Transhumanists Vow to Destroy our Spirit and Nature

Futurists call merger of humans with androids Evolution


Humanity has come to a halt, we are all doomed unless we adopt a new way of living and a new way of being. The world is rapidly racing towards a black hole where nothing is known, and where everything we as humans have achieved may be lost, unless we do what they want. For them, civilization is like an uncaptained ship that is now sailing in rough seas without any control whatsoever. The time humanity has to make the right turn is shorter and shorter. Humanity, they say, has brought itself to a dead-end that will lead us all to a new dark age.

Does this seem like a perfect plot for a doomsday movie or what? Well, it’s not. This is the vision held by the people who believe that humanity, despite all of its achievements, is like a giant mammoth that has slowed itself down because of its incapacity to see further than its nose. This humanity that traveled into space and is ready to reach for the stars is destined to suffer much affliction and degradation, they say. According to their plans, which we all need to follow to come out of the black hole we are in now, it is necessary to create a whole new kind of man. This new kind of human will also need new paradigms, says their propaganda. It will require the deepest social transformation, and they want to recruit the supposed world leaders to ‘encourage’ everyone to accept this new social contract.

How will they achieve this dream? By implementing a carefully calculated technological revolution, an experiment where we humans are the lab rats they will use to test their so-called advancements. They want to become the ship’s captain. “To focus of the technologies of the future… nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, cognitive technology, genetics and robotics.” It is through the use of these branches of science and their applications that they intend to impose, not to offer as an alternative, the complete modification of the environment were all live in and the way a human looks and feels. Yes, it has already begun.

The official launch of the Global Future 2045 movement seems to have been founded in 2011, and it held its first global meeting in March of 2012, when they revealed their vision and plans for the next 30 years. It is interesting to see how they connect the need to abandon all current understanding about everything because of the growing awakening humanity is in, which seeks to challenge a centuries old system of government which has always worked for the social engineers and never for the governed. It is now that humans opened their eyes to what has been going on for hundreds of years that the globalists behind the GF 2045 movement come to us all with a conciliatory manner. This is no doubt an attempt to calm down the roaring lion that has awakened after a long period if hibernation. Now that humanity seems to be getting off their knees, the controllers want to offer us a new way of being slaves to a new global system.

The implementation of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, cognitive technology, genetics and robotics will no doubt help humanity progress into the future, the question is, in what forms? and, will it be for the best? The idea that world leaders have been already recruited to carry out the transhumanist agenda to their fellow citizens is a worrying start. When have world leaders actually worked for the betterment of their constituents? For those who shelter their hopes in the men of science, let me remind you that men of science have always worked with world leaders to carry out some of the most outrageous abuses against humankind. So neither our world leaders nor our men of science have the integrity to carry out their work, but according to the transhumanists, it is great that both groups are in a position of power when it comes to bringing about what they say is limitless human evolution.

The creation of new materials, starting at the nano scale, improvements in transportation, studying the power of the human brain, creating and using artificial intelligence, and other great promises made by the transhumnists are nothing new for the people who are mildly informed about the what happens in the real world. Perhaps the pinnacle of the transhumanists is their desire to be immortal, and then to achieve perfection, and that what the ultimate goal of their propaganda seems to suggest. The endgame for them is to be able to transplant a human brain into an android which will give it optimum conditions to operate. Later, this will permit the half humans to transfer their consciousness into a hard drive, which according to the GF 2045 will allow for new and never before seen cognitive experiences and feelings.

Before continuing, let’s be clear about something that is very important. Humanity has not been able to take off into the stars because there are a handful of social engineers, many of whom probably are behind the GF 2045 movement, who have posed limits to what humans can do, by keeping new technologies from seeing the light of day and hoarding the benefits of such technologies for themselves. Are we supposed to believe that those social engineers are now ready to share their wealth of knowledge with the rest of humanity so that we can all experience the reality of what technology can actually provide us? You be the judge.

