2045: The End of Humanity and the Rise of Neohumanity


In the past two months, The Real Agenda has informed readers about the agenda pushed by Transhumanists to end the human race as we know it and to bring in the era of the neo human. This new era, has already started with the forced re-engineering of our planet and us humans. As we reported back in March, Chemtrails are not only changing the environment we live in, but are changing us from the inside out. Planetary geo-engineering began back on the 1960′s with experiments to change the weather and the climate by injecting heavy metal particles and other compounds into the air, under the excuse that human activity was rendering the planet useless and that a new dooms day was rapidly approaching.

But as we have discovered, planetary re-engineering goes beyond controlling the weather. The people behind geo-engineering are after the human race. In a new event sponsored by known transhumanist, Ray Kurzweil and the United Nations, the new transhumanist vision of the world was presented in the Global Future 2045 International Congress held in Moscow, Russia. The event occupied itself with revealing how nanotechnology, biotechnology, transbiology and other sciences are being used to bring about human evolution into the transcendent era. This era will be imposed of humanity by the continuous advances in technology which the event called for all humans to embrace.

The main goal of the international congress was to create a document which will be then sent to the United Nations for its review and approval, turning the move to a transhumanist society into a global goal supported by the UN. The official video of the event, deceivingly calls transhumanism as a change for the “era of humanity”, even though those living under the proposed model of society will have little humanity in them. The people behind the transhumanist agenda want to physically merge man with machine to create a new race of human borgs that are easily controllable. The talks told about how it will be possible to set artificial intelligence in charge of a human body, and in later stages, how our mind will be downloaded into a computer controlled AI global system.

See the video below:

The agenda of the transhumanists has been already exposed by The Real Agenda, as well as speakers like Sofia Smallstorm, organizations like the Carnicom Institute and films such as Trance-formation. As we have all explained, transhumanists intend to replace all natural laws with their own set of rules which will make it easier to control it all. Although transhumanism is paraded as the trend that will mold the future of humanity, in reality it is nothing more than an agenda to destroy humanity and human nature. Sponsors of the transhumanist agenda call their vision of the future a ‘strategic social movement,’ that intends to ‘evolve humanity’, but what it really seeks is to devolve and enslave humans in a way that will be irreversible.

The transhumanists have their project well underway with specific goals to be achieved in the next three decades. By 2014, the envision the creation of robotic human copies, a new kind of hybrid human. This new class will turn into servants. They also talk about flying cars, brain implants to help humans control machines with their own minds. A big jump, say transhumanists will occur by 2025, when artificial intelligence will support brain activity. Human brains will then be transplanted to the bodies of human hybrids, which will provide a whole new set of sense driven experiences. By 2030, transhumanists intend to completely reverse engineered the human brain, although to many that outcome is closer from happening. This will help transhumanists understand the meaning of “consciousness” and to apply in later phases of their plan. By 2035, those who seek immortality plan to have nano robots that can take any form they want, which as Ray Kurzweil said, will be in charge of maintaining the environment. These nano robots will also exist in forms like holograms.

2040-2045 will bring the beginning of the end for the human race, which by 2050 will have been submitted to a new social structure where science and technology will control all aspects of life.  In the spiritual side of things, the new age religion will have substituted all other religions in what the United Nations has dubbed the end of war and the start of “spiritual self-improvement”.

“At its heart, Transhumanism represents an esoteric quest for godhood among certain circles of the elite connected to masonry, occultism and science/technology wherein supposedly evolving, superior beings ‘ethically’ replace lesser humans. This philosophy is portrayed in this summer’s blockbuster Prometheus.” says Infowars.com writer Aaron Dykes. See the trailer for Prometheus below:

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4 Responses to 2045: The End of Humanity and the Rise of Neohumanity

  1. FishyGov says:

    If you could put this into a plastic Home Depot may be interest in selling it in their gardening department.

  2. John Smith says:

    Evolutionary destiny? I think the article put so much light in your face that all you were able to see was darkness. Evolution is a natural occurrence, not a policy imposed on anyone by insane people who hate themselves and therefore want to change everyone and everything. If you want to be connected to a computer, please go ahead, but I will resist this technological tyranny up until the day I die.

    • Evgeniy says:

      You’re not free from tyranny of your own genome, for example you can’t really choose not to die of old age. If some ontogeny editing genome therapy will appear i.e. the technology that will cancel and reverse ageing, and you will try to interfere with other people’s choice to end their own ageing, then you will be in a huge trouble. The same is about artificial bodies/intelligence, or augmented intelligence. Live as long as you like the way you like, in a cave if you want. Nobody wants to change you by force, you’ll just have more options.

  3. Hello from Russia says:

    Stop spreading your obscurantist, anti-scientific lies. Transhumanism is just when we (all humans who have thinking brains) take our evolutionary destiny into our own hands.

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