13,000 People Exposed Vaccines now Contaminated with Rare Fungal Meningitis


As of Monday, contaminated steroids have sickened 105 people with a noncontagious but deadly form of fungal meningitis, while 13,000 people may have been exposed to the contamination. Eight have died. Health officials attribute the outbreak to spinal steroid injections for back pain. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found fungus in sealed vials of the steroid in question, produced by the Massachusetts-based pharmacy, New England Compounding Center (NECC). The NECC voluntarily recalled all of its products on Saturday and surrendered its license to operate until completion of the FDA’s investigation.

You can find a list of the 76 medical facilities that obtained the steroid at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

 What is Fungal Meningitis?

Meningitis inflames the membranes protecting the brain and spinal cord. Usually brought on by a viral or bacterial infection, fungal infection is rare and not contagious but no less deadly. Symptoms include headache; fever; nausea; stiffness of the neck; and (in the case of fungal infection) confusion, dizziness, and aversion to bright light. Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University Medical Center says that because blood vessels clot or bleed in response to fungal infections, symptoms are rarely mild and can be as severe as small strokes.

Because patients treated earlier have greater chances of survival, health officials encourage people with symptoms to seek aid.

Other Dangers of Pharmaceuticals

About 1 in 10 drugs administered in the U.S. are manufactured in compound facilities, which do not answer to FDA mandates and instead go through state health pharmacy boards before sale.

To be fair, the FDA is complicit in a number of other conditions resultant of vaccines and harmful pharmaceuticals.  In example, after being administered steroids for an asthma attack, Shanyna Isom developed a skin condition wherein she grows fingernails instead of hair. Her condition is the only one recorded in the world and has cost her family over a quarter of a million dollars in medical bills.

Additionally, a report from the Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology found states that aluminum hydroxide in vaccines may cause a deadly aluminum overdose for children and adults. Vaccines have also been linked to autism, Guillain-Barre syndrome, paralysis, and death in addition to less severe chronic conditions like allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Big Pharma’s Criminality is out in the Open


Those of us who have long been describing the  pharmaceutical industry as a “criminal racket” over the last few years  have been wholly vindicated by recent news. Drug and vaccine manufacturer Merck was caught red-handed by two of its own scientists faking vaccine efficacy data by spiking blood samples with animal antibodies.

GlaxoSmithKline has just been fined a whopping $3 billion for bribing doctors, lying to the FDA, hiding clinical trial data and  fraudulent marketing. Pfizer, meanwhile has been sued by the nation’s  pharmacy retailers for what is alleged as an “overarching  anticompetitive scheme” to keep generic cholesterol drugs off the market  and thereby boost its own profits.

The picture that’s emerging is one of a criminal drug industry that has turned to mafia tactics in the absence of any real science that would prove their products to be safe or effective. The emergence  of this extraordinary evidence of bribery, scientific fraud, lying to  regulators and monopolistic practices that harm consumers is also making  all those doctors and “skeptics” who defended Big Pharma and vaccines eat their words.

To defend Big Pharma today is to defend a cabal of criminal corporations that have proven they will do anything — absolutely anything — to keep their profits rolling in. It makes no difference who they  have to bribe, what studies they have to falsify, or who has to be  threatened into silence. They will stop at nothing to expand their  profit base, even if it means harming (or killing) countless innocents.

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Psychotropic Industry Making a Killing


The largest medical conspiracy is not the one that causes physical disease to hundreds, thousands or millions of people, but the one that is set in motion to control the minds of people. Today, the psychotropic industry not only makes billions of dollars a year through the sale of pharmaceutical products used by psychiatrists and psychologists to “treat” their patients, but also, knowingly and purposely deplete the minds of those who use such products.

The way in which Psychiatry as a pseudo-science became relevant in modern society is one story in itself. Large medical organizations, academia and powerful foundations are responsible for the adoption of “curing” techniques that originated back in the early 20th century which sought to treat patients with archaic, torturous procedures that were nothing more than live human experiments whose effectiveness were based on nothing but hunches. With the advancement of science, psychiatrists saw an opportunity to achieve the goal they had not been able to achieve despite multiple trials with their insane physical treatments.