The transhumanists led by people like Ray Kurzweil want people to become more manageable, to function in a realm where they can all be completely controlled, where we will be intellectual property. This is a point that those who send hate mail calling the refusal to accept transhumanism an attempt to keep us all in the dark ages or obscurantism. In their pursue of immortality, transhumanists want humans to transfer their existence into a metallic box that will be their home for the rest of their existence. That is the vision of living they have for the future. They believe that by transferring their consciousness to a machine — if that is even possible in the time frame they envision it — will help them defeat the the tyranny of nature and the imperfection and affliction of their human spirit. It doesn’t matter how outrageous this sounds, or if you don’t believe it or find it too far fetched; the transhumanists believe it is possible and they want us all to be part of this system for the same reason that the social engineers have always cited when trying to impose a new paradigm: the collective welfare.

The implications of letting transhumanists manage the ship of humanity are greater than we could ever imagine. They talk about a new civilization paradigm which includes vast changes in philosophy, ideological affiliation, new ethics, new culture and a new psychology. The consequence of such drastic changes will be the emergence of a new reality and a new man that will arise to conquer the solar system and the infinite space. But for those of us who do not jump on the bandwagon, this new system doesn’t have any democratic alternative, to use a well know term. “It is not a matter of whether it will happen, because it will happen, and those who do not accept it will be left behind and will ultimately die off,” says Peter Diamandis, CEO of the X Prize Foundation on the film The Transcendent Man. “As we merge with machines, and I think that is inevitable that we will, we will transform into something new.” This is a key point, because that new thing we will all be transformed into will not be human anymore. It will be a brain inside a case to which programs and commands will be fed to carry out what its intellectual owners want it to do.

What transhumanists don’t seem to understand, or at least do not want to recognize publicly, is that being human is not only about thinking or reasoning; that is only one part of it. That is why putting our brains in metal cases where their are directed by software cannot be called evolution. The androids that will carry those human brains will not be able to think for themselves or have free will, which is indeed the things that make us all humans.

In their video 2045: A New Era of Humanity, the transhumanists label humans as lazy, conformist and incapable of affecting change. “Humanity does not have a master plan of its development. It seeks stability, it lives in the present and does not plan. It preserves the status quo and  tries to escape development. It does not tend to map the future centuries and take responsibility for evolution.” In a consumerist society culture there is no room for any of that. Fortunately, humanity is not completely doomed, because the Russia GF 2045 movement has taken the lead when it comes to engineering tomorrow’s reality. “We intend to create a new vector for civilization,” they brag while calling for a new everlasting spiritual paradigm which they believe will save us from any future state of conflict.

Next, they make use of a well-known tactic of the social engineers, which is to make people feel included and to tell them how their contribution will shape the destiny of humankind. This same technique is used by the fake environmental movement and the United Nations that created social and political fora in order to attract people who are usually lost in the limbo of disinformation and propaganda sustained by the corporate media and the entertainment industry. Under this new paradigm, the transhumanists say, “we’ll get away from the murder of nature and physical death.”

Now, in 2012, they’ve begun establishing themselves as the only possible solution to all problems faced by humankind. From 2012 – 2013, they predict, the global unrest caused by the current financial meltdown will increase the public debate about the future of human development. Actually, many of us had already predicted that outcome. So nothing new here. What is new is how they intend to use the search for a solution to present themselves as the differential that will transform it all for the best. They predict that new transhumanist movements and parties will emerge out of the chaos, and that those movements will help carry out the post-human agenda around the world. The way to maintain all those transhumanists together is by way of the platform, which they advertise as the instrument to present ideas and innovative initiatives. There, people can vote and provide input on the best model of what they call an avatar, which in essence is the hybrid form of the first non human being.

The GF 2045 platform is supposed to be an outlet where scientists, academics, financiers and managers can get together with humans whose ideas may be used in the transformation of our natural world into a synthetic one, where nano robots will be in charge of keeping everything working to perfection.

The years of 2013 to 2014 will see the rise of the human spare parts industry, where science will finally figure out a way to use advanced robotic parts to fit into human bodies whenever they need to replace a leg, an arm, fingers or feet. Have you seen this scenario in Fringe; the propaganda show which presents one of the main characters, Nina Sharp, using a robotic arm and hand? It looks very convenient. “The race to immortality starts,” says their video. By 2014, the envision the creation of robotic human copies, a new kind of hybrid human. This new class will turn into servants. They also talk about flying cars, brain implants to help humans control machines with their own minds.

