Cancer causing Dioxin in Meat, eggs and Dairy

by Cassandra Anderson
January 30, 2012

Dioxin is the most toxic man-made chemical known regarding damage to health and the environment.  The EPA has withheld a study about dioxin for decades in order to protect large industries that produce dioxin while manufacturing herbicides and pesticides, plastics, chlorine, bleach, and other chemicals.  In addition, industrialized agriculture (Big Ag) has pressured the EPA to withhold the report because dioxin becomes concentrated in animal products like meat, eggs and dairy.

The non-cancer portion of the EPA report is due out by the end of January 2012, with the cancer portion to follow at some unspecified date.

Dioxin is an umbrella term for a class of super toxic chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, liver disease, immune system damage and many other health problems.  There is no safe ‘threshold’ dose as our bodies have zero defense against dioxin, according to health consultant Jonathan Campbell.

Dioxin has a half life of over 100 years in the environment when it is below the surface or dumped in waterways.

Prior Dioxin Contamination

Monsanto and Dow Chemical were the largest producers of 2,4,5-T herbicide that created dioxin as a byproduct and was used as an agricultural herbicide before the 1950′s.  Monsanto, Dow Chemical and other makers of dioxin-contaminated herbicide 2,4,5-T produced 50 MILLION pounds of these chemicals per year for agricultural uses in the US!  Since 1947, more than 300 million pounds of dioxin laden 2,4,5-T was sprayed on more than 400 MILLION acres of US land, mostly on farms and agricultural property.

The 2,4,5-T dioxin-containing herbicide was later combined with 2,4-D to create Agent Orange for chemical warfare against Viet Nam.

Both Monsanto and Dow Chemical were aware, since the 1950′s, that German company Boeringer was able to produce herbicide 2,4,5-T without any detectable dioxin by slow cooking the chemical for about 12 hours.  But Monsanto and Dow ignored this information and cooked their 2,4,5-T batches in 45 minutes or less, thus contaminating the product with dioxin — presumably for higher profits.

Monsanto and Dow Chemical were also aware that dioxin caused health problems. Monsanto and Dow Chemical would go bankrupt if they were actually held accountable for their crimes against humanity and the environment. The herbicide 2,4,5-T was phased out in the late 1970′s.

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One Response to Cancer causing Dioxin in Meat, eggs and Dairy

  1. Madeleine Tector says:

    Obviously Monsanto knew how to fix the problem by less cooking time and ignored it, because of that the contamination has caused health problems, Monsanto is also on board in the farm safety act with the codex code in it, a real killer for young children, someone should just take the bull by the horns and arrest them for attempted murder and be done with it. When you hear Bill Gates or David Rockefeller on you tube speaking about getting rid of millions of people, depopulation, they should be arrested for conspiring to commit murder, thats what it is , if we did it we would be arrested on the spot.

    There are some new cancer cures out there, they work, now the FDA wants them gone, they claim we have enough Doctors and medication already to cure cancer, we don’t, but too many people are living and they don’t want that. To me Monsanto is the anti christ in corporate form, does anyone know who they really are? who actually owns the company,? why are they trying to ruin the whole food supply? not just here but globally, they now have Brazil and peru and Africa growing this garbage food of theirs, once all of the land has been used by monsanto they will have to find other ways of growing their food, monsantos pesticides ruin the soil for any other growing, the growing time is about 10 or 12 years, after that they have ot move to
    new farmland and they leave nothing but dead earth for anyone else. They really should be looked into, I don’t care how much money they are giving this Goverment, nothing is worth what they are doing .

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