Obama Sponsoring Privileged Corruption

Obama hides behind legalities to build iron presidency and support government corruption.


It was just a matter of time after Barack Obama took office for the public to find out about his real deal, and it took less time than with previous presidents. The man who came in promising change, jobs, transparency and a great economy, not only has failed at everything, but also reminded us all that we are not out of the woods when it comes to men who love to build iron castles to hide their support for a powerful Executive Office. As his predecessor once said: “Fool me once is on me, fool me twice is on you.” Americans were fooled again, and so was the world.

After criticizing George W. Bush for his overreach of power – and with reason — during the political campaign of 2008, Obama decided to follow on his tracks to make an ever more powerful Executive branch; one that does not need Congress or the opinion of the people who elected him to make decisions, but the permission of the United Nations and NATO, as Obama himself during several press conferences and speeches. The same talking point came out of the Leon Panetta’s mouth in congressional hearings. “We can’t wait” is the excuse given by the imperial presidency of Barack Obama, who justifies his unilateral actions by saying Congress doesn’t act, so he has the obligation to use his privilege to write executive order to create ‘laws’.

Both Republicans and Democrats have always stood in the way when a president had a ‘signature’ plan in mind to improve the country, but never has a president declared war on the Constitution, the American people and the rest of the world as Barack Obama has done up until today. Mr. Obama has built upon George Bush’s work that began by declaring the so-called war on terror, pushing the Patriot Act and bailing out foreign banks with his TARP legislation. Obama has declared citizens are enemy combatants, even on US soil, grabbed an nonexistent right to assassinate them if he decides is his best interests and has put troops on the streets of the country as no president has done for the past 30 years. While Obama preaches regime change for lawfully elected world leaders, he crushes his own citizens at home.

In the latest example of political and moral deceit, Obama has decided to concede  US Attorney General, Eric Holder executive privilege on documents related to the Fast&Furious gun-running program. Under Fast&Furious, the US government send thousands of fire arms to Mexican Drug Cartels in a supposed attempt to learn about drug and money trafficking from Mexico to North America. But as congressional investigation and alternative media revelations have shown, the US government’s dealings with Mexican drug organizations is nothing else than arms trade between the cartels and the drug-running, money-laundering US government. Some of the fire arms that made their way into Mexico were responsible for the murder of US Border Patrol officer Brian Terry and hundreds of innocent people on the Mexican side of the border.

Congressman Darrell Issa recently announced the start of an official voting process to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress after he decided not to provide sensible documents about Fast&Furious which Obama has now hidden behind his shameless executive privilege. The House Oversight Committee was informed Wednesday morning about Obama’s legitimation of government corruption regarding the Fast&Furious programs, to which Darrell Issa responded that “this untimely assertion by the Justice Department falls short of any reason to  delay today’s proceedings”. Issa, who has questioned Holder in several occasions, accused the Justice Department of trying to have the investigation into the Fast&Furious scandal closed. Apparently, Holder had promised to hand over some documents related to the operation, but Issa said he could not accept that  deal.

After being pressed to the limit, Holder contradicted himself a number of times about what he knew, when he knew it and how he learned about Fast&Furious. In an effort to try to avoid more public scrutiny, Holder’s Justice Department requested in a letter addressed to Obama to keep the incriminating documents related to the gun-running operation secret. Obama rapidly granted his request. “We regret that we have arrived at this point, after the many steps  we have taken to address the committee’s concerns and to accommodate the  committee’s legitimate oversight interests regarding Operation Fast and  Furious,” said Deputy Attorney General James Cole. “Although we are deeply disappointed that the committee  appears intent on proceeding with a contempt vote, the department remains willing to work with the committee to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution  of the outstanding issues.”

A significant fact about Obama’s decision to use his executive privilege to hide the Fast&Furious documents is that this is Obama’s first assertion of such privilege. The reason for his acceptance is that Fast&Furious has the potential to bring down Eric Holder and even Obama himself. From all the fire arms that ‘walked’ into Mexico under Fast&Furious, the US government allegedly lost 2,000. How did the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), the agency coordinating with the Department of Justice the Fast&Furious operation lost 2,000 weapons is still unknown. These and other details have been kept secret by DOJ. “The documents responsive to the remaining subpoena items pertain to sensitive law enforcement activities, including ongoing criminal investigations and prosecutions, or were generated by department officials in the course of responding to Congressional investigations or media inquiries about this matter that are generally not appropriate for disclosure,” said James Cole.

