GM crops, Pesticides Cause Deadly Disease

July, 2011

The recent upswing in crop failures and spontaneous animal miscarriages appears to be the result of a deadly new plant disease, suggests a prominent researcher. According to ongoing research being conducted by Emeritus Professor Don Huber from Purdue University in Indiana, this disease is likely a result of genetically-modified (GM) crops and the pesticides and herbicides used to grow them.

Reported on by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the findings do not specifically pinpoint whether GMOs, their pesticides, or a combination of both is directly responsible for spawning the pathogen, but Huber says that, either way, GM systems are clearly a detriment to the environment, animal health, and likely human health.

“They’re finding anywhere from 20 percent to as much as 55 percent of those [animals] will miscarriage or spontaneously abort,” Huber told reporters, concerning farm animals that contact the deadly pathogen as a result of eating GM corn and soybeans. “[The pathogen] will kill a chicken embryo, for instance, in 24-48 hours.”

Plants and crops are suffering the much the same fate, according to Huber, because GMOs and their chemicals are robbing soil of many nutrients, and preventing uptake of what few nutrients remain. This disruption of proper microbial balance leaves plants an easy target for many diseases that eventually kill them.

“If you have the [GM] gene present, there is a reduced efficiency for the plant to use those nutrients,” added Huber. “When you put the glyphosate out then you have an additional factor to reduce the nutrient availability to the crop.”

As NaturalNews reported previously, the increasing use of glyphosate, also known as Roundup, has led to skyrocketing cases of plant disease. And its many other negative effects on humans, animals, and the environment, though denied by Monsanto and others in the industry, cannot be denied based on available evidence (…).

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One Response to GM crops, Pesticides Cause Deadly Disease

  1. madhatter15 says:

    This was a wonderfuyl article and I am passing it on, people should know this. I have only two questions to ask , where is the EPA on this, obviiously it is hurting not only the environment and animals but people as well, why are they worried about people growing their own food instead of going after Monsanto and Dupont and middland daniels and the rest of them. the second question is what do they think is going to happen to the earth they grow this Frankenstien food in, it is laced with bacterias and round up and it is not sustainable, From what I have read this earth is barren after 10 or 12 years and nothing else can be grown there, especially the earth they use to grow medicines , they had a recall of corn tacos from Taco bell a few years ago, they gave them corn tacos made from corn grown where they grow medicine for diabetics by mistake. Monsanmto has millions of acres of land all over the world and this is certainly going to effect it, if he had stopped growing before 10 or 12 years was up they could have cleaned it up, it is too late now and the pollen from those farms drift over to other farms that are growing normally and ruin their crops. This is a national emergency.

    They have no idea what effect this has on bees and other insects and birds, The EPA is in everyones face about things that are not bothering anyone, but ignore this, who is Monsanto really, why is this company so protected,? They want to own every patent on every bit of food grown in this world, whatever happened to no monopolies? didnt’ they take Bill Gates to court and split up Bell telephone because they monolpolized the industry? I thought that was against the law and yet Monsanto can own all of the food that grows? If you have managed to stow away a few bags of seeds for a rainy day, you might find you have no place to grow them the way things are going. The poor animals out there in industrail cattle farms, the chickens and the pigs are all suffering from Monsanto grasses and feed, not to mention the obscene practices they use to house them , the injections they are given and the hormones they are fed make their poor miserable lives even worse. They are going after all the farmers who call their cows by name and play music in the morning when they milk them, they are worried about raw milk, I have never heard of anyone getting sick from it , the cows graze in the farmers own grasses yet the EPA is worried about the cows flatualence causing global warming,

    Bill Gates who is a big cheerleader for depopulation thinks its best to eliminate 2 thirds of the population , as long as it isn’t him or his family, vacinations and forced abortions and mosquitos are his choice of weapons, or with food, such as the farm safety moderniation act with the codex code in it, he said not to worry , they have already taken care of the staples, bread, milk rice etc. here is a link to this horror fest they have planned

    Is there no one to stop this? Don’t we have soem agency or legal way of stopping Monsanto, the FDA is useless, this certainly can’t go on.Meanwhile 25 people on Obamas farm patrol hav egone to farms all over the midwest to “help” they said there is a lot o fmoney to be made, they want to put recreational facilities in on public land, in the farm areas, ??? whatever that is supposed ot do is anyones guess but I doubt it will benefit farmers, they are also going after the Amish, its not easy getting them off their land, they dont’ do anything wrong, they are the best stewards of the land in this country, I only eat Amish chicken and you can tell the difference , they have wonderful food and I fear for them, the last thing Mosnanto wants is Amish food out there. I see a real catastrophe coming our way, I don’t see anyone there to stop it.

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