United States: The Illusion of Choice, the Reality of Fraud

From Welfare to Warfare, the United States of America has the most deceived population in the history of humanity.


It is called the American dream because you’ve got to be asleep to believe it. Meanwhile, truth and reality are ridiculed, opposed and then accepted before they are beaten to death. The time it takes the average American to realize it’s all a dream — the big house, the corner office with glass windows, the managerial position, the six digit salary and the recognition — is the same time it takes him to wake up. The problem is, not many Americans actually wake up.

Before every single American’s eyes, the Republican Party shamelessly erased from all records the choices made by hundreds of delegates all over the country who did not support Mitt Romney for the presidential nomination. The corporate board of the party simply decided that in order to smooth out Romney’s entrance into the race for the presidency, its handlers had to change the way delegates were chosen and counted.

I would love to explain it to you, but it is easier if you watch it and understand the level of fraud, hubris and disregard for the voters that now fills the foundation and core of the Republican Party. Let’s just say that after the Republican National Convention of 2012, never again will people who support this party and any candidate that is not backed by the establishment of this corrupt organization, be able to actually elect their representative to the convention; much less their man or woman to run for the presidency.

Please watch and listen with attention and try to strap yourself in. Believe me, you will need the straps.

I told you those straps would come handy.

In case you did not understand the reporter, let me explain it in layman’s terms. The motion passed at the Republican National Convention of 2012 assures that only the establishment candidate of the Republican Party or the Republican president in office will decide who is named an official delegate to attend the National Convention and vote during that event. Forget about caucuses and primaries.

And you thought there was a choice, didn’t you? Unfortunately, choice is just one of the most fashionable illusions that the average American believes in. The motion passed and adopted by the RNC is not only bad because it stole rightfully owned delegates from Ron Paul, who won enough of them to challenge Romney at the Convention this week, but also because, regardless of who the candidate is, it is clear that the establishment politicians and media feel threatened by a kind of man that only comes around once every century or so. Perhaps less often.

Why do they feel threatened? Because despite the circus put together by both the Republican Party and the corporate media, Mr. Paul was able to get his message through to millions. But the threat grew bigger, because all those millions of people, even outside the United States, actually listened and began the largest and most important liberty movement in recent history.

Unfortunately, on the other side of the aisle, things are not well either. Obama is the other side of the illusion coin, the second face of the fake choice that the owners of the United States of America — and large portions of the rest of the planet — chose to deceive the gullible members of the uneducated, clueless population. To say that the Barack Obama phenomenon is a deception would be short of what needs to be said about him and his corporate supporters. But to be fair, let’s compare the two men who are now in the race to govern over the United States.

What do these two men support and what do they oppose?

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama support, as their voting record and public statements show, the following policies:

1. Bailouts, ‘too big to fail’ concept, stimulus packages, quantitative easing and deficit spending.
2. Sending troops to protect others borders and sending our money to foreign dictators.
3. Interventionist foreign policy from Bush era.
4. Federal restrictions on gun ownership.
5. Patriot Act.
6. Spying on American citizens without warrants.
7. Indefinite detention of American citizens without charge, trial or lawyer.
8. Assassinations of American citizens or anyone else without due process.
9. Socialized Healthcare

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama oppose, as their voting record and public statements show, the following policies:

1. Balancing the budget in less than 30 years.
2. Paying down the national debt.
3. States rights to make their own laws.
4. Sound fiscal and monetary policies.
5. A policy of non-interventionism.
6. Freedom to choose by entrepreneurs and consumers.

Although for many years Americans were seen abroad as uneducated arrogant people, that opinion has now changed. The best description of the average American abroad is now that of an uneducated, arrogant plantation slave who for a long time — even today — enjoys and rejoices with the prison he lives in. While most of the world has been devoid of opportunity and resources to succeed by the same forces that control the American way of living, American citizens have been acclimated with the benefits that a nation’s artificially strong currency has been able to provide.

The unlimited plentifulness reinforced the illusion of the American Dream and that alone blinded roughly 99% of the population. It was due to the rise of people like Ron Paul and his grassroots movement composed by genuinely concerned people that the 99% shrank to 95% or so. Members of that vociferous minority were the ones who elected enough delegates in at least 5 states where Ron Paul beat Mitt Romney by a long shot. By changing the rules on how delegates are chosen, the Republican Party has assured its establishment core that never again will a grassroots movement challenge the election of a candidate that does not accept the imposition of the Party’s official platform.

With the political landscape sorted out, one must take a look at the other illusion.

