Coming Experimental AIDS Vaccine Led to Censored Deaths

by Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post
September 27, 2011

Scientists are hailing a new discovery in the field of AIDS research that may lead to the development of an AIDS vaccine. The discovery, revolving around the elimination of a cholesterol membrane surrounding the virus, emerged from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. However, the past of the AIDS vaccine is something that few scientists want to discuss. The controversial trials of experimental AIDS vaccines that led to the loss of innocent lives have been ignored by mainstream scientists and reporters. Even the scientists responsible for the deaths covered up the situation, failing to report the fatalities of their trials in order to prevent the public from finding out.

In 1991 it was reported by the Chicago Tribune that in a trial of only 19 participants based in Paris, at least 3 had died from adverse reactions to the experimental AIDS vaccine. In an attempt to cover up the deaths, the French and American authorities that sanctioned the experiments did not report the deaths in medical journals. Even after the deaths, the AIDS vaccine experiment continued, putting lives in danger purely to examine the nature of the reaction. It took the questioning of French physicians who examined 2 of the 3 dead participants to bring the truth to light, exposing the fraud to the media.

Even more shocking is the fact that the trials later continued in South Africa on unsuspecting victims looking to decrease their chance of contracting HIV. What researchers soon found was that the vaccine actually led to an increased risk of contracting HIV. 

Scientists: HIV Vaccine Increases HIV Risk

The censorship regarding the horribly unsafe nature of the AIDS vaccine is so extreme that it took scientific whistleblowers to warn South Africans against participating in the vaccine trails, citing the fact that the vaccine actually increases the probability that the recipient develops HIV. The report was published in the Washington Post in 2007, after the trials were shut down after scientists claimed they were ineffective and needed more research. The whistleblowers state, however, that they were forced to stop due to an increase in HIV infection following the vaccine.

Interestingly enough, the AIDS vaccine in question is developed by Merck, creator of the Gardasil shot which has been linked to over 49 deaths and countless hospitalizations. The Gardasil shot, of course, may soon be forced upon young girls and boys thanks to legislators who were paid by Merck to pass a bill making the shot mandatory.

Vaccine risks are oftentimes covered up by mega corporations such as Merck in order to make a profit and avoid public scrutiny. It’s time to make vaccine manufacturers answer for their misdeeds through peaceful activism, as they have been granted legal immunity from all lawsuits — valid or not. Join the Vaccine Information Week movement and demand change within the vaccine industry.

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