A big jump, say transhumanists, will occur by 2025, when artificial intelligence will support brain activity. Human brains will then be transplanted to the bodies of hybrids, which will provide a whole new set of sense driven experiences. By 2030, transhumanists intend to have completed the reverse engineering of the human brain, although to many that outcome is closer from happening. This will help transhumanists understand the meaning of “consciousness” and to apply in later phases of their plan. By 2035, those who seek immortality plan to have nano robots that can take any form they want. These nano robots will also exist in forms like holograms.

The years of 2040-2045 will bring the beginning of the end for the authentic human race, which by 2050 will have been submitted to a new social structure where science and technology will control all aspects of life.  In the spiritual side of things, the new age religion will have substituted all other religions in what the United Nations has dubbed the end of war and the start of “spiritual self-improvement”. In their own words, 2050 will bring drastic changes in our social structure. “A new era dawns, the era of neo humanity”

According to Alan Watt, this concept of neo-humanity is nothing more than neo-eugenics and a part of the war against humanity. As explained on one of his numerous interviews “culture is created from the top down and used by the elite to manipulate and pervert natural human instincts towards their own ends. Every change in culture, right down to fashion and music, had to be authorized and promoted from the top. This science of mass mind control is still taught today by the insiders and mediums such as television are used as weapons of social control to prevent humanity from ever realizing its full potential.”

Watt has for a long time studied how the technocrats planned what they wanted to do with humanity for periods of hundreds of years at the time, and how they would implement such agendas. According to Watt, each and every cultural change was carefully put in place and imposed through a very effective cultural bombardment before the arrival of every cycle of planetary eugenics. Well, the people who are at the head of those plans are also behind the transhumanism movement. If you are a supporter of transhumanism and do not believe your leaders could be capable of taking advantage of yourself again, look back at history and you’ll realize that this is not only true, but that the description herein falls short to what their plans actually intend to achieve.

Examples of what you’ll find is evidence of how sperm counts have dropped up to 80 per cent over the past 50 years, and not by chance. Perhaps that won’t be bad enough for some people, so maybe they’ll be interested to know how Bisphenol A in plastics and cosmetic products contribute to the intoxication of our bodies. The transhumanist agenda is just part of the master plan which has been public for decades and centuries in globalist papers and writings created by people like Bertrand Russell and the Aldus Huxley’s Brave New World. Those were not fiction books, but blueprints for the future of humanity.

We are far from the days when the elite wanted that every human behaved as a slave or a servant and into an overdrive mode where they will simply control each and everyone who willingly accepts their trendiest solution to adopt a mechanical body for the sake of immortality. The heads of the transhumanist movement understand very well that in order for their bosses to achieve their ultimate goal of total control, they’ll need voluntaries, not violent opposition to their plans, and the best way to recruit millions of volunteers is by offering what every human being dreams about: a free and easy path to illumination. They will not get to that state of course. Instead, every human that enters that new era of neo-humanity will simply become a servant who will accept his or her slavery as the natural form of existence.

We can’t take them seriously because of the insanity of their suggestion — to impose transhumanism on everyone — but we can’t dismiss them either because they are dead serious about it.

2045: El fin de la Humanidad y el surgimiento de los Neohumanos


En los últimos dos meses, The Real Agenda ha informado a los lectores acerca del programa impulsado por transhumanistas para poner fin a la raza humana tal como la conocemos, y para introducir la era neo humana. Esta nueva era, ya ha comenzado con la re-ingeniería forzada de nuestro planeta y nosotros los seres humanos. Como se informó en marzo, los Chemtrails son no sólo para cambiar el entorno en que vivimos, sino para cambiarnos a los humanos desde adentro. La geo-ingeniería comenzó en la década de 1960 con experimentos para cambiar el tiempo y el clima mediante la inyección de partículas de metales pesados y otros compuestos en el aire, bajo la excusa de que la actividad humana estaba haciendo que el planeta fuera un ente inútil y que el final de la civilización estaba acercándose rápidamente.