In addition to hiding the details related to Fast&Furious, Obama signed statements saying that Congress could not declare it unconstitutional for him to have ‘czars’, increased the number of decisions made by himself alone regarding domestic policy, including sponsoring government violence against taxpayers by forcing them to buy health insurance from a government program, reaffirmed the right of the US government to carry out torture, enabled and agreed on the continuation of government spying on the American people through the communications infrastructure, drones and satellites, and so on. In other words, Obama is doing exactly what George W. Bush did during his two term presidency, which in the eyes of many Democrats were actions proper of a dictator, not a president. “Obama’s not saying he has the right to defy a Congressional statute. But if the legislative path is blocked and he otherwise has the legal authority to issue an executive order on an issue, they are clearly much more willing to do that now than two years ago,” said Richard H. Pildes to the New York Times.

In some of Obama’s most recent acts of defiance to the US Constitution and Congressional oversight, he directed the Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act, and last week he announced he would legalize foreigners who came to the US illegally. “I refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer,” said Obama in one of his speeches as he flashed a banner with the message “We Can’t Wait”. “When Congress refuses to act and — as a result — hurts our economy and puts people at risk, I have an obligation as president to do what I can without them.” The problem is that all that Obama has accomplish through his unilateral decisions has been to erode the US Constitution — just as his predecessors did — without having any positive outcome. In fact, due to the violence generated by programs like Fast&Furious both in Mexico and the US, government agencies and the main stream media often request tighter restrictions on civil liberties and individual rights. Coincidence? Not likely.

How do you create a Prison? You Turn the Lights Off


As it is often explained, the success of a control grid relies not on the force it utilizes to impose or manage such control, but on the successful application of measures to gain unlimited control. What happens when you put a live frog in a pot with water that is boiled slowly, under low fire? Nothing. The frog won’t realize it is being cooked for dinner until it’s too late, until its flesh has begun to burn. The heat increases so slowly that the frog is unable to notice. The boiling water is similar to the system that globalists used for the past century to make people comfortable with rather adverse situations. The heat has been accumulating over the decades and we never realized we were that unsuspecting frog.

The desire to control doesn’t always come with rigid rules that violently impose a decision. The use of brute force is a tool of the past. Control is acquired over time, with lots of patience and by using a technique called Incrementalism. In the past, when men where freer no one questioned whether there was a need to keep freedom from being limited or eradicated, so a group of very smart powerful men decided to take advantage of the lack of vigilance and began creating a gigantic cooking pot to put us all into it and turned on the fire. Then, they began implementing a set of policies thought of and perfected many years before, and the passage and acceptance of those policies began raising the fire little by little. Every so often, a new level of control was achieved, which inversely meant less freedom for all of us. But that new level of lesser freedom wasn’t noticed by most people and it rapidly became the ‘new normal’. This scenario repeated itself over decades and brought us where we are today.

The frogs are almost completely boiled and proportionally only a few of them have noticed that their bodies are burning. Many of those awaken frogs chose to do something about it, but most frogs were still asleep. In the last decade, more frogs have waken up and now there are frogs all over the world slapping others on the face to show them that bubbles began to form under the water and those bubbles are already coming up to the surface. The courageous frogs have even dared to show the sleeping frogs the burn marks on their skin. But since the burning feeling has been the ‘new normal’ for a while, the unsuspecting sleepy frogs don’t think it is a problem to have burning marks on the skin. In fact, those frogs think the others who are warning them are crazy, because they complain about the burning, so they just go back to sleep while their skins continue to get redder and redder. For those frogs, perhaps it is too late. Other frogs have already been fully cooked, mentally and physically.

How did the powerful men managed to build those cooking pots around us, turn on the fire and let us cook without any major opposition? They raised the fire very slowly, kept us distracted and believing we were all as free as our ancestors were and even more important, taught us not to think about whether we were still free or not, or if we had lost any freedom, rights or privileges. Today, those cooking pots resemble not only the world, but the country we live in, the city, the neighborhood, the street where we grew up on.

The industrial era brought about development and that development allowed people to achieve a great degree of comfort and progress. But that state of affairs did not occur randomly; it was all calculated. For anyone who read history, it may be easier to understand the analogy of the boiling frog and how it all plays out from now on. Industrialization didn’t only bring progress and comfort, it also brought a lifestyle and that in turn resulted in previously thought out standards of living. People went from been free in their houses and farms, producing their food and enjoying family life and self-sufficiency to getting dragged into highly polluted concrete and steel prisons which became modern and trendy, so everyone wanted to live there. They were then given trinkets and technology, fashion and glamour to make sure they stayed inside the cities, even when that supposed higher standard of living suffered and decayed over the years under pressure because of large agglomerations, traffic and contamination. People thought they came to the cities to be better, because it would open the door to more opportunity. That is where all the trendies lived, wasn’t it? But that was not the plan.