Even though the state of the economy has made it more apparent that things are not going well for the American people, it is not uncommon to read, hear and watch reports about fat bonuses being paid to corporate leaders and bureaucrats with taxpayer funds. Needless to say that the US sponsored bailouts of American and European banks have pushed the country that much closer to the deep and dark cliff of insolvency and bankruptcy. But if you ask the average American about it, he just can’t see it or feel it.

From the American lack of real education, little perspective on history and zero understanding came the illusion of prosperity. Having the world’s reserve currency, which enabled Americans to enjoy artificially low prices, permitted politicians to adopt and advance the debt-based economic and financial systems. The collapse of the American way of living did not start in 2008, 2007, or 2006, but in 1913.

That collapse was incrementally pushed through the years at a very slow pace, so ‘the frogs’ wouldn’t notice the heat of the boiling water. The supposed prosperity was a smoke screen that led to the United States’ precipitously approaching collapse. The financial bankruptcy of the US has gone from being a conspiracy theory, to becoming a mathematical certainty. The United States is drowning in debt and so is the rest of the world. But contrary to what the corporate media, main stream liberals and socialists believe, there is no way in the world to pay that debt off. No amount of raised taxes, no money printing scheme, not even if all of the  GDP money was used to attempt to pay the debt could the US eliminate its heaviest burden.

Right now, the United States is suffering from two incurable problems: National Debt and Federal Deficits. Although they are separate issues, they are indeed interconnected. The debt is created as the Federal Government is unable to keep its spending in check and limited to the production of the country. This creates a need for borrowing money from the FED or China or whoever is crazy — or smart — enough to lend the US. The national debt is the sum of all debt owed by the US Federal Government including borrowed money and the interests it has to pay on it.

The deficit on the other hand, is the difference between the budget the US has and what it actually spends in a specific year. So, for example, if in 2012 the US had a budget of $ 100 but spent $130, the deficit for 2012 would be of $30. Since the US has no way of paying the $30 difference, it puts the $30 as debt to be paid in the long-term; say 50 years. During that time, the US as whole — its citizens — will have to pay interests on that debt, while the original $30 remains unpaid. Because the original debt goes unpaid for decades, it continues to accrue interests over interests, which then become impossible to pay as well.

The problem is that the deficit is not as little as $30 and therefore the debt is not small either, so the interests have been exploding over the past century or so. Today, the US National Debt sits at $ 16,001,431,267,262.98. With an estimated population of 313,431,758 in the US, each citizen’s share of this debt is $51,052.36. Got some spare change? Don’t worry, because this is not your debt. It is the debt generated by the out-of-control Federal Government that illegally mortgaged the lives of generation after generation to pay for its limitless bribery schemes such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid; to finance wars in the Middle East and everywhere else in the world, as well as to give bailouts to American and European banks.

Although you didn’t exactly approve of the creation of this debt, you did indeed enable the crime of indebtedness if you supported either political party  and voted for any of their corporate creations such as Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., and Barack Obama. So yes, you have been an instrument to the crime; knowingly or not. Also, please realize that the debt will continue to grow as it has always have. For the period of 2007 through 2012, the US National Debt grew $3.88 billion per day. (conservative estimate).

Please see the graph below for a historical perspective on US debt since 1940 until 2011:

Click to Enlarge. US debt from 1940 to 2011. Source: CrisisHQ.com

That is what I mean when I say Americans are seen as uneducated, gullible people. The system used by the corporate-owned US government is an example of what we call today a Ponzi scheme. That is how the US Federal Government intends to run the debt up to $20 trillion by 2016 and $70 trillion in the years after that. It doesn’t matter whether Obama is re-elected or Romney takes his place. Business will continue as usual.

Although some economists would like to continue enjoying the benefits of the illusion, by continue to borrow to fund government liabilities and social programs, the truth is that the limit on how much the US can borrow is rapidly approaching its end. Why? Because in order for this Ponzi scheme to work, there have to be crazy investors who agree to bailing out the US every time it raises its debt ceiling. If the investors slow down or stop the flow of cash, Ponzi scheme collapses. That is where we are today.

The financial collapse of the US is a great segway to learning how the US government has for many years attempted to prevent this very same collapse and how it will continue to prevent it in the future. That is the  third component of the illusion.

War and conflict have always been multi-headed monsters. For one, they are responsible for destroying lands and murdering innocent people, but they also accomplish a second goal: justify the existence of the military industrial complex. However, a third goal is often overlooked. Wars and conflict are excellent tools to keep populations distracted, while financial and political crimes are committed. The current unrest in the Middle East that just so happens to coincide with the deepest financial crisis since the Great Depression is not a coincidence at all.

