UN Pushes for a Global Tax to Finance its Global Socialist System

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
February 6, 2012

All attempts to officially create a world government have failed so far, but the United Nations and its accomplice founders and funders do not stop on their efforts to institute such a monstrosity. After the so-called environmental movement -a group led by powerful oligarchs- failed to impose a global environmental authority, which would get financing from a global tax on carbon emissions, the UN has now changed its discourse to  ’solving poverty’  instead of  ’saving the planet’  from a doomsday scenario of generalized anthropogenic warming.

A new initiative presented by the UN’s President of the Economic and Social Council, Milos Koterec, calls for the imposition of a global tax to finance the living standards of those who find themselves in precarious conditions. The attempt to globally institutionalize socialism as a way to solve every single problem there is, was presented at a forum whose main focus was the non-existent right of people to have ”universal access to basic social protection and social services.”

The United Nations has tried the same trick on other issues such as Human Rights, Global Warming, Climate Change, Peace, War and so on. This time, however, the organization created by globalists in 1945 is using a rather humane hook to attract more supporters in its quest for the global socialization of everything. ”Everyone should be able to access at least basic health services, primary education, housing, water, sanitation and other essential services.” If you think about it carefully, no one could possibly oppose helping people who are in a dire situation due to the lack of anything cited by Mr. Koterec. That is why it is remarkably strange that the governments of those nations where people live in deplorable conditions do not work hard to provide the services and opportunities mentioned by the President of the UN’s Council on Economic and Social affairs.

The idea to tax some people to help others is not significant if one considers the amount being proposed -.005 percent. What should alarm us is the fact that once a global taxing system is officially accepted by a group of nations, the precedent will exist, and every new problem will be seen as an opportunity to tax someone else to solve such a problem. ”We will need a modest but long-term way to finance this transformation,” said the Deputy Director of the UN’s Development Program, Jens Wandel. A .005 percent tax would give the United Nations a total of $40 billion to fund anything the organization deems to be within the realm of  ’helping the poor’. Of course, the UN is known for financing eugenics programs all over the world with the monies it already receives from developed nations from across the planet as well as fake philanthropists of the likes of John D. Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Edward Harriman, Andrew Carnegie, William Gates, George Soros, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Prince Charles and many others. Most of these globalists have publicly expressed their wish to cut the world’s population for the sake of saving …  well … themselves and their traditionally inbred families.

“First we got population. The world today has 6.8 billion  people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on  new vaccines, health care, reproductive health  services, we lower that by perhaps 10 or 15  percent.”  - Bill Gates at California TED2010 Conference.

“A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”  – Ted Turner

Mr. Turner has made sure his wishes find a place to start as he has heavily invested in eugenics programs in third world countries, contributing billions to population reduction, mainly through United Nations programs.

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”  – Prince Philipe quote from Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA), August, 1988.

Philip also helped start the World Wildlife Fund in 1961 with former Nazi SS Officer Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who is closely affiliated with the founders of the Bilderberg international power group, and Sir Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley’s brother, who was also the President of the British Eugenics Society, reports PrisonPlanet.com

“Investigations by EIR have uncovered a planning apparatus operating outside the control of the White House whose sole purpose is to cut the world’s population by 2 billion people through war, famine, disease and any other means necessary. This apparatus, which includes various levels of the government is determining U.S. foreign policy. In every political hotspot — El Salvador, the so-called arc of crisis in the Persian Gulf, Latin America, Southeast Asia and in Africa- the goal of U.S. foreign policy is population reduction. The targeting agency for the operation is the National Security Council’s Ad Hoc Group on Population Policy. Its policy-planning group is in the U.S.State Department’s Office of Population Affairs, established in 1975 by Henry Kissinger. This group drafted the Carter administration’s Global 2000 document, which calls for global population reduction, and the same apparatus is conducting the civil war in El Salvador as a conscious depopulation project,” explains Lonnie Wolfe in his article The Haig-Kissinger depopulation policy.

“There is a single theme behind all our work-we must reduce population levels.”  – Thomas Ferguson, the Latin American case officer for the State Department’s Office of Population Affairs (OPA).