Pero, como hemos descubierto, la re-ingeniería planetaria va más allá de controlar el clima. La gente detrás de la geo-ingeniería quieren también destruir la raza humana. En un evento patrocinado por el conocido transhumanista Ray Kurzweil y las Naciones Unidas, la nueva visión del mundo transhumanista fue presentado en el Congreso Internacional Global Future 2045, en Moscú, Rusia. El evento se ocupó de revelar cómo la nanotecnología, la biotecnología, la transbiología y otras ciencias están siendo utilizadas para llevar a cabo la supuesta evolución humana a la era trascendente. Esta época se impondrá sobre la humanidad por los continuos avances en la tecnología que los participantes del evento pidieron que todos los humanos adopten en sus vidas.

El objetivo principal del congreso internacional fue la creación de un documento que será luego enviado a las Naciones Unidas para su revisión y aprobación, convirtiendo la transición hacia una sociedad transhumanista en un objetivo global con el apoyo de la ONU. El video oficial del evento, engañosamente llama el transhumanismo como un cambio de la “era de la humanidad”, a pesar de que los que vivan bajo el modelo propuesto de la sociedad tendrán poco material humano en ellos. La gente detrás de la agenda transhumanista desea combinar físicamente el hombre con la máquina para crear una nueva raza de humanos borgs que sean fácilmente controlables. Las conversaciones describieron cómo va a ser posible establecer la inteligencia artificial que estará a cargo del cuerpo humano, y en etapas posteriores, cómo nuestra mente se descargará en un ordenador controlado por el mismo sistema de IA global.

Vea el vídeo a continuación:

La agenda de los transhumanistas ya ha sido expuesta por The Real Agenda, así como investigadores como Sofia Smallstorm, organizaciones como el Instituto Carnicom y documentales como Trance-formation. Como todos hemos explicado, los transhumanistas tienen la intención de reemplazar todas las leyes naturales con su propio conjunto de reglas que harían más fácil el control de todo. Aunque el transhumanismo se pasea como la tendencia que moldeará el futuro de la humanidad, en realidad no es más que una agenda para destruir a la humanidad y la naturaleza humana. Los patrocinadores de la agenda transhumanista llaman su visión del futuro como un “movimiento estratégico social”, que pretende “evolucionar” la humanidad, pero lo que realmente busca es esclavizar a los seres humanos de una manera que sea irreversible.

Los transhumanistas tienen su proyecto en marcha con objetivos específicos que deben alcanzarse en las próximas tres décadas. Para el año 2014, ellos imaginan la creación de copias robóticas humanas, un nuevo tipo de híbrido humano. Esta nueva clase se convertirán en los peones. También se habla de autos voladores, los implantes cerebrales para ayudar a los humanos a controlar máquinas con sus propias mentes. Un gran salto, dicen los transhumanistas se producirá en el año 2025, cuando la inteligencia artificial apoyará la actividad cerebral. Los cerebros humanos a continuación, se trasplantan a los cuerpos de los híbridos de humanos, lo cual proporcionará un nuevo conjunto de experiencias sensoriales motrices. En 2030, los transhumanistas tienen la intención de revertir completamente el diseño del cerebro humano, aunque muchos creen que esa reversión está más cerca. Esto ayudará a los transhumanistas a entender el significado de “conciencia” y así aplicarlo en fases posteriores de su plan. Para 2035, los que buscan la inmortalidad planean usar nano-robots que puedan tomar cualquier forma que quieran, que, como Ray Kurzweil, dijo, serán encargados de mantener el medio ambiente. Estos nano-robots también existirían en formas holográficas.

Entre 2040 y 2045 comenzará el final de la raza humana, que para el año 2050 ya habría sido sometida a una nueva estructura social donde la ciencia y la tecnología controlan todos los aspectos de la vida. En el lado espiritual de las cosas, la religión de la Nueva Era (new age religion), dicen los transhumanistas, subsitutirá todas las otras religiones en lo que las Naciones Unidas ha denominado el final de la guerra y el inicio de la “superación espiritual”.

“En el fondo, el transhumanismo está en una búsqueda esotérica de la divinidad en ciertos círculos de la élite conectada a la masonería, el ocultismo y la ciencia / tecnología en la que supuestamente la evolución, los seres ’éticos’ superiores reemplazan a los humanos. Esta filosofía se retrata en la película Prometeo que se presenta ahora en las salas de cinema,” dice el Aaron Dykes escritor de Vea el trailer de Prometeo a continuación:

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