In 1967, psychiatrists met in the island of Puerto Rico to conspire and create what they thought was the best way to make people mental servants of the medical-scientific-pharmaceutical industry. Their plan was to create, provide and even mandate people to take a whole new range of psychotropic products that they’d recommend as the only solution for a list of nonexistent mental diseases that people would be made to believe they actually had. During their meeting, these so-called medical experts and men of science, such as Heinz Lehmann, Joseph Zubin, Nathan Kline, Charles Savage and others, expressed their desire to control people’s minds. They produced a document or report called “Psychotropic Drugs in the Year 2000″ where they outline their plan for the future.

The purpose of these psychiatrists was clear, as it was expressed by Wayne O. Evans. “We see a developing potential for nearly a total control of human emotional status, mental functioning, and will to act.” What Evans described was the medical establishment’s complete plan to bring people under control with the use of pharmaceutical products that would be pushed through trusted scientists, medical journals and ultimately with the help of medical doctors who were to a great extent indoctrinated into believing the drugging someone for life was the best way to cure their mental and physical illnesses.

Psychotropic drugs used to treat problems like dementia, stress, depression and other supposed mental conditions aren’t safe at all. In fact, they are responsible for a wide range of side effects including violence, desire to commit suicides and homicide in addition to making patients addicted. In the best case scenario, psychotropic drugs have managed to kill more people; not help them, than cure them of their physical ailments. Their side effects are almost never studied before they are put out and the addiction they cause is simply referred to as dependence. Psychotropic drugs, which are legally sold and recommended by health practitioners are responsible for more deaths than illegal street drugs. According to research, over half of the people who commit suicide in the United States are patients or users of psychotropic drugs prescribed to them. A short list of these drugs include: Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Seroquil and Ultram, among others.

In the past few weeks, multiple reports in the media have pointed to abuse of psychotropic drugs by soldiers who are sent to the battle field even though they are mentally unprepared to face the reality brought to them when in combat situations. Psychotropic drugs are even given to soldiers as a way to mentally flush their brains and eliminate any fear, phobia or intolerance to the crude reality of a combat zone, so they can be deployed 3, 4 or more times. As reported by Fox News, psychotropic drugs are responsible for military suicides, and warnings about the consequences of their use and abuse have been issued by psychiatrists themselves, the ones not committed to use prescription drugs to cure anything and everything. They’ve said that “the risk from side effects is too great.” The calls to stop using prescription drugs to make soldiers tolerant to the stress of the battlefield have become louder and louder. “There’s no way on earth that these boys and girls are getting monitored on the field,” said Dr. Peter Breggin, a New York-based psychiatrist. “The drugs simply shouldn’t be given to soldiers.”

But the use and abuse of psychotropic drugs doesn’t only happen in the army. It also occurs in mental institutions, which in most cases are places filled with people who were forced by their doctors to be imprisoned in such places “for their own good”, and who are then submitted to long and painful medical treatments that include the intake of prescription drugs for the rest of their lives. Many of these patients are children who are deemed by their doctors as troubled, which qualifies them to become lab rats in a mental institution where they are loaded with psychotropic drugs — that are often in their experimental phase — in order to calm down or in theory eliminate the origin of the trouble pointed by the medical expert. Children as young as 7 suffering from neglect, abuse or who simply were not raised by two parents, are prescribed antipsychotic drugs for the rest of their lives, and are taught that only the continuous use of pharmaceutical drugs will take them out of their supposed mental illness. Drugs like Lexapro and Vyvanse are responsible for children suicide. Others are prescribed Symbyax, a drug that supposedly works as an anti-depressant, even though its label clearly states that it may lead to suicide.

Today, 100 million people around the world are on psychiatric drugs. How did we come to this? Their doctors convinced them that they were mentally sick. They talked them into believing that every mental or emotional experience was an example of a mental or emotional disease. They told them that stress, anxiety, depression and every other reaction to their lives experiences were treatable diseases and that they had the solutions and the cures for them. Although more and more psychiatrists confess that their profession lacks the science they often claim to have, that their analysis and treatment of patients is a trial and error process, when they are in front of their patients, many of these professionals do not hesitate to recommend drugs that will only worsen any mental or physical medical problem. “We don’t have any blood tests, or any other medical tests that are definitive for any mental disorder,” said a psychiatrist from New Jersey, outside and medical convention venue. This statement was similar to what another psychiatrist from Mexico City said: “If you come to my office and tell me you are depressed, there is no medical test or blood test…” And the testimonies about the medical uncertainties of psychiatry and their so-called medical cures continue: “There aren’t currently any available tests to verify your diagnosis,” said a psychiatrist from Greece.