The people who control western governments — including the US — know this. In fact, they’ve used wars and conflict abroad to carry out radical changes at home. Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and Pinochet did it, and so has every single US president since at least 1929.

Whenever the United States runs out of lenders, or it publicly recognizes it cannot longer meet its obligations, who exactly will come to its rescue? No one. The only two choices that the US will have then are two visible ones and one card in the sleeve. The US will have to either declare itself bankrupt or exponentially hyper-inflate its currency, a policy it has been incrementally employing since 1913.

It seems very clear that the US government will not declare itself bankrupt, because it would mean that its creditors — China, the centralized banking system, Saudi Arabia and so on — will seek to claim their piece of the American pie. So, it is likely the US will continue hyper-inflating its currency, but at a faster speed. This will not be a solution, but a strategy to delay the collapse. Either way the country will collapse. The difference will be something like what is explained on CrisisHQ.com. “Economically, the first option would feel like a heart attack and the second option like terminal cancer.”

Once the hyper-inflation smokescreen no longer works, the US managers will resort to the plan they’ve been tuning up for at least half a century: open-ended war. The scenario of perpetual war as a tool of control was exploited throughout the 20th century in every single corner of the planet. From the Balkans to Nicaragua to the Middle East. The result is always the same: the confused sheeple support the candidate that shows a stronger position towards the ‘foreign threat’; that imaginary aggressor that seeks to destroy their imaginary lives.

Hitler was able to gain almost total support from the German people after fabricating the Reichstag fire. In 2001, the US government did the same. It lit up two landmarks of the American tragedy and with that opened the door to the perpetual state of war into the 21st century. That state of war gave way to the Homeland Insecurity and the growing Police State. As Saman Mohammadi puts it in his article 7 Reasons Washington’s Grand Counter-Terrorism Myths Persist In The Face of Evidence, “the doctors of reality construct mental traps and dead-ends in order to contain the conversation of contested political events and issues within the parameters of the U.S.-Israeli counter-terrorism paradigm.” The American Reichstag worked just fine.

So what to do about all this? First, understand that there is no political solution to this illusion. As shown at the beginning of this article, the establishment political parties will always find a way to rig the rules to impose their will. If government were really a solution or part of the solution, we would all be much better off than we are today. Voting for the lesser of two evils will not do anything to improve things. As long as there are public servants who do not fear the people, but who feed on them, there won’t be a solution to the problem. Second, the real solution starts with education, and then with involvement of those who saw the light and decided to walk towards it. It is necessary that the 5 percent multiplies 10 fold.

Education takes time and so does a mass awakening. Unfortunately, sometimes only a ground-shaking collapse like the one we are about to have is able to wake large masses of people up. Since the collapse seems almost inevitable, it is everyone’s duty to continue educating family members, neighbors and friends so the collapse can be prevented by exercising massive pressure over the political class. At the same time, those who are awake must prepare themselves for the collapse by becoming independent from the controllers who have been increasing the heat under all of us for the last century.

The meaning of preparing will vary depending of who you are and where you live. The common denominator for being prepared is self-reliance. Being able to determine one’s own present and future is the strongest weapon against the collapse and against the ruling class. Help your relatives and neighbors to leave the mass mind control plantation system and to become intellectually and physically independent. Help them wake up from the illusion they live in.

Exposing Lies about Ron Paul

by Bob Livingston
Personal Liberty
December 26, 2011

The Republican establishment has become apoplectic over Congressman Ron Paul’s growing strength in Iowa.

Last week, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad attempted to delegitimize his own State’s vote when he said that if Paul wins the Iowa Caucus, it won’t matter. Of course, if Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney wins, he won’t say that. In fact, according to Branstad, a second- or third-place finish by Gingrich or Romney will be more important than a Paul win.

“People are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third. If Romney comes in a strong second, it definitely helps him going into New Hampshire and other states,” Branstad reportedly said. What Branstad did not say was that he’s been offered a potential Vice President spot on a Romney ticket.

Branstad and his elite bedfellows are trying to draw you into an alternate universe. Never mind that two out of the past three winners of the Iowa Caucus have gone on to win the Republican nomination, a Paul win will mean the Iowa vote is irrelevant.