The original plan was to make people like their misery, which at first looked like heaven. People had not come to the cities to live, they had come to work under tightly controlled rules. They arrived to the cities as part of a large experiment that if successful would allow the globalists to not only have people work for them, but to enjoy their slavery. And it worked. Most of the frogs are half-way cooked and they are loving it. A minority of the frogs that managed to wake up are adapting and preparing. The smarter ones already left the cooking pot by jumping out of it. They left the ‘reservation’ to go back to free lawn, the open backyard where they once lived, where their ancestors spent their lives, which is where they were all meant to be. As for the rest of the frogs, they will stay in the ‘reservation’; some of them fighting the boiling water while others continue to cook away.

Meanwhile, the globalist plan to keep us all in the prison cities continues. When people try to wake up and look around for signs of the prison in the highly dense cities, they don’t see it. They are looking for cell bars, barb wire and high fences. When someone says that there are concentration camps being built, people look around again in hopes of noticing the large open spaces with the guard towers, the loud speakers and the train tracks next to them. Again, they failed to see that the prison is their homes, their streets, their neighborhoods and ultimately, their city. The powerful men who decades or centuries ago sought to attract free people into their highly advanced, good looking prison cities achieved their goal to such extent that people can’t even see they live in them. So the system that is in place and the men that are in control of it decided that it is time to turn the clock back, as they had carefully planned. The cities people got used to love are now devolving and becoming what they were supposed to be: PRISONS.

Is it not easier to control people when they are tightly packed in densely populated areas? All you have to do is close the access to those cities in order to get control of who and what comes in and goes out. How does anyone transform New York into a prison? It is as simple as closing the tunnels and bridges. How do the controllers train for that? You take advantage of ‘emergencies’ to implement the plans and practice for the closings as it happened on 9/11. How do you close the Washington DC metro area? By doing the same thing. But how about larger cities that due to their landscape or geographic layout are harder to close and control or cities that emerged back in the days of the industrial revolution where big factories and assembly lines attracted and employed countryside folks for decades? Well, you start by destroying their economies by paying the factories and assembly lines to leave. That will cause massive unemployment and people will have to depend on the government to live, feed themselves and have a place to call home. Then, when most people are in that condition, you start packing them up tighter and tighter areas by decreasing or eliminating services until everyone lives in a smaller, more easily controllable section of the once booming metropolis. Then you turn the lights off.

This is where many cities in the United States are right now. Perhaps the most deplorable of all of them is Detroit. A recent article by Bloomberg demonstrates that the globalist plan is well under way. According to the article, 139 squared miles of the city has 60 percent less people than back in 1950. Many areas have turned into decaying slums with no power or life, because many if not all people have left to parts of the city where it is safer to live. Other facts provided by Bloomberg are eye opening as well. For example, 88,000 streetlights are broken and they are not close to being fixed, because the city doesn’t have any money to do so. Residents of Detroit are now afraid to walk outside even during the early hours of the evening. The only solution that gained steam for Detroit was reducing the areas where people live. In other words, concentrating city dwellers in tighter places. Sounds familiar? “You have to identify those neighborhoods where you want to concentrate your population. We’re not going to light distressed areas like we light other areas,” said Chris Brown, Detroit’s Chief Operating Officer. But Detroit isn’t the only city that is turning into a dungeon.

In fact, the problem isn’t about a city or a few cities that are facing economic trouble and as a consequence are boxing their residents into smaller areas. Complete states like Illinois, California and Massachusetts are struggling to keep conventional life going. The lack of funds to finance a city or a state isn’t a casualty of the bad economic times we’re facing though. That part was also planned. Cities and states hide and mal invest taxpayer monies by having a double set of books known as the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. One set of books is for public consumption and the other is to manage the real finances, the money that is taken away or that disappears into black wholes, pet projects and nonexistent investments. The consequences of corruption at all levels is bad services, insecurity and poverty, which to many frogs (people) is the only possible option, so they decide to stay in the cooking pot (city). Those who have options leave to other cities or states, but the majority stays. Later, basic services such as police, fire departments, paramedics, water and electricity are made available to only a few areas, because it is too dangerous to send public servants to cesspit looking neighborhoods.

The plan Detroit has, according to Bloomberg is to “rethink the city” in order to reorganize it or reconfigure it with areas defined as residential, business, green spaces and agricultural. Much attention to the last area. Having agriculture in a city is not necessarily good. Food will be closer, but it also means people won’t even need to leave the tight areas they live in to get their food. Is this convenient or perhaps another ‘new normal’? Who will control the flow of food in a mainly government-sponsored prison city? Are dark streets and unsafe neighborhoods the new normal? How is it that globalists manage to destroy countries, their economies, their way of life and they are not called terrorists? Well, they did it incrementally. What will the future bring? Nothing better unfortunately, unless the rest of the frogs wake up immediately.