Even when psychiatrist and drug makers know that their products have dangerous side effects and that the scientific base for the manufacturing of these products is faulty to say the least, they have no problem whatsoever to wake up every morning to go to their offices and recommend the pharmaceuticals to their unsuspecting patients. Many of these patients often become part of the list of at least 3000 people a month who directly die because of the use of psychotropic drugs recommended by their doctors. Many people were shocked on September 11, 2001, when around 3000 people were murdered during the terrorist attacks in New York and Pensilvannia. Most people fail to realize that as bad as 9/11 was, the kind of crime committed that day is actually replicated monthly or perhaps more often by doctors prescribing pharmaceutical drugs to their patients. According to publicly available data, 70% of the psychotropic drugs used by people with supposed mental disease are prescribed by their trusted medical doctors. “They use what I call statistical contortionism. They manipulate the numbers to make them look fantastic and hide the bad numbers,” says Shane Ellison, an organic chemist who used to work for as a drug researcher for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly.

According to the film Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging, the number of psychotropic drugs has grown exponentially since 1966. Back then there were a total of 44 different products. Today, the number reaches 176 different pharmaceutical drugs available for doctors to sell to their patients. It is through this direct relationship between doctors and patients together with clever marketing directed to medical professionals — in seminars and conferences — that the pharmaceutical industry managed to do exactly what elite psychiatrists had planned 40 years ago. The top five pharmaceutical drugs sold around the world bring in about $18 billion dollars for Big Pharma every year. This is about the same amount obtained when we add up the GDP of half of the nations of the world. As a whole, the psychiatric industry, says the film, makes a grand total of $330 billion dollars a year of the health and well-being of millions of people around the world.

This article is just a quick summary about how the pharmaceutical industry’s unholy alliance with the medical industry helped drive the goals planned for many decades ago. We recommend you watch the film Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, in order to obtain a strong background about the origins, workings and goals that the pseudoscience of Psychiatry has for all of us. Then, for a more contemporaneous view on what is the Psychiatry Industry doing right now and how the unholy alliance works, please watch the film Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging. Furthermore, pass the information contained in this article and the films cited above to as many people as possible.

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Pasteurized milk 150 times more contaminated with Blood, Pus and Feces

by Mike Adams
Natural News
February 24, 2012

The vaccine-pushing, disease scare-mongering agency known as the CDC has put out a stunning piece of propaganda attacking fresh milk (raw dairy), claiming it is “150 times more dangerous” than pasteurized milk. This is all part of their anti-American agenda to crush food freedom and criminalize fundamental farming practices upon which this very nation was founded. (Yes, George Washington and the founding fathers drank raw milk, grew hemp and even smoked a little weed as medicine.)

But what the CDC won’t dare reveal to the public is the far more horrifying truth: Pasteurized dairy is produced in the dirtiest milk factories imaginable, where blood, pus, e.coli and other truly dangerous pathogens are routinely bottled into milk containers and fed to consumers.

That’s the whole point of pasteurization, you see: To kill everything that might be alive in their ultra-dirty milk. The real purpose of pasteurization is not to simply “make milk safe” as is claimed by the CDC, but rather to allow the dairy industry to operate DIRTY. It’s so much easier to just cook the crap out of the milk (yes, there’s fecal matter in it) than to clean up their operations, get it?

Thanks to pasteurization, conventional (non-organic, non-raw) dairy operators have no need to thoroughly wash their milking machines, no need to sterilize any milk containers, no need to wash their hands, and no need to maintain a clean milking environment whatsoever. It’s just total filth with festering diseased animals dying on the floor and being physically abused by the corporate dairy operators (see video links, below).