According to a new Iowa State University/Gazette/KCRG poll of likely Republican caucus-goers, Paul has moved into first place – the fifth candidate to hold that spot since the mid-August Iowa GOP Straw Poll. This is the second recent poll showing a Paul lead.

In the ISU poll, Paul is the first choice for 27.5 percent of the registered Republicans and registered independents contacted. That’s up from 20.4 percent in November. Gingrich is the second choice with 25.3 percent, and Romney was third at 17.5 percent.

For months, the Republican elites and corporate media have treated Paul like that cranky old uncle that continues to show up at family gatherings. They’ve tried ignoring him and they’ve tried dismissing him. They’ve been running a continuous communication loop that says, “Ron Paul can’t win.” Yet, here he is, on the cusp of an Iowa victory and showing remarkable strength in New Hampshire.

A common refrain from Republicans is: “I like most of what Ron Paul says, but I can’t vote for him because of his ‘isolationist’ foreign policy.” When they say that, what are they saying?

After all, many Republicans say they can easily vote for Gingrich even though they don’t agree on some of his positions: i.e. infidelity, national database of gun owners, support for the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that permits the indefinite detention of Americans upon the President’s order, support of cap-and-trade, support of individual mandates to purchase healthcare, support of TARP and bailouts, etc. And many Republicans say they can vote for Romney, the author – essentially — of Obamacare (through his Romneycare), who has flipped and flopped on core Republican issues like a fish in the bottom of a boat. And they say they can vote for Michele Bachmann, who voted for the USA Patriot Act and the NDAA.

They are saying, simply, that they have been so terrorized by their government and the mainstream media they are willing to surrender all their freedom and wealth to the military industrial complex and big government so people in a foreign land can be bombed into submission and subjugation. Years of government propaganda and years of war have cemented in their minds the need for perpetual war.

For my conservative friends who don’t like Paul because of his noninterventionist — because that’s what his policy is, and he describes what that means here — foreign policy, consider how long we have been at war in the Mideast.

America and the CIA have been meddling in the affairs of Middle Eastern countries for decades. Read The Secret History of The American Empire, by John Perkins. In 1990, after an American ambassador hinted to Saddam Hussein that the United States would not stand in his way were he to take over territory that was in dispute between Iraq and Kuwait, President George H.W. Bush and the United Nations formed a coalition to bloody his nose. We have been in a shooting war in the region ever since.

After 21 years of war in the region, are things any better? Apparently not, because the war has expanded from Iraq into Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya, and it is about to expand into Syria and Iran. And American troops are in Central Africa in an “advisory” role. Yet Americans thirst for more war and the top Republican candidates, according to the elites, are advocating more.

“But,” Republicans say, “Iran is about to get The Bomb. We can’t let Iran get The Bomb!” And how do we know that Iran is about to get The Bomb? From those same people who told us — inaccurately, it turns out — that Iraq was about to acquire nuclear weapons.

Iran, which is OPEC’s second largest oil producer, can’t even refine enough gasoline for its own people. It has no reliable missile system. And we are to believe it’s technologically capable of producing a nuclear weapon?

“But what about Israel?” Republicans then ask. Israel has a couple hundred, at least, nuclear weapons sitting at the ready and is perfectly capable of defending herself.

Consider that there is much more at work here than meets the eye. To understand what is really going on, you must peel back the layers of conventional wisdom, like peeling an onion. There are nefarious maneuverings of nongovernment organizations (NGOs) at work. Few are able to escape their normalcy bias to see this.

The plan for the takeover of the vast oil reserves and riches of the region have been in the works for a long time. NGOs have worked behind the scenes and in secret to shape the policy. But the Brookings Institute became so confident the policy had reached the point of no return that it released its blueprint in 2009.

This is why Presidential candidates are vetted by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg group before receiving approval to run. They must sign on to the New World Order to receive the proper backing and financial support. And it’s why the knives will be out in full force in the coming weeks to destroy Paul and his candidacy. (Previously debunked claims of racism surfaced again last week.)

Another question to ask yourself: If a potentially nuclear-armed Iran is such a danger to us, what about an actually nuclear-armed North Korea? Why are we the elites not cowering in fear that North Korea could launch a missile at any second? After all, North Korea actually has a missile that can reach our friends and fellow democracies in South Korea and Japan — and can probably reach portions of the U.S. West Coast.

What about a nuclear-armed Pakistan, which likes us less and less with each drone strike and violation of their territorial integrity?

What about Russia and China, who will be very offended if the United States leads an assault on Iran and Syria? Russia has already stationed warships near Syria, and China is unhappy with President Barack Obama’s military buildup in Australia and is responding by beefing up its military in the Indian Ocean. And you think this militarism is making the United States safer?