Detroit’s plan will not work, because it isn’t supposed to work. California’s plan will not work. Illinois’ plan will not work. And ff people in the prison cities open their eyes and feel the burning the globalists also have a plan for it. Police and Army on the streets will comfortably take care of it. They will do whatever it takes maintain control on behalf of their bosses. Mexican, Canadian, Colombian and Ukranian troops will join together to kill and destroy. With California reaching 36 percent unemployment and Washington DC almost 52 percent, it is hard to see how these and other states in similar condition will get any better. Right now, South Carolina’s unemployment is 31.2%, Rhode Island 29.8%, Washington 29.0%, Arizona 29.0%
Nevada 28.8%, Idaho 28.4%, North Carolina 28.2%, Missouri 27.7% and Louisiana 27.6%. Can it get any worse than this. Sure, and it will.

In the meantime, the US government has approved the National Defense Authorization Act, that allows the government to kill anyone it deems a threat to national security. They’ve almost banned free speech and public protest. The TSA are patting people down on major highways. The Army is on the road checking cars illegally. The government uses sound canyons against the public as the police isolates globalist gatherings in the very same cities.

Welcome to 1984.

New York Judge Blocks NDAA


A federal judge temporarily blocked enforcement of a part of the National Defense Authorization Act that opponents claim could subject them to indefinite military detention for activities including news reporting and political activism.

U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan today ruled in favor of a group of writers and activists who sued President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the Defense Department, claiming a provision of the act, signed into law Dec. 31, puts them in fear that they could be arrested and held by U.S. armed forces.

The complaint was filed Jan. 13 by a group including former New York Times reporter Christopher Hedges. The plaintiffs contend a section of the law allows for detention of citizens and permanent residents taken into custody in the U.S. on “suspicion of providing substantial support” to people engaged in hostilities against the U.S., such as al-Qaeda.

“The statute at issue places the public at undue risk of having their speech chilled for the purported protection from al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and ‘associated forces’ – i.e., ‘foreign terrorist organizations,’” Forrest said in an opinion today. “The vagueness of Section 1021 does not allow the average citizen, or even the government itself, to understand with the type of definiteness to which our citizens are entitled, or what conduct comes within its scope.”

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Ofensas Impugnables de Obama y el Congreso de los EE.UU.

El tiempo para informar y educar se ha terminado. Ha llegado el momento de responsabilizar al gobierno por sus acciones inconstitucionales.


“El gobierno no es razón, no es elocuencia, es fuerza, como el fuego, un siervo molesto y un amo temible.” ¿Cómo pudo George Washington dar en el clavo tan claramente? Todo lo que destaca al gobierno en la sociedad moderna es el uso de la fuerza para imponer políticas irracionales y normas — no leyes — para poner freno a la libertad personal y los derechos individuales. No estoy hablando del gobierno de la gente, por supuesto, pero el gobierno controlado por las corporaciones, el gobierno fascista.

Cuando dos poderes del Estado, en cualquier tipo gobierno — una república, una tiranía, una nación socialista, un país comunista y así sucesivamente — no están controlados por las personas que le dieron el derecho de existir, sino por los intereses corporativos, esto resulta en lo que vemos cada vez más hoy en día en países como Estados Unidos, Canadá, Brasil, China, Reino Unido y Rusia, por citar algunos. Cuando la oficina del presidente y las oficinas del Congreso son puertas giratorias para que los títeres corporativos entren y salgan a placer, la responsabilidad del gobierno se pierde.

Si las personas permiten que esto suceda y que continúe sin ningún tipo de controles y equilibrios, el gobierno se convertirá en el tipo de monstruo invencible que va a transformar cualquier profecía en la peor pesadilla. Esta es la etapa donde estamos ahora, no importa donde usted vive. El control corporativo del gobierno ha pasado de ser raro a ser absoluto. El gobierno controlado por las corporaciones tiene muchas caras, entre ellas: el comunismo, el socialismo y el fascismo. Todos estos estilos fueron creaciones de las antiguas escuelas de pensamiento que vieron la oportunidad de convertirse en Dueños a través de la división, la balcanización y la conquista. Esas antiguas escuelas de pensamiento se convirtieron en una tecnocracia perversa del siglo XXI que ahora está casi en control del planeta en case un 100 por ciento.