Dairy cows are routinely abused and left to suffer in total filth

Want to know how conventional (pasteurized) dairy cows are really treated? Here’s something the CDC won’t show you.

Watch this highly disturbing video of dairy cows being kicked, tortured, abused and injured by conventional dairy workers. This was filmed with an undercover spy cam (WARNING: DISTURBING IMAGERY): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUmtSONLhOc

When you buy pasteurized milk at the grocery store, you are supporting an industry that tortures cows and produces a dirty, filthy product!

Of course, the dairy industry would much rather force everybody to pasteurize their milk and outlaw clean raw dairy than to clean up their own act. That’s the whole point of the CDC going after raw dairy: To destroy the raw dairy industry and force everyone to drink dirty, contaminated pasteurized milk that’s extracted from tortured cows.

Here are some other short videos you may want to view (WARNING):

Dairy Cow Abuse – “Mercy For Animals” hidden camera in New York:

The disgusting treatment of (conventional) dairy cows:

Dairy cows with injuries and infections:

ABC Nightline – Dairy farm abuse:

So get it through your heads, folks: If you buy pasteurized, homogenized milk, you are supporting an industry of filth, torture, infected animals and dirty, dirty milk.

Blood, pus, bacteria and fecal matter – drink up, kiddies!

The reason all that milk has to be pasteurized is because it’s strongly contaminated with:

• blood
• pus
• bacteria
• fecal matter

In addition, conventional dairy cows are:

• Pumped full of bovine growth hormones
• Fed masses of antibiotics
• Fed tons of GMOs such as corn and soy
• Heavily contaminated with chemical pesticides

That’s what you get when you buy “Pasteurized” milk. Plus the feces in the milk, of course.

So the next time somebody gets mad at you in bumper-to-bumper traffic and they scream out the window: “EAT SH*T!” just hand them a glass of pasteurized milk. Let them drink it, huh?

The cleanest milk in the world? RAW, fresh milk!

You want to see a super clean dairy operation? Go to a raw dairy farm and check out their operation. It’s the cleanest, most pristine dairy operation you’ll ever find. And why? Because it has to be. If you want to produce clean, fresh dairy without pasteurization, you have to run a super clean facility with healthy cows, stringent cleanliness practices and a commitment to producing wholesome food.

Only raw milk dairies have this kind of commitment to cleanliness.

View this powerful comparison between pasteurized milk and raw milk: http://organicpastures.com/whyraw.html

In fact, if you took a gallon of unpasteurized milk from a conventional dairy and you compared it to a gallon of unpasteurized milk from a quality-certified raw milk dairy, I have no doubt you would find that the conventional dairy has at least 150 times the level of blood, pus, feces and dangerous bacteria (if not more).

In contrast, raw milk from a reputable dairy operation such as Organic Pastures (www.OrganicPastures.com) is the cleanest milk on the planet, bar none. Sure, it has friendly bacteria in it, but that bacteria is good for you — it’s probiotics. The CDC, of course, is so clueless about infectious disease that they hate ALL bacteria and want to destroy them all with chemicals or heat.

The CDC won’t dare discuss any of this, however. Instead, the CDC has resorted to what can only be called a raw milk fear mongering campaign using the exact same tactic they used to promote vaccine sales by pushing false swine flu fear.

The only thing dirtier than pasteurized milk, it seems, is the CDC itself, which has degraded from a once-respected group of actual scientists to a cabal of junk science fear mongerers and political prostitutes who drop trow and bend over for Big Business (Big Pharma, Big Dairy, etc.) at every opportunity. Instead of doing something important to stop the spread of infectious disease (like promoting vitamin D, immune-boosting nutrition and improved sanitation), the CDC is now a total sellout to the interests of the corporate giants who feed us filth and call it food.

So it’s no surprise to see the CDC promoting pasteurized milk — the very product whose digestive enzymes have been destroyed so that it causes allergic reactions in those who consume it.

Pasteurized, homogenized milk also promotes heart disease, obesity, autoimmune disorders, constipation, sinus congestion and many other chronic health conditions. It is the perfect food for the uninformed masses who the U.S. government seems to be trying to keep in a state of lifelong disease and medical enslavement.