Finally, my conservative friends, one last question for you to consider: If Paul’s foreign policy is “crazy,” as many of you say, why have members of the military given more to his campaign than to anyone else’s? Could it be they have seen the dark core that lies beneath?

And before the “Ron Paul can’t beat Obama. We must elect someone who can defeat Obama,” chorus chimes in, a new CNN/ORC International Poll shows Paul faring the same against Obama in a head-to-head matchup as the “more electable” Romney. Gingrich fares far worse.

Main Stream Media Machine on the attack against Ron Paul

by Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
December 22, 2011

Ron Paul´s successful campaign and its meteoric rise to first place in Iowa has prompted the establishment and its electronic arm, the main stream corporate media, to launch a well scripted attack on the Texas Congressman. CNN, USAToday, Daily Caller, FOXNews, and many more outlets have published articles and reports with various degrees of disinformation that intend to portray the leading Republican candidate as anything from a crazy man to a Nazi sympathizer.

CNN reporters have made it their job to repeatedly ask Ron Paul about twenty-something year-old newsletters, whose content Paul has said time after time he totally opposes and regards as extreme. Paul has been asked about those newsletter at least once a day for the past week, but CNN reporters continue dwelling on the apparent relevance of such newsletters instead of asking Paul and the rest of the Republican candidates about their plans should they be elected presidents.

¨Media arms of both, the democrat and republican parties, for their part, have been complicit thus far in orchestrating the build-up and then collapse of campaigns that have included Presidential hopefuls like Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and most recently, Newt Gingrich,¨ points out Mac Slavo at SHTFplan.com. As Ron Paul reaches almost 30 percent in some polls (Wednesday night) there is little doubt that Mr. Paul is at the very least a strong candidate to win Iowa and build an even stronger wave right before New Hampshire arrives on January 10. During an one on one interview with Gloria Borger from CNN, Paul responded once again to the questions related to racist views expressed in newsletter published 22 years ago. Paul answered Borger´s questions as he did the day before on CNN, but she continues to ask the same questions over and over again, and then implied Paul had earned 1 million dollars as a result of lending his name to the infamous newsletters. She did not present any proof of her unfounded accusations. See the exchange below:

Meanwhile, USAToday published an article saying that Ron Paul is still not the leading candidate in Iowa, despite the fact at least two recent polls place him first in that state with a 3 and 5 point advantage over Mitt Romney and New Gingrich. Reporter Jackie Kucinich wrongly argues that regardless of his money raising power and well organized movement, Ron Paul hasn´t been able to get to the top in Iowa. Ms. Kucinich perpetrates the lie that Ron Paul cannot win, much less be elected president of the United States. She forgets that while Romney and Gingrich have been in free fall in the last 4 weeks, Paul has risen from 14 percent on average, to almost 24 percent in the state of Iowa.

Ms. Kucinich implies that Ron Paul is weak among main stream Republicans because of his consistent foreign policy and economic sanity views and that this makes him a less strong candidate to beat Barack Obama in a general election. She forgets that since the campaign began, Paul has been the candidate that polls best in the Republican field when faced with the current president of the United States. In a recent NBC/Marist poll, Mr. Paul beats Obama 42 percent to 35 percent among independent voters. According to the poll, 42 percent of registered voters in Iowa support Obama, while 43 percent support Paul. “There are a lot of parallels between Paul’s strength in Iowa and Barack  Obama’s in 2008 — he’s doing well with new voters, young voters, and  non-Republican voters,” said PPP in an explanation of its poll’s findings. Ron Paul is the most popular candidate among non-white polled voters. Mr. Paul is polling second in New Hampshire and third in Nevada.

After the last Republican debate in Iowa, Fox News´ neocon host Sean Hannity questioned poll about the newsletters as well, even though Paul had responded to questions on the subject on various Fox News shows and other news media already that week. Sean Hannity as well as Gloria Borger questioned Paul about his recent campaign ads, which they called ¨tough¨. Paul´s campaign has aired television ads in Iowa and other states exposing Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachman´s flip-flopping during the campaign and throughout their career as politicians. In one of the ads, Paul´s campaign reveals Newt Gingrich´s history of hypocrisy as it has been reported by the media for the past 20 years. He also attacked Romney, Cain and Bachman as being more of the same or status quo candidates.