Es porque la humanidad ha perdido de vista lo que el gobierno debe hacer y no debe hacer, que ahora la gente tiene que hacer su debida diligencia, la que debería haber hecho hace muchos años. Es hora de poner frenos y contrapesos al gobierno. Muchos años han pasado desde que millones de individuos se despertaron a los abusos del Estado controlado por las corporaciones en todas sus formas y manifestaciones. Las empresas se volvieron más poderosas con la complacencia del aparato estatal, como tumores rampantes que nunca fueron tratados, y mucho menos curados. La apatía y la ignorancia, alimentó esos tumores al igual que cualquier toxicidad de la quimioterapia hace en un cuerpo humano, excepto que esta toxicidad es la toxicidad social. Personas conformadas, ignorantes y apáticas permitieron a los tumores diseminarse por todo el ‘cuerpo social’ y ahora, el cáncer se encuentra en la etapa 3, avanzando sin retraso alguno.

El único medicamento disponible ayudar a curar la podredumbre del “cuerpo social” es una acción rápida, pero decisiva. El tiempo para informar y educar se ha terminado. Los que no están con nosotros se han de quedar atrás para que la minoría informada pueda actuar. La acción debe comenzar donde se originó el cáncer desde hace mucho tiempo.

Le guste o no a muchos, los Estados Unidos fue durante muchas décadas — no por casualidad — artificialmente sostenido como la casa blanca y brillante en la colina. Fue allí que el fascismo moderno comenzó. Las palabras de Dave Mustane: “Usted toma a un hombre mortal, y lo pone en control, lo ve convertirse en un dios, y luego ves las cabezas rodar.” Este escenario se repite una y otra vez tanto en el gobierno como en las corporaciones privadas. Dada la posición privilegiada de los Estados Unidos en el mundo de hoy, a pesar de la decadencia en la que se encuentra hoy, es en los Estados Unidos donde se llevará a cabo la principal batalla para frenar la tiranía corporativa. Sin duda, es allí donde muchos han conseguido inspiración para convertirse en poderosos y ricos, y no necesariamente para bien.

Después de la aprobación de leyes tales como el NAFTA, el CAFTA, la Ley Patriota, la Autorización de Defensa John Warner, El Proyecto de Ley de Seguridad Cibernética, la Ley de Autorización de Defensa Nacional, el ACTA, y muchos otros proyectos de ley que básicamente hacen que la Constitución sea ilegalmente omitida, tanto en el Congreso de los EE.UU. como el presidentes de ese país, quienes participaron en la aprobación de dichas leyes, deben ser responsabilizados. La acción ha comenzado, aunque se necesita mucho apoyo. En respuesta al irrespeto que Barack Obama, su gabinete y el propio Congreso han demostrado hacia la Constitución, el representante Walter Jones recientemente introdujo la Resolución 107, un proyecto de ley que busca hacer cumplir lo que las leyes que ya están en vigencia  condenan y prohíben expresamente, pero que los congresistas cómplices y de hecho el pueblo estadounidense ha dejado de aplicar: Que es inconstitucional que un presidente de EE.UU. lleve a cabo acciones militares sin previa declaración de guerra por parte del Congreso, con lo cual la se convierte al presidente de EE.UU., en el comandante en jefe de las Fuerzas Armadas .

Como muchos ya saben, el propio Barack Obama, así como su secretario de Defensa, Leon Panetta, declararon que considerarían informar al Congreso acerca de los futuros compromisos militares del país, mientras que las leyes establecen que es potestad del Congreso aprobar una declaración de guerra antes de que el presidente envíe tropas a zonas de combate. Cuando el congresista Jeff Sessions, presionó al Secretário de Defensa, Leon Panetta, este repitió y confirmó que el Poder Ejecutivo y el Pentágono lanzarían ataques militares con la aprobación de las organizaciones internacionales, sin necesidad de consultar o pedir permiso al Congreso de los EE.UU.. Previamente, Obama dijo que si — en una variedad de situaciones — el Congreso no actuaba, él lo haría solo, por decreto, mediante órdenes ejecutivas, como si estas fueran leyes. ¿A alguien le huele a dictadura? En efecto. Y Obama ya ha actuado sobre tal advertencia. Él ilegalmente autorizó la intervención militar en Libia sin consultar al Congreso al respecto, y mucho menos obtuvo la autorización o una declaración de guerra. Esto, por la Constitución de los Estados Unidos, es una ofensa censurable. ¿Por qué? Porque de acuerdo a la Constitución de los EE.UU., sólo el Congreso tiene la autoridad para declarar la guerra, no la oficina del presidente de los EE.UU.. “¿Cree que puede actuar sin el Congreso y poner en marcha una zona de exclusión aérea en Siria”, le preguntó Jeff Sessions. Leon Panetta, respondió: “Nuestra meta sería la de solicitar el permiso a organizaciones internacionales y entonces vendríamos al Congreso a informales y determinar la mejor forma de lidiar con esto, o si querríamos obtener el permiso del Congreso …”.

