Get Your Hands off My Water

Prepare for the ‘Water Wars’ says intelligence analysis


A report issued by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) warns about a new kind of wars to come in a decade’s time. The report released on Thursday cites water shortages, polluted water and floods as the potential causes for increasing conflict in countries where the US has explicit vested interests. Intelligence analysts not related to the ODNI are already questioning what this report means for the type of activities the United States carries out abroad or that may already be carrying out either in representation of the country itself, or in combination with transnational corporations which dominate the water market.

“During the next 10 years, many countries important to the United States will almost certainly experience water problems – shortages, poor water quality, or floods – that will contribute to the risk of instability and state failure and increase regional tensions,” reads the report from the office of the director of national intelligence states. According the report, there are at least seven important river basins in the Middle East Asia and Africa that the United States deems important for its security interests. Those river basins are the Indus, Jordan, Mekong, Nile, Tigris-Euphrates, Amu Darya and Brahmaputra basins.

It is likely that the strong concentration of water resources in few corporate hands together with ongoing military conflict in those regions of the world will contribute greatly to bring even more instability to the people of those countries. There is a change that conflict will not be limited to fighting inside the countries themselves, but that it can expand to turn nation against nation. Even though countries’ borders are clearly drawn today, water basins and the rivers those basins supply generally go through many countries at a time and this is the key point when determining whether there will be war or not. The intelligence report says that in a decade or so water in shared basins will increasingly be used not as a resource, but as leverage over friends and foes.

“It’s very difficult to be specific about where because it depends upon what individual states do and what actions are taken on water issues between states,” said a senior U.S. intelligence analyst. If water as a resource becomes more scarce as a result of monopolization, a technique used by the United States government with other essential resources such as land and food, there is a potential for water to be used as a weapon. This weapon is considered even more powerful than many others because water is perhaps the most essential resource to guarantee the survival of people. The report warns that more powerful may decide to block the flow of water from rivers to other less powerful countries which would mean immediate scarcity for the weaker nations.

The intelligence report did not waste the opportunity to fear monger by saying that available water sources could also be poisoned by terrorists — because there is a terrorist under every single bed and rock. “Because terrorists are seeking more high visibility items to attack, in some cases we identified fragile water infrastructure that could potentially be a target for terrorism activity.” Can terrorists contaminate water to a greater degree that what it is now with fluoride, lithium, aluminum and other heavy metals that water companies already put in it? The report went even further to warn that terrorists could also blow dams as a way to threaten populations. It says that terrorists would take advantage of population displacement to target large groups of people who move away from their lands to seek fresh water in weak nations.

The report also took the opportunity to connect water scarcity to population growth, a talking point commonly used by the fake environmental movement that seeks to impose policies originated at the core of the United Nations. This organization, through numerous initiatives, already controls large masses of land that include National Parks and Conservation Areas. It is exactly those large areas the ones that possess vast amounts of fresh water sources. The U.N. also intends to amass control over water resources through policies such as Agenda 21, and the Law of the Sea Treaty. In theory, this convention defines the rights and responsibilities of nations in their use of the world’s oceans. It also provides policies for businesses, the environment, and the management of oceanic natural resources. In practice, the Law of the Sea Treaty gives power to the U.N. to govern over the oceans.

The report also took a shot at Climate Change as a the origin of future water driven conflicts. It is the belief of much of the environmental movement that the naturally changing world climate — a change they blame on humans –  will result in lack of adequate water for people to drink or to use in their daily activities. Environmentalists have changed their doomsday warnings from Global Warming to Climate Change, or even adventure themselves to talk about these two as if they were the same thing. The intelligence report does the same, referring to Climate Change as a potential source of problems for populations that do not have access to clean water. “Food markets are threatened by depletion of ground water in some agriculture areas of the world. Food production will decline, increasing the stress on global markets,” asserts the report. More of a reason for people to prepare and become independent and self-sufficient instead of waiting for the government or the corporations to offer magical solutions.

The report which concentrates heavily on how U.S. interests may or may not be threatened, concludes that by 2040 water shortages and pollution will harm the economic performance of some important trading partners. It does not say which countries these partners are, though. As it is commonly done nowadays, the report does not propose any measures to stave off the consequences of water wars. It simply mentions that current actions such as “improved water management” could compensate for the increasing demand in decades to come. The intelligence paper cites technological advances as a possible tool to aid large scale agriculture, but does not highlight anything that could help small and mid-size farmers.

