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One Response to The Dark Side of Globalism

  1. MadeleineT says:

    .I have been saying this for years, I have posted proof,of sorts, that Obama was not an American Citizen and it has generally been ignored. People find it hard to believe that our own Government would work against us like this but they are, most of Congress are progressives or members of the CFR, or both, almost
    everyone in our Governmremnt answers to the UN , George Soros or a complete mystery man, Obama. How George Soros can get time on National TV to say things that are obviously treasonous and not be arrested for treason is beyond me, then I remember who owns the airwaves he spouts his treasonous agenda on. Everyone is in on it but us. The UN are nobodies, corrupt and power mad, they have never been our friend and they would like to see America gone, with the opening of the North American Union it will be.

    I think what we need is a Judicial watch in Government, a House of UnAmerican Activities or something along those lines, we have no one to keep track of checks and balances and no one to complain to, even the Supreme court is corrupt, Sonia Sotomayer is a member of LaRaza, LaRaza, all of them, are now members of the Council on Foregn Relations, huge conflict of interests there, Kagan is just a communist, plain and simple. Obama is not a citizen, If anyone really wanted to prove that he wasn’t it would be easy enough, I have sent this aticle to everyone, all they have to do is call this newpspaer and find out why they printed this article and why they think he is one of their own , or are they lying about him being a citizen of Kenya? if so they lied in print. No newspaprer wants to be proven a liar.


    The only other thing I can think of is to get rid of
    the UN, hey have never done a thing for us, they have never done a thing for anyone, they are antiAmerica and so is Obama, our constitution is just an annoyance to him, the UN will give us a new constitution as they did with England. Bringing in hoardes of Muslims assures the vote for Obama, while it changes the face of the Globe. I can’t imagine living in a world like this, its a depressing thought,We have officials , Hillary Clinton for one, who is a Marxist and openly belongs to a George Soros group and we have a progressive caucus, we definately need a group of watchdogs, Daryl Issa is not it. John Boehner is not it, we honestly can’t trust anyone in office right now.

    I would get rid of the UN and the Federal Reserve, our depbt to them would b e cleared in lieu of arresting them for enslaving us in their banking system, they are all working for the Rothchilds in the first place, they are not here to help us. The Federal Reserve is not ratified , it was never legally accepted into the position it is in, no one in office wanted it. get them out, send the UN packing and Obama with them, he loves them enough to give them our water rights, they are not ours to give to anyone, they are part of our inalienable rights, they may have boundries but the Oceans and Great Lakes do not belong to anyone, I would like to see the deed. That agreement is null an void. I can’t imagine why Obama felt the need to do that, I’m sure its part of the great plan of controlling us.

    We are now fighting in the middle East, we want our own people in, we are killing innocent people along with the bad guys, we are doing the same thing we are fighting against, but I give the protestors more credit than I give us, at least they get out there and fight even if its with sticks and stones, we sit and await our turn and we will probably go like sheep. The Homeland security looks more like Auschwitz than Fema camps, there is one in every state, this is scary, Janet Napolitano is scary. We paid for this. We pay for everything including Obama family outings across the Globe. If we don’t put someone in Government who is on our side, who is willing to arrest people who deserve arresting then we are lost, as it stands now we have no one to complain to, we have no one in office we can trust and we have no one in office who even cares about this country. I say get rid of the UN, close the doors, get the Communists out and take it from there. Instead of giving people like Bill Cliinton , George Bush and bush Jr. the time of day they should be arrested for treason, Bush Jr. had as much to do with the state of affairs we are in now as anyone did , yet there he is on TV selling a book full of lies and people are buying it. Do you know that every college out ther has a dean or President who is a member of the CFR,? no wonder we are producing a bunch of idiots and communists, the Pentagon is full of CFR members too, Petraeus for one , he is now being made head of the CIA, we have no one, no security in the armed forces and no security in our own Government. Obama answers to no one, he is an arrogant ,man, he is devoid of any feelings for this country or the people who elected him and they are too stupid to know it, they think they are going to get something for nothing and so they go along with him, some of them do but not all, so the words for the good of all ring hollow. This man has done more to promote racism than any other President and bringing in incompatible immigrants was not a good thing either, this can not be fixed unless we have someone in office who has the courage of his convictions, it won’t be CFR member Newt Gingrich, or John Bolton. People have to wake up, they don’t believe me, and they probably don’t believe you either. The Army will never come home again, the last thing Obama needs is real Americans here who are willing to fight for their country, Janet Napolitano has even put them on a potential terrorist list, so is stockpiling food.The only people who are happy about all of these events are the CFR, David rockefeller ,The Rothchilds, Henry Kissinger, the UN and their ilk. We need help.

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