Google: Don’t be Hypocrite!

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
January 19, 2012

Yesterday The Real Agenda explained what would a government controlled Internet would mean for all of us. Today, I want to help us understand how Google, Yahoo and other Internet giants are playing as hypocrites. Many technology corporations, but especially Google supported a major shutdown to protest a government initiative to gain more control of the Internet. However, Google itself is an NSA creation. So why would this Internet monster show opposition to a government sponsored bill that in fact would give it even more dominance in the race to monopolize the net?

Google is already operating on SOPA and PIPA-like measures, blacking out websites and information that should be circulating free on the Internet. Google also helps Youtube remove content from its site, promptly responding to government requests to censure video and audio files. And no, I am not talking about copyright violations. Most of the times the censored content is audio, text or video that directly criticizes government policies around the world.

The real reason Google, Yahoo and other Internet companies are really supporting the movement to oppose SOPA and PIPA is because although these companies are controlled by the governments, there is a power struggle between the giants’ operating heads and their equals in government. Google couldn’t care less about an open, free internet. In fact, this company aids nations like China to carry out mass censorship of websites stationed outside the asian country so that its people cannot access information from abroad.

While Google publicly says that it supports Internet freedom, in private it eliminates websites from its search engines and news search feature. Google de-listed mainly alternative news websites, that in many occasions attract more readers than main stream media sites. Google’s owners are publicly supporters of Barack Obama as well as attendees of the yearly meeting known as Bilderberg. That opens some room to think that Google’s censorship is, in part, a more against political dissent.

The important point here is that whether you agree or not with anyone’s position on politics, the economy or anything else, there is no room to allow politicians or corporations to determine what content is seen and which content is censored. There is no legitimacy on any initiative to give partial or complete control of a tool that has been built with taxpayers’ money to a single government or corporation. As a reminder, although Google itself built much of its operating platform, the truth is that it navigates its tentacles on citizen-owned property.

So if Google and other search engines are already “doing it”, why do they need a law? It has been a common occurrence that when the powers that be desire to impose censorship or any other kind of limitation on The People, they do it incrementally and as quietly as possible. It is exactly on that incremental and quiet nature that lies the success of their freedom-ending policies. Now that Google and Youtube have managed to get away with censorship inside the USA and elsewhere, it is just the right time to introduce legislation that once and for all makes it legal to censor anyone who does no comply with political correctness and government policy. This is what happens in China today.

Don’t expect the US government to simply shelf the SOPA and PIPA bills as the main stream whore media is reporting. They will do the same they did with NDAA, Cybersecurity Act and Patriot Act: Shelf it for a while, until some fake intelligence is thrown out. Then there will be 80 accomplices in Congress who will vote for it and a puppet president to sign it into law. It is also important to remember that just because something is the law, does not mean it is legal. More often than not it is illegal.

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