Keep reading NaturalNews to learn more about what’s wrong with conventional pasteurized dairy products. We’re working on several articles covering this topic.

And remember:

Pasteurized milk is so disgustingly dirty that if they didn’t kill everything in it with heat, the liquid would probably kill YOU.

Vacuna contra Gripe AH1N1 “sin duda” Causa Trastornos Crónicos del Sistema Nervioso

El gobierno de Finlandia dice que va a pagar por “el cuidado médico de por vida” para los 79 niños que han sido irreparablemente dañados por la vacuna.

Traducción Luis Miranda
12 de Octubre de 2011

Finlandia admitió esta semana que la vacuna contra la gripe AH1N1 causa narcolepsia, un trastorno crónico del sistema nervioso que hace que la gente sienta un deseo incontrolable de dormir. El Gobierno finlandés, en reconocimiento a este vínculo, dice que va a pagar por “el cuidado médico de por vida” para los 79 niños que han sido irreparablemente afectados por la vacuna.

La narcolepsia no es el único efecto secundario. Médicos finlandeses y de otros países admiten las victimas de esta vacuna también sufren de alucinaciones y “colapsos físicos paralizantes”, dicen los investigadores finlandeses.

Sorprendentemente, a pesar de que la relación entre las vacunas contra la gripe AH1N1 y daños neurológicos permanentes en los niños es abiertamente admitido por el gobierno finlandés, no hay absolutamente ninguna iniciativa para detener el ritual completamente anti-científico de inyectar a los niños con vacunas contra la gripe. No sólo son las vacunas contra la gripe perjudiciales para los niños (como ahora se admite), sino que ni siquiera funcionan. Una dosis simple diarias de vitamina D podría hacer mucho más para detener la gripe que cualquier vacuna.

EE.UU. se niega a admitir que las vacunas daño a nadie

El gobierno de EE.UU. así como casi todos los gobiernos todavía se niega a admitir que las vacunas causan daño alguno. Tanto los gobiernos como la industria de las vacunas continúan empujando el cuento falso de que “las vacunas son seguras y eficaces”, lo que significa que no perjudicaría a nadie, sino nos ayudan a todos. Sin embargo, la verdad es casi el polo opuesto: Vacunas causan daños incontables a millones de niños cada año, de manera que nunca es públicamente asociada a las mismas (retraso mental leve, función inmune suprimida, problemas de aprendizaje, etc). Al mismo tiempo, las vacunas no tienen casi ningún valor en la prevención de infecciones. Incluso la propia investigación del sector de las vacunas demuestra que vacunas contra la gripe sólo funcionan en 1 de cada 100 personas, lo que significa que son completamente inútiles para el 99 por ciento de aquellos que los toman.

En lugar de admitir la verdad de que el autismo es causado por las vacunas, los gobiernos se han confabulado con los fabricantes de vacunas. En EE.UU., el gobierno creó un Programa de Compensación para atender financieramente los casos de lesiones causadas por las vacunas, que esencialmente compra el silencio de las victimas con dinero de los contribuyentes; esto para asegurarse de que no puedan presentar sus reclamos de daño a los tribunales federales.

Peor aún, el establecimiento médico – que está fuertemente influenciado por los intereses farmacéuticos – se niega a defender el hecho que la vitamina D como nutriente es más efectivo para la prevención de la gripe. La vitamina D es segura, eficaz y asequible. Está disponible sin receta médica y podría ahorrar miles de millones de dólares de los gastos nacionales de salud por sólo unos centavos por día por persona. Así que ¿por qué el establecimiento médico no promueve la vitamina D? Precisamente porque le costaría miles de millones de dólares en pérdidas a la industria que se beneficia de todas las enfermedades degenerativas que se podrían prevenir con vitamina D.

Por supuesto que las vacunas causan autismo!

No hay absolutamente ninguna duda en la mente de cualquier persona razonablemente informada de que las vacunas causan daños neurológicos, incluyendo (pero no limitados a) el autismo. Sólo los científicos que sirven como prostitutas de las corporaciones en todo el mundo continúan con su farsa de que las vacunas no están vinculadas con el autismo, o que las vacunas funcionan eficazmente. La mayoría de los usuarios de vacunas aún no han escuchado la entrevista secreta con el científico de la corporación Merck, el Dr. Maurice Hilleman, donde este admite abiertamente que las vacunas llevan docenas de cepas causantes de cáncer. Lea aquí la transcripción. Escuche el audio de la entrevista transcrita en este link.