To the previous quotes we can add the well-known White House memorandum 200, where the United States government laid out a clear strategy to aggressively promote population control in developing nations so it would be easier to get a hold of their natural resources. According to Human Life International, the memorandum named 13 countries that ”would be primary targets of U.S.-funded population control efforts.” Some of the policies implemented include the legalization of abortion, financial incentives for countries to increase their abortion, sterilization and contraception-use rates, indoctrination of children and mandatory population control, and coercion of other forms, such as withholding disaster and food aid unless nations implemented population control programs.

“One idea which we could consider is a minimal financial transaction tax”. This is not the first time a global transaction tax is suggested. The very same bankers who caused the current financial crisis suggested a fee on international transactions to help rescue their risky bets. As it turns out that money was not needed, because countries like the United States and Germany decided to put the burden of illegally acquired debts on the shoulders of the tax payers in their respective nations. Financial bailouts abounded in 2011 to supposedly pay off the debts that were sinking countries like Greece, Italy, Spain and the very same United States of America. American tax payers alone swallowed some $29 trillion that the private Federal Reserve wired to banks in Europe and others on American soil.

So, what does the United Nations have to show for to suddenly request billions of dollars in aid to help the poor? As many may already know, none of the issues the UN intervened in changed for the better or were solved once and for all. Not once in over half a century has the United Nations come close to alleviating a country’s despair. After being created under the premise that a new organization was needed to bring countries together, the UN has either failed to act, or by its actions caused real harm to populations around the planet. The UN has stood by while dictators murdered their own citizens for the past 50 years, just as it stood by while corporate-controlled governments invaded and destroyed countries “for the sake of peace”. According to author Theresa Bell, the UN’s agenda is as deceptive as the names it uses to commit more people to its causes. “The body of evidence in print and action emanating from the U.N. system lately suggests a global agenda to eliminate the poor themselves through population control programs. This deceptive agenda is confused further by the use of other innocuous and seemingly harmless U.N. terms such as “sustainable development” or “environmental sustainability”—and here’s a bold one: “environmentally sustainable economic development.” It’s important to understand what “sustainability” means in the heart and soul of the U.N. and its agencies. Where does the term sustainable development come from? As I have previously written, sustainability has its roots in the environmental movement that arose previous to the Nazi domination of Europe and that Hitler would later adopt as a tool for eugenics.

Today, the UN has an operating budget of about $5 billion, which according to management is not enough to carry out its goals. That happens in any good old bureaucracy, doesn’t it? Instead of actually dedicating its efforts to ending poverty and bringing health and services to the neediest, the UN has used its budget to push for a socialist agenda which includes taking possession of government-owned lands as well as privately kept properties all around the world. Through its proposed Agenda 21 initiative, the UN intends to socialize land ownership, but not to give it to the poorest. The UN is also a promoter of government-controlled access to health and medicine, pushing a global set of rules to manage what people eat and don’t eat. This initiative is known as Codex Alimentarius, a set of policies that let’s the UN govern over nutrition and access to traditional or alternative medical treatments and food. Codex Alimentarius has been quietly adopted by many countries without previous consultation or review in Congresses or a simple popular referendum.

No one could expect, however, that the plan to tax international transactions was really about helping the poor. Anything that comes out of the United Nations is another push for controlling how people live and spend their money. The UN has even proposed itself as the governing body on how the internet should be used. ”It is absolutely essential to establish controls on capital movements and financial speculation,” said Jorge Valero. Mr. Valero is the current United Nations Chairman of the Commission on Social Development. And then he confirmed the suspicions raised by many alternative media outlets that the call to help end poverty and misery is nothing more than another attempt to control the global financial system. He added that there was a need for “progressive policies of taxation”  that required “those who earn more to pay more taxes.” That is an old and worn out example of figurative speech which really means tightening the strings on any transaction that the average Joe performs, while the richest of the rich are allowed to use the current banking system to launder drug money, as HSBC, Wachovia, Wells Fargo and other banks have been caught doing. This is all about using a noble cause – just as they tried to do with the global warming issue – to push for tighter controls on what you and I decide to do with the fruit of our labor while the real criminals are left alone.