Del mismo modo ilegal fueron adoptadas tres otras decisiones que fueron respaldadas por el gobierno de Barack Obama. El rescate financiero de 2008, donde a los contribuyentes de Estados Unidos se les asignó una deuda de trillones de dólares que el gobierno de los EE.UU. — a través de su dueño, la Reserva Federal — prometió y entregó a bancos extranjeros. Increíblemente, esos fondos no se utilizaron para ayudar en la recuperación económica, pero para consolidar aún más el poder económico en manos de instituciones bancarias extranjeras. Debido a esto, los estadounidenses, actuales y futuros, tendrán que trabajar más duro que nunca para pagar los intereses de esta deuda a través de los años. De hecho, los estadounidenses fueron asignados de manera ilegal como responsables de una deuda originalmente creada por los bancos y las instituciones financieras internacionales bancarios como el FMI y el Banco Mundial. Usted dirá, “pero eso fue durante el gobierno de Bush!” Correcto, y también Bush y gabinete debe rendir cuentas. Sin embargo, Obama extendió esos rescates, al permitir la creación de paquetes de ayuda financiera como los de flexibilización cuantitativa I, II y III. Es decir, la Reserva Federal utilizó los activos de Estados Unidos como medio para crear dinero de la nada, con el fin de prestar a las instituciones bancarias nacionales y extranjeras que utilizaron el dinero no para pagar la deuda que ellos mismos crearon, pero para acumularlo en sus bolsillos.

En tercer lugar, después de aliarse con el Reino Unido, que públicamente llamó a atacar a Siria, los Estados Unidos habló de una “relación especial” con los británicos y se unió a su llamado para llevar a cabo un cambio de régimen en ese país, al igual que lo hizo en Libia, en caso de que el presidente Bashar al-Assad no renunciara. Las mismas políticas que ahora se utilizan por David Cameron y Barack Obama, fueron razones para sentenciar a los nazis a muerte después de que fueran juzgados en los juicios de Nuremberg por su responsabilidad en las atrocidades llevadas a cabo durante el tiempo que Adolf Hitler estuvo en el poder. Pero por alguna razón, las atrocidades nazis son ahora considerados como métodos normales de llevar a cabo una guerra contra las naciones que no sólo no representan ninguna amenaza para los Estados Unidos, pero que ni siquiera han declarado la guerra en contra ese país.

En cuarto lugar, tanto Obama como el Congreso, bajo la premisa de Seguridad Nacional y supuestas  amenazas inminentes infundadas, aprobaron y promulgaron la Ley de Autorización de Defensa Nacional, una pieza de legislación que le da al presidente la facultad de detener, torturar y asesinar a cualquiera, incluidos los estadounidenses, en cualquier lugar, si él cree que una persona es una amenaza para la continuidad del gobierno de los Estados Unidos. Es decir, Obama puede pedir a las agencias de inteligencia y otras organizaciones que apliquen la ley para agarrar a cualquiera de la calle o sus casas, ponerles una bolsa en la cabeza, le echarlos en una camioneta para que desaparezca para siempre. Bajo esta ley, no es necesario haber cometido ningún delito o haber recibido cargos en su contra, no hay juez, ni jurado, ni nada. El presidente y sus secuaces son los acusadores, jueces y jurados.

En un intento de calmar las protestas públicas, Obama dijo en público que él no firmaría el NDAA si no se excluía a los estadounidenses de la cláusula de detención indefinida. Pero detrás de puertas cerradas, Obama pidió que los norteamericanos fueran incluidos como parte de las personas que podrían ser secuestrados y asesinados por orden suya. También dijo que aunque tenía ese poder, no tenía intención de usarlo contra los estadounidenses.

Es importante decir el movimiento para enjuiciar políticamente a Obama no es un intento racista de atacar al mismo Obama, sino de responsabilizar a la oficina del presidente por sus acciones inconstitucionales, sea quien sea que esté en esa oficina. No sólo Obama, pero cualquier otro presidente electo será capaz de detener a cualquier persona por tiempo indefinido sin una orden del juez o un juicio con jurado. Esta ley viola directamente las enmiendas 4, 5 y 6 de la Constitución de EE.UU., que establecen que las personas son libres de búsquedas y confiscaciones injustificadas. Los ciudadanos tienen el derecho constitucional a estar seguros en sus personas, domicilios, papeles y efectos personales y nadie debe ser obligado a responder a delitos, a menos que haya una denuncia o acusación por un Gran Jurado.

