Antarctica was once a Green Rainforest, scientists report


One point with which climate alarmists always struggle with, is understanding, explaining or accepting how climate patterns occur throughout centuries or millenia, and how those patterns have little to do with the insignificant influence of human activity.

Several examples come to mind when trying to explain how climate has always been changing, without human help. London was once completely frozen, and now it is a place where humans can live. Lands that are now deserts, used to host live forms that can only exist in lush rainforests or jungles.

The most recent example of how climate changes independently of human activity is the discovery that the piece of land known today as Antarctica, used to be a tropical jungle 52 million years ago. Scientists arrived to this conclusion after analyzing the ocean floor 1,000 meters deep, where they found pollen, spores and remains of a subtropical forest. This discovery however, has once again been used to advance the global doomsday scenario that the corporations behind the fake green movement want us all to believe in.

According to scientists, warm ocean currents and excess carbon dioxide in the air originated 52 million years ago a rainforest on the coast of Antarctica, researchers said today at the University of Frankfurt and the German Research Center for Biodiversity and Climate (BiK .) This fact confirms previous findings that showed how a larger amount of CO2 in the atmosphere only creates a world with abundant natural resources, where all forms of life benefit from.

Scientists reached this conclusion after analyzing the seabed 1,000 meters deep, where they found pollen and spores, remnants of a tropical or subtropical forest. The study published in the journal Nature gives details about what would have been considered as a jungle in today’s world.

“At that time the temperature was between 50 and 60 degrees warmer than now,” said the expert on Paleolithic climatology at the University of Frankfurt Jörg Pross. So much of the climate warming up by 1 or 2 more degrees celsius.
“The high content of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and the warm ocean currents were responsible for the climatic situation,” said Pross. “The concentration of carbon dioxide would have been more than twice that of today”.

The analysis of the past allows scientists to develop a prediction about the future behavior of the climate on Earth. “If we continue with current CO2 emissions through burning fossil fuels unhindered, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere will reach the level in less then a hundred years,” said Pross.

Scientists estimate that under the conditions seen 52 million years ago, places like the east coast of the United States and much of Germany would have been submerged under the water. They believe that the sea level could have been as much as 70 to 8o meters higher than today. While the Antarctica looked like a lush paradise, other parts of the world most likely would have been the icy cold worlds that the poles are today, in the same way than deserts are uninhabitable places today, but that were the home of thousands of species of living things millions of years ago.

So far, researchers have failed to find remains of animals in their holes at 200 kilometers off the coast of Wilkes Land in East Antarctica. “But there must have been a lot of insects,” said the scientist. Thanks to the pollen and spores found were able to reconstruct the plant world of the time, so that where today only you can see blocks of ice, growing all kinds of jungle plants like palms and baobab trees.

As explained before, the secret for the survival of the human species is not based on getting back to living in caverns, or prison cities, as the oligarchs wish to do today, but to find innovative ways to adapt and improve current ways of life. That is what humanity did before the industrial revolution, and that is what it needs to do now. Innovation of course includes finding ways to assure our survival first, not the demise of humanity as a whole so a few people can live like kings for a long time.

The findings are not only a confirmation that nature is much more powerful than whatever humans have been able to do for the past 60 or 70 years, but also that no matter what humans throw at this planet, it will always find a way to get around it, adapt, evolve and become ‘immune’ to it. That is what all species that live in this planet have done and continue to do. That is where the discussion should be moving towards, as supposed to talking about how to tax people in order to finance the oligarchical class, so its members can attempt to save us all — which they can’t even begin to do.

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