When looking for reasons why the UN has failed to achieve the goals it originally proposed, Capitalism was the first in line. There is undoubtedly a concerted effort by corporate leaders, – many of whom fund the UN – to blame Capitalism for all evils. Ironically, the UN is one of the largest beneficiaries of Capitalism, since all the money it receives to fund its programs comes mainly from openly Capitalist nations. Expect the United Nations to change its role as a prominent carbon tax pusher to “save us all”, especially after the Met Office and the University of East Anglia confirmed that global warming ceased to exist at least 15 years ago. It will now try to solve the next greatest problem, the same one it has tried to solve for over half a century, the same one it has miserably failed at solving.

Venezuelan Bill Includes Draconian Dictatorial Measures

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
June 12, 2011

A document sent to The Real Agenda and that supposedly is a draft of a bill now being discussed in the Venezuelan Congress compiles a list of the most draconian measures ever seen in Latin America. The document called “Proyecto de Reforma Constitucional: Leyes Socialistas para Venezuela“, is said to be circulating among assembly members is labeled as a preliminary draft law under discussion in the National Assembly.

Venezuelan Leader, Hugo Chavez

The document which is split in several sections, addresses issues such as private medicine and insurance companies, private education, identity and civic activities, private banking, communications, private property, currency, economy, religious practices, social practices, and others.

Regarding the issue of private medicine, the document intends to expropriate buildings and equipment from current private healthcare providers by paying them only 5 percent of the property’s market value in government bonds with a maturity of 20 years. Additionally, all private life insurance businesses will be closed and all their staff will be left out of work and with no right to a pension.

On private education, the draft bill states that all education will fall under the control of the State. All students will wear military looking apparel while attending school. It will be composed of red shirts, blue pants with a side legend that reads Bolivarian Republic and a red beret hat. While most school courses will be maintained as they are, some will be changed to give room to new ones related to “Socialism in the XXI Century”.

Under the Private Education section, the document also includes a call to socialize all property:

“Authorizing the homeless families to occupy “second homes” starting with the apartments and houses located on beaches, including those located in Clubs and then moving to the ones in urban areas.

Home owners will be forced to open their houses to families composed of no more than three members who will occupy one room in the house, reserving one room for three members of the original property owners. Property owners will be obligated to share common areas of the house with the new members.”

The draft bill also talks about issues related to citizenship and civic activities. Under the new guidelines, all citizens would receive a new identification document. Previous forms of identification will be invalidated. Anyone and everyone who participated in activism against the current president and the Venezuelan government will be denied and ID and will be considered rogue opposition to the National Assembly, the President and the Government. In addition, the parental rights of anyone under the age of 21, will be shared between the birth parents and the State.

On the matter of private banking, the Venezuelan proponents of the draft legislation intend to make all private bank workers employees of the State. The currency known as the Bolivar will change its denomination “eliminating the last tree zeros” from it. Citizens who have assets in foreign countries will be mandated to bring them to Venezuela. Having done that, no one will be allowed to own more than 7 million Bolivares in currency. All surpluses will be confiscated by the State.

When it comes to communications, cable television and other satellite based technologies will be reserved only to the State. Cell phone services and Internet access will be made exclusively available to the State. People will not be able to own or rent any of the services mentioned above. All personal computers must be registered with the State, and the government will nationalize all media in order to form one single network for the broadcast of government produced information bulletins. Current media owners will be paid 5 percent of the value of their businesses in the form of government bonds with maturity of 20 years.

In the section dedicated to private property, the document says all private property will be nationalized. “The land will be owned by the State, which through INTI will give the land to new occupants such as farmers and peasants who can not sell it, mortgage it or transfer it in any way.”

Regarding the Armed Forces, the bill proposes the creation of a popular militia which will progressively replace the current Venezuelan military force in a GESTAPO style force. All state and local police will be consolidated into one force under the power of the State. Military service will be mandatory for both men and women who will begin their service at the age of 17. These new soldiers will be available to support Venezuela and its allies such as Iran, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia in any conflict they may take part in.