En caso de que todo lo anterior no le ha hecho querer actuar, recuerde: Es la oficina del presidente y el Congreso los que necesitan y deben rendir cuentas a la ciudadanía, sus creadores, y no al revés. No hay manera de olvidar Constitucional simplemente porque alguien dice que es necesario hacerlo. La falta de rendición de cuentas debe parar.

A través de este artículo, The Real Agenda desea unirse a la campaña pública de Infowars.com para pedir la destitución inmediata de Barack Obama, así como cualquier congresista que explícitamente respaldó y respalda el rescate financiero de 2008, el uso de militares sin la aprobación del Congreso, la aprobación de la Ley de Autorización de Defensa Nacional y su aplicación contra los ciudadanos estadounidenses o extranjeros. Todos los anteriores son delitos inconstitucionales e impugnables que deben ser detenidos inmediatamente.

El cáncer necesita de una cura para que el paciente pueda sobrevivir. En este momento, depende de usted el ser parte de la medicina.

Vea abajo el video de la campaña para destituir a Obama y todos sus cómplices lanzado por Infowars.com con la narración de Sean Stone.

Impeachable Offenses by Obama and the U.S. Congress

The time for informing and educating is over. The time to hold government accountable for their unconstitutional actions is here.


“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master.” How could George Washington get it so dead on right? Everything that government is known better for in modern society is its use of force to impose unreasonable policies and rules — not laws — to clamp down on personal freedom and individual rights. I am not talking about the government of the people, of course, but the corporate whore government.

When two branches of government, in any kind of setting — a Republic, a Tyranny, a Socialist nation, a Communist nation and so on — are controlled not by the people who gave it the right exist, but by corporate interests, the result is what we see growing today in countries like the United States, Canada, Brazil, China, the UK and Russia, to cite a few. When the office of the president and the offices of congress are revolving doors for corporate puppets to go in and out at will, the people’s grip on government has been lost.

If the people allow this to happen and to continue without any checks and balances, it will grow into the kind of invincible monster that will transform any self-fulfilling nightmare prophecy into reality. This is the stage where we are now, no matter where you live. Corporate control of government has gone from rare to absolute. Corporate-controlled government has many faces, among them: Communism, Socialism and Fascism. They were all creations of ancient schools of thought that saw an opportunity to become masters through division, balkanization and conquest. Those ancient schools of thought evolved into a XXI century perverse technocracy which is now almost 100 percent in control of the planet.

It is because humanity has lost sight of what government should do and should not do, that people now need to do their due diligence as it should have done it many years ago. It is time to put checks and balances on government.  Many years have gone by since individuals woke up to the abuses of the corporate-controlled State in all its shapes and forms. Corporations grew off government as rampant tumors that were never treated, much less healed. Apathy and ignorance fueled those tumors just like any chemotherapy toxicity does in a human body; except that this toxicity is social toxicity. Conformed, ignorant and apathetic people allowed the tumors to spread wide and at will throughout the complete ‘social body’ and now, the cancer is in stage 3, continuing to take over.

The only medicine available that will help cure the rotting ‘social body’ is swift but decisive action. The time to inform and educate is over. Those who are not with us need to be left behind in order for the informed, growing minority to act. Action must start where the cancer originated a long, long time ago.

Whether you like it or not, the United States was for many decades — not by chance — artificially sustained as the shiny white house on the hill. It was there that modern Fascism began. Borrowing Dave Mustane’s words: “You take a mortal man, and put him in control, watch him become a god, watch peoples heads a’roll.” This scenario runs over and over in both government and privately owned corporations. Given the United States privileged position in the world today, even with so much decadence going on there, it is in the United States where the main battle to curb tyranny will take place. It is certainly there where many have gotten inspiration to become powerful and rich, and not necessarily for the better.

After passing legislation such as NAFTA, CAFTA, the Patriot Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization, The Cybersecurity Bill, the National Defense Authorization Act, ACTA, and many other bills that basically rendered the Constitution obsolete, both the US Congress and the US presidents who participated of these actions, must be held accountable. Action has begun, although it needs much support. In response to Barack Obama’s and his cabinet’s dismissal of the Constitution and Congress itself, Representative Walter Jones, recently introduced House Resolution 107, a bill that seeks to enforce what laws that are already in place explicitly condemn and prohibit, but that the accomplice Congressmen and women, and for that matter the American people have failed to enforce: That it is unconstitutional for a US president to carry out military actions without a previous declaration of war by Congress, whereby the sitting US president becomes the commander in chief of the Armed Forces.

