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The Big Tarp Lie: Banks haven’t Paid Back Loans

Regardless of anything Barack Obama says, foreign and U.S. Banks have only made payments for about 2% of the total taxpayer money awarded to them with TARP.

China Owns U.S. and now Wants Europe

Chinese have $2.7 trillion to bail-out bankrupt European nations

What if… Ron Paul were President?

What if Americans woke up…  What if the citizens of the planet woke all up…

Let the Unemployed Starve and the Ill Perish

When a civilization abandons its morality, no rationalization can be devised to justify its continued existence. It is likely that many reasons can be given for this abandonment in the Western world, although I am convinced that one predominates—the expansion of law.

U.S. Fiscal Health Worse than Europe, says academic

Li Daokui, an academic member of the central bank’s monetary policy committee, said that U.S. bond prices and the dollar would fall when the European economic situation stabilized.

Obama announces 2-year pay freeze for federal workers

The real collapse in beginning. This decision could accelerate destruction of middle class.

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