On the economic front, people who hold foreign currency will be punished with prison sentences. It will be prohibited the holding of bank accounts abroad. All kinds of credit and debit cards will be eliminated within the country and for transactions overseas. “The State will impose the use of food cards to be used in Mercal. Also, the government will impose the minimum wage for all staff in state’s payroll: workers, professionals, technicians and others alike. The State prohibits the practice of professions to anyone who refuses to serve the state.”

The document ends describing limitations to religious and social practices. It says it will be prohibited to wear clothes that go against morality and decency such as miniskirts, bathing suits “thongs”, very pronounced cleavages, tight pants, etc.). All professionally played baseball and other sports will be under the control of the State. The government will restricts imports of luxury goods such as whiskey, appliances, luxury cars, etc. Also, it will be illegal to wear or spread pictures and articles that depict “imperialist influence” in all public institutions; among them Santa Claus and Mickey Mouse.

Currently, Venezuela’s Socialist Party -Hugo Chavez’ party- dominates the National Assembly, which is why it is not hard to believe that a draft bill such as the the one making the rounds in in the National Assembley now would not be approved. The document containing the reforms ends with a typical Bolivarian call: Patria Socialismo o Muerte (Socialist Land or Death).

Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez has manifested his approval of the current draft bill en several publications saying: “This is new, we are sowing the seeds of socialism. Only socialism will be a true democracy. In capitalism, democracy is not possible,” said Chavez before dismissing polls that according to him try to confuse people by separating democracy from socialism. “Democracy will never be a capitalist system, ” he added.

Agenda 21, Biodiversity and Land Theft

Cassandra Anderson

The true facts of life are that the globalist control freaks have caused environmental disasters in order to implement their

solutions, which are even worse. And they get public support through lies, government regulations and our tax dollars. UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is the overarching blueprint for depopulation and control using the environment as the excuse.  See the complete globalist chart by clicking here.

Last month the UN announced that they were shifting their focus from global warming (which has been thoroughly discredited) to biodiversity, which is really a way to steal land by way of the Endangered Species Act. In fact, a new UN agency has been created to monitor biodiversity (Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services or IPBES), and is based on the UN’s fraudulent IPCC. The new fear that is being created is the destruction of habitats and species resulting from human activity.(1)

These videos by Dr. Michael Coffman explain the impact of the Endangered Species Act:

The Birds

Have you wondered why BP Oil used Corexit in the Gulf? There is evidence that the motive was to kill as many birds and sea creatures as possible to usher in the expansion of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in addition to the $40 million in profits for NALCO (Corexit manufacturer) and the motive of submerging the oil from public view. There are numerous non-toxic alternatives to Corexit, which are still ignored by the EPA. The ESA will be used as a weapon to prevent further drilling and America’s energy independence. It is falsely being sold as the way to avoid future catastrophes and because most people love animals, they will be easily fooled.(2)

Have you noticed that environmental groups are far less concerned with taking effective action in pressuring BP Oil, Obama and Congress to stop and the spill, and are instead filing lawsuits to stop drilling and promote inefficient solar and wind energy? The environmental groups’ lack of action against BP Oil and the EPA is glaring. Instead, they are pursuing the expansion of governmental regulations by way of the ESA. Most environmental groups, and certainly the big ones like WWF, Greenpeace, NRDC and the Sierra Club, are controlled opposition. They are funded by your tax dollars, oil companies, the UN and foundations like the Rockefeller and Ford foundation.(3)

The attention to migratory birds is important because they do cross state lines, so the federal Department of Commerce then sticks its beak where it doesn’t belong. There is no provision in the Constitution for federal oversight of wildlife.

The ESA was passed into law through 5 international treaties, the first one was the Migratory Bird Act. When this treaty was challenged in the Supreme Court (Missouri v. Holland), the ruling was against the 10th Amendment state sovereignty. The Supremacy Clause was weakened when the Migratory Bird Act treaty was decided to supersede the Constitution, thereby opening the door for treaties to be superior to the Constitution, in complete opposition to the Founding Fathers intentions. Many have tried to get the Supreme Court to clarify the Supremacy Clause and for Congress to limit the distorted interpretation, but have failed. ANd now we have thousands of treaties with foreign governments through the UN.