Del mismo modo, la mayoría de la gente todavía no sabe que el Dr. Jonas Salk, el famoso “progenitor” de las vacunas, a quien se acredita la creación de la vacuna contra la polio, fue un criminal médico que cometió crímenes atroces contra la humanidad en nombre de la “ciencia médica”.

De hecho, toda la historia de las vacunas y la medicina ha sido totalmente distorsionada por el establecimiento médico para pintar las vacunas como un descubrimiento glorioso de la salud pública. Pero la verdadera historia es que las vacunas son ahora – y siempre han sido – herramientas para causar enfermedad y promocionar medicamentos para que la industria farmacéutica pueda beneficiarse. Esta es la horripilante verdad sobre la industria de las vacunas y el establecimiento médico

Recuerde que este es el mismo establecimiento que realizó experimentos médicos con prisioneros de Guatemala. Estas son las mismas personas que realizaron los experimentos de Tuskegee en los afroamericanos.

¿De verdad crees que estos criminales no usarían a los niños para llevar a cabo experimentos con vacunas para realizar inoculaciones masivas? Recuerde: se trata de criminales salvajes que actúan al estilo nazi. Esto es lo que mueve a la industria farmacéutica. El ex presidente de Bayer, por ejemplo, fue condenado en los juicios de Nuremberg por su participación como un criminal de guerra nazi.

No me cree? Lea su historia:

“El Dr. Fritz ter Meer, director de IG Farben, que estaba directamente involucrado en el desarrollo del gas Zyklon-B, que mató a millones de Judios, fue condenado a siete años de cárcel pero fue liberado después de cuatro años a través de la intervención de los Rockefeller y JJ McCloy, quien era entonces el estadounidense nombrado como Alto Comisionado de Alemania. Un arrepentido Fritz ter Meer, culpable de genocidio y crímenes contra la humanidad, volvió a trabajar en Bayer, donde se desempeñó como Presidente durante más de 10 años, hasta 1961. Este mismo Meer, un convicto criminal de guerra nazi, se convirtió en uno de los iniciadores de la Comisión del Codex Alimentarius en 1962, una organización que se nutre de la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS), la Organización para la Agricultura y la Alimentación (FAO), y, más recientemente, la Organización Mundial del Comercio (OMC). Vea los detalles aquí.

Los gobiernos saben que las vacunas mutilan y matan a los niños – y es por eso que las usan de forma tan agresiva.

Usted ve, todos los gobiernos del mundo ya saben lo que significa el uso de las vacunas. Ellos saben que las vacunas matan y mutilan a los niños. Ellos saben que las vacunas causan autismo y desórdenes neurológicos. Ellos lo saben pero continúan su promoción de las vacunas de todos modos. ¿Por qué? Debido a que son asesinos de masas que tienen sus raíces filosóficas en la Alemania nazi y el movimiento de la eugenesia. Incluso la Agencia para el Control de Medicamentos y Alimentos (FDA), puede ser relacionada a los orígenes del movimiento de eugenesia y el control de la población. Bill Gates, que promueve la vacunación en todo el mundo, admite abiertamente que las vacunas y el cuidado de la salud pueden “reducir la población mundial de 10 a 15 por ciento” si “se hace un buen trabajo.”

No me cree? Vea a Bill Gates diciéndolo en este video.

Las vacunas no se dan a los niños para por “accidente” matar a algunos niños y causar trastornos neurológicos en los demás. Se les dan ya que causan trastornos neurológicos, fallo múltiple de órganos, infertilidad, reducción de inteligencia y muchos otros efectos secundarios.

Las vacunas actuales crean los clientes del mañana.

Las vacunas mantienen a las grandes farmacéuticas en el negocio basados en las ganancias repetidas.

¿Cómo es que las grandes farmacéuticas asegurarían sus beneficios futuros si la población se vuelve y se mantiene saludable? El punto de las vacunas es el de dañar la salud humana y atraer miles de millones de dólares en beneficios a largo plazo de todo el sufrimiento y las enfermedades causadas por las vacunas.