In the past few months, third world countries such as Venezuela and Bolivia have moved to secure their own water resources, kicking out multinational corporations such as Nestle, which sought to monopolize the water market in those nations. But the 10 intelligence agencies that helped write the report conclude that underdeveloped nations will turn to the United States to lead the effort to resolve water problems. The study about water security and how it impacts American interests around the world was requested by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has voiced her concern about how lack of clean water may threaten U.S. interests overseas. Clinton announced Thursday what she called the U.S. Water Partnership, an initiative that according to her will bring private sector — corporations — and government agencies to confabulate about solutions to water problems.

Let’s hope the result of these talks do not end in policies such as the White House Security Memorandum 200, a document issued by the U.S. government where they explain how the United States will officially combat development in third world nations as well as curb population growth in those countries because the U.S. thought development and population growth threatened their national security. Based on the policies adopted under White House Memorandum 200, the U.S. has waged war against those countries through trade penalties, conditioning aid to the adoption of population control measures, artificially created famine and military destabilization operations, among others.

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EU Dictators to Control National Budgets

Sovereign Independent

As reported in today’s Irish Independent, the EU will be given first option on whether to approve of Irish fiscal policy thus opening

If the theory of Super States is adopted globally, the countries will effectively loose independence, sovereignty, identity and liberty.

the way for another €3 billion of cuts in spending, no doubt in public services we all pay our taxes into. This is of course dictatorship in its most basic form.

When a nation state is no longer in control of its own finances, which have been handed over to an unelected cabal of appointed lackeys, then the nation state no longer exists. This is exactly the position which Ireland and every nation in the EU face today. Let’s be clear, there are no longer nation states. Taking over a nation’s finances is only the start. When we no longer have individual countries, with individual cultures, as they are rapidly being mixed into a standardised ‘brand’, the result will be that in a generation or two from now, we will no longer have any distinction between individual sovereign states which could be classed as cultural identity whatsoever.

This is not only undesirable to the native peoples of the nations of Europe but it is also detrimental to world culture as a whole. I would envisage a day when travelling abroad, if still permitted, will be no more of a cultural experience than travelling through ‘one size fits all’ airports and staying in brand name hotels. Every ‘experience’ will be standardised.

Sticking with financial control, why is it that our ‘elected’ representatives have sold us off to these pirates of finance whereby they have allowed an unelected, private organisation to dictate terms and conditions over and above our national governments as to what they will and will not plan for in their own fiscal policy to benefit the people of their nations? When did outside forces have any right to interfere with the internal finances of a nation state? Haven’t we witnessed many times in history the ‘economic sanctions’ imposed on nations? How about the recent example of Iraq which was spuriously, and ultimately dishonestly, accused of having weapons of mass destruction? The result of these economic sanctions was mass starvation and death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.

I’m not saying it’ll come to that in Europe but at the same time when these criminals, and let’s not mince our words here, they are criminals, when they are allowed to impose what amount to economic sanctions on our country then we are in for extremely hard times ahead with the eventual result being mass poverty across Europe.

What then for the EU?

It clearly will not have worked as it was supposed to so why would we still want to be part of it?

Why would any nation want to be part of a criminal organisation which has gone out of its way to impoverish the ordinary peoples of what were once independent nation states whilst at the same time destroying cultural identity?

The powers that be insisted and repeated their lies that the single European currency would solve all of our financial troubles forever. That has obviously not worked either and indeed has brought us closer to the brink of utter catastrophe in terms of our financial security.

But of course, that was always the intention of the European Union. Its job was always to amalgamate all the nations of Europe under their control so that when the time was right, like now, they could collapse every nation in the Union to achieve their ultimate goal of bringing into being the single European Soviet Union Superstate. This was finally achieved after the illegal and blatantly fraudulent 2nd Lisbon Referendum in which the Irish people were robbed of the last elements of national sovereignty thus plunging the other members of the EU into the new European Soviet Bloc with all rights and rules being dictated from Brussels.

The European Parliament was overnight given the status of a National Superstate, with all the powers of a government over the 500 million people of Europe, with only 27 unelected Commissars deciding our fate.

Whilst those politicians pushing for a ‘YES’ vote in the bogus referendum celebrated a victory before the first vote was counted, they never told the people that they had effectively sold them into slavery to a foreign power, namely the European Union; a European Union that have steadfastly refused to submit its own accounts for scrutiny, to any one of the nation states funding it, for over 15 YEARS!