The Bees

American bee populations are dwindling and most evidence points to pesticides as the primary culprit; remember that GMO crops were made to withstand large amounts of pesticides and herbicides. It only makes sense that harmful pesticides should be taken off of the market. The most direct route to accomplish this is to sue the manufacturers and the EPA for approving numerous harmful pesticides. However, there are only a handful of lawsuits compared to the numerous pesticide products that are available. Instead, environmental groups seek to expand regulations that prevent economic development via the ESA.(4)

The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation filed a petition to put Franklin bumble bees on the Endangered Species List. The problem with this is that when a species is considered ‘endangered’ their habitat, which is most often private property (farms, ranches, businesses and homes), has severe restrictions placed on it by the federal government. If these bees are found to be ‘endangered’, it opens the door to placing other bees on the Endangered Species list. Imagine the scope of habitat for bees. If environmental disasters are planned, and there is evidence for this (the lack of action and oversight regarding dangerous chemicals and the cozy relationship between government and industry), then using bees, whose habitat is everywhere, is truly diabolical.

Because environmental groups are funded by globalists, corporations and governments whose goal is to lock down and restrict land use as well as expanding government control, the environmental groups do the bidding of these entities, under the banner of saving the planet. The Xerces Society is funded by many federal government agencies including the EPA, the Department of Interior (they have jurisdiction over Endangered Species) and the USDA as well as other environmental UN NGOs (non governmental organizations) and the Turner Foundation. It obvious that these environmental agencies are loyal to the parties that finance them.(5)

The Endangered Species Act

Perhaps the biggest example of globalist control through ESA is the Congress caused drought in the Central Valley of California that is the breadbasket of America. Because the Delta smelt and salmon populations were declining, the irrigation water to farms was cut. This was a poor solution because the fish populations continued to decline for 3 years despite the water restrictions. It was later revealed that pollution in the Delta was the cause of the fish decline, caused by up to one billion gallons of partially treated sewage being flushed into the Delta daily. Of course, the principled scientist who went public with this information was maligned because she exposed the bad science that is commonly practiced when a political policy is involved.

Top 5 reasons the ESA is bad:

1. It doesn’t work! Severe restrictions on landowners do not result in increased population. Of the 60 species that have been de-listed, NONE of them were removed because of the imposed controls.(6)

2. Bad and fraudulent science is used because the ESA is really just a vehicle for control through public policy. In fact, some federal and state agents were actually found to have planted Canadian Lynx fur outside of a range, in order to increase the habitat range. And their power.(7)

3. The 5th Amendment is violated, as there is no “due process’ or compensations to landowners for extremely harsh restrictions.

4. The ESA chips away at State sovereignty- there is no provision in the Constitution that gives the federal government power over wildlife it is the states’ jurisdiction. The federal government uses the ESA to usurp ower.

5. Bill Clinton’s ‘Gap Analysis’ (a study that detailed how much of American land is privately owned) is targeted at private property owners for takeover.


• When junk science is discredited, the lies unravel. This is the most effective method to get rid of bad policies, like the water restrictions in California and fallout from Climategate. When the people don’t respect the authorities, they lose power. It is necessary for the masses to become extremely skeptical of science that is associated in any way with policymaking. Phony environmentalism must be exposed.

• States can assert their 10th Amendment powers and tell the federal government to buzz off.

• Local governments have a tremendous amount of power regarding the ESA, through building permits and law enforcement.

For example, in Iron County, Utah, the federal government claims that prairie dogs are ‘endangered’. It is not true. This is a ploy to limit farming and other economic development. Every time a prairie dog is killed by a tractor on a farm, the sheriff is expected to investigate; there is only a limited number of prairie dog deaths allowed, or the farm can be shut down. Further, if someone owns property and wants to build, they will be refused a building permit if prairie dogs are found on the property. Building permits are issued through the county, so it is under the jurisdiction of the County Commissioners or Supervisors.

It is imperative that state and county governments learn about the abuse of power by the federal government because the economy and our freedom are at stake.

To learn more about how the federal government plans to steal your land, watch the excellent flash presentation by Dr. Michael Coffman, “Taking Liberty”.(8)

Dr. Michael Coffman’s Environmental Perspectives website address is www.epi-us.com.

Please visit Cassandra Anderson’s website at www.MorphCity.com.


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