of living of billions of people around the planet. People will have to change the way they make decisions and the ways they eat, learn, communicate, manage private property, consume resources such as electricity and water. A society managed under Agenda 21 policies will be a highly monitored one where individuals will be spied on without their consent — much like today — 24 /7. The initiative will also place most national parts, conservation areas and their boundaries off limits to any human activity.

The deep meaning of what Agenda 21 intends to achieve is contained in a statement from the United Nations number 1 climate alarmist, Maurice Strong, who in a 1992 conference told attendees that “consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and workplace air conditioning, and suburban housing, are not sustainable”. He added that a drastic change was necessary and that such change would involve the creation of an international platform composed by a multilateral system that included the United Nations.

Strong’s words mirror what is taking place today all over the planet, where the middle class is being attacked for their successes as business owners, job creators and consumers. People are no longer able to have their own vegetable garden, drive their favorite car, consume raw milk or cheese, and children are not allowed to sell lemonade to chip in for a school project. The UN continues to try to do away with private property, individual liberty, privacy rights and so on, while demanding that taxpayers finance the creation of a global governance scheme to be controlled by its minions.

The UN has proposed carbon taxes, currency taxes, demanded more money for its supposed aid programs which it says are genuine global challenges and has also planned for the creation of an authoritative body to enforce global tax collection. The United Nations introduced its Sustainable Development propaganda program more than two decades ago under the premise that it intended to bring about “social justice”, under which the governments — that are the UN’s local auditor — must control every aspect  of an individual’s life. This proposal violates virtually every part of every single  Constitution.

Under the scheme the UN is implanting through Agenda 21, it becomes clear that what is really unsustainable are the UN and its Agenda 21.

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