Vamos, amigos: ¿Creen realmente que todas estas empresas con ánimo de lucro están tratando de ayudar a la humanidad? ¿Creen realmente que los CEOs de las compañías farmacéuticas son santurrones humanitarios que renuncian a sus ganancias y las de los accionistas e impulsan sus propias empresas a la quiebra mediante la promoción de la salud duradera?

Despierta, pueblo. Despierta y huele el café. A las compañías farmacéuticas no les importa asesinar a niños nigerianos, o incluso usar a sus propios hijos en experimentos médicos, siempre y cuando ganen más dinero en el proceso. Y después de haber visto innumerables documentos, consejos, testimonios y otras fuentes de información que se me han dado a mí durante estos años, le puedo decir con absoluta certeza que la industria farmacéutica está utilizando activamente las vacunas que causan enfermedades degenerativas como una manera de asegurarse las ganancias futuras.

Las vacunas son una estrategia de continuidad de negocio utilizado por la industria farmacéutica con fines de lucro.

Es como un mecánico de automóviles que lanza algunos disolventes en su tanque de gas de modo que usted tenga que regresar para hacer las reparaciones del motor después de unos pocos cientos de millas. Las compañías farmacéuticas están dispuestas a hacer cualquier cosa para garantizar sus ganancias, y no importa si esto incluye la comisión de actos de genocidio contra la raza humana, siempre que aumente sus ganancias netas.

No estamos tratando con seres éticos, con principios humanos en la industria farmacéutica, amigos. Estamos tratando con gente con mentalidad criminal; con monstruos que han encontrado en el egoísmo, una forma de enriquecerse a costa del sufrimiento de los demás.
Y estos monstruos disfrutan de esto. Ellos se sacian al ver a los niños sufriendo y muriendo a causa de sus vacunas. Ellos están muy satisfechos al ver que consiguen realizando esta estafa con tal éxito que el publico ignorante del mundo se alinean en sus farmacias locales y piden para ser inyectados con los aditivos químicos y viruses muy vivos que destruye su salud y lo convierte en víctima de por vida. médica.

La élite de enfermos dementes que ingenian todo esto (que incluye a personas en las altas esferas de la FDA, por cierto), son como vampiros que chupan la vida de inocentes niños para alimentar sus apetitos diabólicos de riqueza y poder. Y ver que todo esto ocurre todos los días en los Estados Unidos, Finlandia, y en todas partes alrededor del mundo es absolutamente indignante. Es por eso que trabajamos tan duro para exponer a estos charlatanes médicos como los verdaderos criminales que son en realidad. Estas personas que dirigen las grandes farmacéuticas y la industria de las vacunas podría infectar a su bebé con el cáncer si se les garantiza ganancias con el uso de quimioterapia dos décadas despues.

Estas personas deben de ser arrestadas, encarceladas y acusadas de su participación en estos crímenes contra la humanidad. El movimiento contra Wall Street es sólo un movimiento que se levanta en contra de la estafa total de la industria bancaria fraudulenta y la Reserva Federal, pero necesitamos otro movimiento: Ocupar las grandes farmacéuticas donde estos enfermos degenerados han planeado como afectar la salud de las masas con estas vacunas y productos farmacéuticos. Los directores de estas corporaciones deben ser acusados de crímenes contra la humanidad.

Yo sé que ese día se acerca. Habrá un día en que las masas enojadas y enfermas averiguarán la profundidad de los crímenes médicos que se han cometido contra ellos en nombre de la “salud pública …” y se enfrentaran al Establecimiento.

A todos los directores generales de empresas de vacunas por ahí: Disfruten de sus millones en este momento, porque llegará un día en que tendrán que responder por cómo llegó ese dinero y quien realmente tuvo que pagar el precio de sus beneficios financieros. Cientos de millones de niños se ven perjudicados hoy en día en todo el mundo gracias a las vacunas, y ese número seguirá aumentando con cada año que pasa y que se permita que la humanidad continúe siendo químicamente asaltada por estas armas biológicas conocidas como “vacunas”.

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