Why have we allowed, what is obviously a corrupt organisation, to take over our lives to the extent that they decide how our tax money is to be spent? No doubt a lot of it will be going into the grubby paws of these very same commissars who are dictating that we the people need to cut back on everything from energy consumption to foreign holidays and even what foods we will eventually have to eat as GMO crops are rolled out across the continent.

I was never asked about any of this in my entire life and certainly never voted for any of it.

If you voted ‘YES’ for the Lisbon Referendum are you happy with the results so far?

Do you have one of those mystical jobs that were promised by every major political party at the time?

Do you still have the job you had then or are you one of the close half a million officially unemployed people in a country of approximately 4 million people with a workforce of less than 2 million?

That’s a 25% unemployment rate folks!

Do you have the security we were promised even though what security they were talking about was never discussed?

Financial security is the bedrock of any civilised society. This doesn’t necessarily mean monetary security. That is simply a red herring and a fraud in itself being perpetrated on humanity since the first banker lent to the first borrower thousands of years ago.

No, ‘financial’ security comes in many shapes and forms. The main concerns for human beings since the beginning of time have been firstly, shelter whereby we need some form of a home to protect us from the elements and to raise our families. The second basic element is of course good healthy food combined with clean water. Some kind of health security is also essential although good healthy food and clean water go a long way to preventing any health problems in themselves.

Every person in this country could now be living in a home, perhaps not the ideal home, but a home nevertheless, if the wads of cash given to private corrupt banks had simply been given to the people via payment of mortgages and personal debt to the extent that the country could have started with clean slate so to speak whereby we could then have started creating our own independent monetary system in whichever form that took.

Why then have we borrowed billions from private banks simply to hand it over to other private banks which the taxpayers of Ireland have to pay for and who will now have to live in poverty for generations?

Why are our politicians not on trial for ECONOMIC TERRORISM and TREASON?

At this stage in the game it is probably too late for any intelligent debate from any intelligent political figure because let’s face it, they are extremely hard to find despite the claims of the establishment that we pay politicians so much money to attract the best minds in the country to the political process.

Does anyone seriously think that we have the best minds in politics? If that were indeed the case we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in would we?

It’s about time the public woke up to the fact that they have been duped all their lives and in generations prior to that. It’s a bitter pill to swallow and it does take an element of personal courage to admit, not only to yourself that you have been conned, but also to tell other people that they’ve been conned too.

Firstly they will ridicule you, secondly they’ll shun you until eventually something will happen to them personally which will dispel any doubts in their minds that something is seriously wrong in society, not only in Ireland, but across the globe. When innocent human beings are being blown to bits in an illegal war which has been proven to have been started using lies and deception, one would like to think that that time cannot be far off. I won’t hold my breath though. The current ‘crop’ of ‘human beings’ seem incapable of empathy for their fellow man whatever the dreadful circumstances the victims find themselves in. We have in effect been utterly desensitized to the suffering of others with the ‘self’ being the most important being it seems in most people’s lives.

In terms of people finally accepting that we are all in serious trouble, let’s hope that it’s not the day they turn up at Tesco’s to find the shelves empty and starvation becomes a real possibility. This is not wild ‘conspiracy theory’. This is exactly how things were in the Soviet Union when millions, just over half a century ago, were allowed to starve to death by Stalin and his cronies whilst they lived in absolute luxury in a land of plenty for them.

The new European Soviet Superstate is riddled with so called ‘ex’ Soviet Communist Party members who were active in Eastern Europe right up to the day they became part of the European Union.

I don’t want to live in the Soviet Union or in, as the UN has pointed, the state we should all try to emulate, the People’s Republic of China.

Every human being in the EU and around the world has a basic right to live their lives free of restriction so far as they do no harm to any fellow human being or their property. This is the basis of common law which the vast majority of people adhere to. We don’t need ‘Big Brother’ diktats from anyone telling us what we can and can’t do, what licenses we need for this or that and how many children we’re ‘allowed’ to have.

I’m sick of it all and it’s about time that the entire human race extricated its head from the sand and got off its knees. We do not owe our lives to any state whether real or created. We are not slaves to be bought and sold at the whim of unelected bureaucrats in a puppet government far removed from any nation state.

Responsibility comes at a price but ultimately it must be a price worth paying if the alternative is so bleak.

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