As many already know, Barack Obama himself as well as his Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, declared that they would consider informing Congress about any future military engagements the country got into, as supposed to asking for authorization in the first place. When pressed by congressman Jeff Sessions, Panetta repeated himself and confirmed that the Executive branch and the Pentagon intended to launch military strikes with the approval of international organizations, but not from the US Congress. Previously, Obama said that if — in a variety of situations — Congress did not act, he would do so alone, by decree, using executive orders as laws. Does anyone smell Dictatorship? Indeed. And Obama has already acted upon such warning. He illegally authorized military intervention in Libya without consulting Congress about it, much less getting authorization or a war declaration. This, by the Constitution of the United States, is an impeachable offense. Why? Because according to the US Constitution, only Congress has the authority to declare war, not the office of the US president. “Do you think you can act without Congress and initiate a no-fly zone in Syria,” asked Jeff Sessions. Leon Panetta responded: “Our goal would be to seek international permission and we would come to Congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this, whether or not we would want to get permission from Congress…”.

Equally illegal were three other decisions made or endorsed by Barack Obama’s government. The Financial Bailout of 2008, where US taxpayers were shoved trillions of dollars in debt that the US government — through its corporate handler Federal Reserve — promised and delivered to foreign banks. Incredibly, those funds were not used to help in the economic recovery, but to further consolidate economic power in the hands of foreign banking institutions. Because of this, Americans, current and future, will have to work harder than ever to pay for the interests this debt will accrue through the years. In fact, Americans were illegally made responsible for a pile of debt originally created by the banks and banking governing institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank.You will say, “but that was under Bush! Correct, and he should also be held accountable. But Obama extended such bailouts by permitting the creation of financial aid packages such as Quantitative Easing I, II and III. That is, the private Federal Reserve used US assets as leverage to create money out of thin air in order to loan it out to foreign and national banking institutions who used the money not to pay off the debt they themselves created, but to hoard it into their pockets.

Third, after siding with the United Kingdom, which publicly pushed to attack Syria, the United States spoke about a ‘special relationship’ with the British and joined their call to carry out regime change in that country, much like they did in Libya, should president Bashar al-Assad not resign. The same policies now used by David Cameron and Barack Obama were reasons to sentence Nazis to death after they were judged in the Nuremberg trials for their responsibility in the atrocities carried out during Adolf Hitler’s time in power and beyond. But for some reason, Nazi atrocities are now considered business as usual and natural ways to conduct a country into war against nations that not only do not pose a threat to the United States, but that haven’t even declared war against it.

Fourth, both Obama and Congress, under the premise of National Security and unproven imminent threats, passed and signed into law the National Defense Authorization Act, a piece of legislation that gives the president the power to detain, torture and murder anyone, including Americans, anywhere, if he believes a person is a threat to the continuity of government in the United States. That is, Obama can ask intelligence agencies and other law enforcement organizations to grab anyone from the street or their houses, put a bag over their heads, push him into a van and take him away never to be seen again. Under this law, there doesn’t need to be any crime committed, any charges presented against anyone, no judge, no jury, nothing. The president and his minions will make all decisions.

In an attempt to calm down public outcry, Obama said in public that he would not sign the NDAA if it did not exclude Americans from the indefinite detention clause. But behind closed doors, Obama requested that Americans were included as part of the people who could be kidnapped and possibly murdered by his command. He also said that although he had that power, he did not intend to use it against Americans.

It is important to say that this is not about Obama himself, but about the office of the president. Not only Obama, but any other person elected president will be able to detain anyone indefinitely without a judge order or a jury trial. This law directly violates the US Constitution’s 4th, 5th and 6th amendments, as they establish that people are free from unwarranted searches and seizures. Citizens have the constitutional right to be secured in their persons, houses, papers and effects and no one should be held to answer for crimes unless on the presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury.

In case this all has not prompted you to take action, remember: It is the office of the president and Congress the ones that need and must be held accountable to us, their creators; not the other way around. There is no Constitutional way to simply forget about the existing laws because someone says it is necessary to do so. The lack of accountability must stop.

Through this article, The Real Agenda would like to publicly join Infowars.com’s campaign to call for the immediate impeachment of Barack Obama as well as any Congressman or woman that explicitly or otherwise supported and supports the US Financial Bailout of 2008, the use of Military Force without Congressional approval, the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act and its implementation against American citizens or foreigners. All of the above are unconstitutional, impeachable offenses that must be stopped now.

The cancer needs to heal for the patient to survive. Right now, it is up to you to be part of the medicine.

See Infowars.com’s campaign video narrated by Sean Stone below.

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