Main stream media and other alternative neocon outlets criticize Paul for appearing in radio and television shows warning about the impending Martial Law state the US government wants to turn the country into. Paul has cited the passage of legislation such as John Warner Defense Authorization, PDD51 and the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act as strong signs that the United States government is seeking to impose Martial Law in America. Mr. Paul´s warnings are supported not only by the contents of recently adopted laws but also by a leaked government document which clearly states how will a Martial Law state be managed once it is implanted. The document titled ¨STATEMENT OF WORK FOR FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY NATIONAL CONTINUITY PROGRAMS (NCP) PROGRAM AND MISSION SUPPORT SERVICES (PAMSS)¨. The leaked document describes how FEMA contractors will assist the National Continuity of Government (NCP) during a state of Martial Law in America. It details operational policies regarding Administrative Support,  Test, Training and Exercise Programs, Software, Systems, and Telecommunications Engineering and Support, First Responder Partnership Initiative,  Audit Support, Financial and Internal Controls, Property Management Support, OMB 300 Support, Acquisition Support, Outreach Support, Professional Support/Subject Matter Expertise, among others.

Separately, declassified FEMA Continuity of Government Plans detail how the government is preparing for a total takeover of society, by dispatching the military inside the United States as it was done during hurricane Katrina, where soldiers invaded private property, confiscated guns and looted the homes of well to do Americans who had prepared for the hurricane beforehand.  Katrina was the training ground for the coming militarization of the United States as the final economic collapse looms on the horizon.

So why is Ron Paul being attacked with bogus claims, unfounded statements and ridiculed due to his warnings against the coming economic collapse and Martial Law preparations? Because the dying dinosaur media does not have anything on him. He has no skeletons in his closet and he has not flip-flop about anything during his long career as a public servant. His life and politics have been based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights which turns him into the only qualified candidate to run for president in 2012.

The media and the establishment are shaking!

Ron Paul Most Likely to Beat Obama in General Election

Paul leads Obama 42 percent to 35 percent among independent voters.

Daily Caller
December 14, 2011

With less than a month before the Iowa caucus, GOP presidential candidate and  former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has surged into the lead, but  Texas Rep. Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who could best President  Obama, a new Iowa poll says.

According to the latest NBC/Marist poll, Gingrich is the first choice among  26 percent of Republican caucus-goers, followed by former Massachusetts Gov.  Mitt Romney with 18 percent and Paul with 17 percent.

The poll represents a dramatic shift in the race. In October, Romney led the  field in Iowa with 26 percent, while Gingrich only received a paltry 5 percent  of the vote.

With Herman Cain’s announcement on Saturday that he would suspend his  campaign, the NBC/Marist poll predicted that Gingrich’s support will increase to  to 28 percent, while Romney and Paul tie at 19 percent.

“As the roller coaster picks up speed in the month leading up to the Iowa  caucus, Newt Gingrich has moved into the lead car,” said Dr. Lee M.  Miringoff, director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, in  a statement. “Hold on tight for any further twists and turns.”

However, the poll also says Paul is the candidate best suited to face Obama  in an election.

Against Paul, 42 percent of registered voters in Iowa support Obama and the same number — 43 percent — support Paul. Paul’s popularity among independents could be a  crucial advantage. Paul leads Obama 42 percent to 35 percent among independent  voters, according to the poll, and he also attracts 15% of Iowa’s Democrats. Not  to mention that 16 percent of voters were undecided.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul has  surged to second place in a new Iowa poll of likely Republican caucus goers,  just one percent behind former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the current  front-runner.

Paul has consistently placed in the top tier of Republican presidential  candidates in recent Iowa polls. With Iowans heading to vote in only three  weeks, Gingrich holds a razor-thin 22–21 lead.

The poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, found weakening support for  Gingrich among self-identified tea partiers, and a dramatic rise in Paul’s  favorability rating.

“There are a lot of parallels between Paul’s strength in Iowa and Barack  Obama’s in 2008 — he’s doing well with new voters, young voters, and  non-Republican voters,” said PPP in an explanation of its poll’s findings.

Paul has taken aim at Gingrich with an ad alleging “serial hypocrisy” for  changing his positions on a variety of issues, including health care and global  warming. The  ad also targeted him for accepting millions from Freddie Mac, and  for calling a budget proposal from Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan “right-wing social  engineering.”

Gingrich’s favorability rating has declined 19 points among Iowans since  last week.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney placed third in the poll, at 16  percent. He was followed by Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann at 11 percent, Texas  Gov. Rick Perry at 9 percent, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum at 8  percent and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman at 5 percent.

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