Toxins from GM crops showing up in human blood

Anna Knapp
June 7, 2011

GM (genetically modified) crops have been thrust into our food supply without much thought for the consequences. Major corporations like Monsanto have modified crops so that they can grow faster and are more resistant to pests. Not only that, pesticides are sprayed onto the food in amazingly large quantities. The pests are developing resistance to these pesticides (which are already strong) and so Monsanto has been forced to spray stronger chemicals, at the potency of Agent Orange.
As appalling as that is, a new study was just released that cast more doubts on the safety of genetically modified crops. The research found that the Bt toxin found in genetically modified foods makes crops toxic to pests, while also claiming that the toxin posed no threat to the environment or human health. The argument for the safety of GM foods has focused on the idea that the protein breaks down in the human gut.
According to Dr. Mercola, “Scientists…have detected the insecticidal protein…circulating in the blood of pregnant as well as non-pregnant women. They have also detected the toxin in fetal blood, implying it could pass on to the next generation.”
This ‘insecticidal protein’ has been found in human blood, thus proving that genetically modified crops are, in fact, harmful to our health.
Knowing the results of this study, now more than ever it is essential to seek out alternative sources for food. There are so many places in our community to get good quality food, and now is the time. At the Farmer’s Market, the Purple Porch Co-op, and the New Road Natural Farm CSA, you can talk directly to the farmers and find out exactly how the crops were grown. At the Monroe Park Grocery Co-op, they have good organic food at affordable prices. There are also some great health food stores, such as Down to Earth in Granger, and Garden Patch in Mishawaka, who are also committed to providing the best quality products to our community.
The scary part of all this is that through natural pollination, and the fact that Monsanto is trying to spread its genetically modified evil throughout the country, we may not be able to avoid it. That is why it is so essential to take steps now to protect our food supply. We cannot let Monsanto and others win (those who are contaminating our food supply irresponsibly). We need to fight for our right to buy food of the highest quality, and to know whether that food is genetically modified or not. Let’s demand full disclosure and labeling all food that contains genetically modified organisms.
If you would like to receive updates and ideas for how to fight the decline of our food supply, check out the Organic Consumers Organization. You can join the Millions against Monsanto campaign, find out about organic standards, and locate groups in your community that are gearing up in the fight to label our food.

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