Zero Hora Newspaper Lies to Readers about Chem-trails

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
June 23, 2010

Chem-trails do not decorate or adorn the sky. They are part of an experiment used globally called Geo-engineering that seeks to limit the

Chem-trails are lines of toxic Aluminum Oxide, Barium and Sulfur left on the sky by airplanes with the intent of reflecting solar radiation.

amount of sunlight the planet receives in order to reduce the nonexistent global warming. As The Real Agenda already reported, chemical trails or chem-trails, as they are called in English, are composed of crystals of aluminum oxide, barium and sulfur, used to -according to some scientists-, block and reflect sunlight in order to decrease the temperature of the planet. The problem with these trails is that, inevitably, they become part of the air people breathe, causing them severe breathing problems and other health complications.

Geo-engineering, or the artificial manipulation of weather and climate patterns, is a topic that has stirred controversy after it was discovered that government agencies have studied and are still studying the application of weather modification techniques, they say, to eliminate or limit global warming and other weather “diseases”. As with other artificially engineered products, such as GM foods, most of us were ignorant about it and took a huge effort from the alternative media to uncover and expose this program. See the video of chemical trails over the city of Sao Leopoldo, RS, Brazil and planes spreading them here.

The use of chemical trails is not only a question of climate change, but involves a set of environmental changes. The first direct consequences of the spraying of chemicals have been a multitude of health complications to the population, as the effects of neurological and behavioral changes, impaired blood circulation, heart problems, effects on the eyes and vision, reproductive failure, damage to the immune system, gastrointestinal, liver and kidney function damage, hearing defects, disorders of the metabolism, dermatological lesions, asphyxiation and pulmonary embolism. How do we know? Tests conducted on people suffering from any or several of these complications have high levels of one or more of the chemicals sprayed on population centers. In other tests, air samples also showed high concentrations of barium and aluminum.

But if these tracks are not toxic chemicals, as the Zero Hora Newspaper says, why is Monsanto, a chemical company itself, creating seeds that can withstand the chemicals used in the spraying? According to Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, the chemicals applied to populated and depopulated areas are harming not only the environment but also human health.

“… We also know that certain types of chemicals can damage human health and animals, especially the immune system … … the dangers of hormonal changes are now more fully explained in the Internet but are not well known by people who listen to traditional news media.(1) Most of these highly toxic chemicals are invisible and thus are easily out of our collective radar. With the level of stress created by the financial crisis deliberately orchestrated by the elites, where millions of people lost their jobs and homes, a deteriorating environment is not a priority for anyone, especially if there is little information about it. This scenario is part of a broader perspective and is what Naomi Klein writes in his book “The Shock Doctrine.” We have major crises, one after another, making it difficult to keep up with our daily routine, much less to have time to consider the toxicological implications of huge amounts of heavy metals and chemicals that poison our food chain and therefore our supposed health . ”We’re on top of a food chain in ruins. ”

Read the complete evaluation from Dr. Perlingieri on Geo-engineering and climate change here.

Chem-trails over Sao Leopoldo, Brazil on June 4th, 2010

In spite of negative consequences, there are scientists who insist on the use of chemical trails.”I suggest that both the aluminum oxide as well as silica particles can be used diluted as an additive in the fuel used in aviation,” writes engineer John Gorman, who conducted experiments to test the feasibility of such a scenario. ”We want to burn fuel containing the additive specifically when the aircraft is strolling in the lower stratosphere,” he adds. Reports of chemical trails over hundreds of cities in countries around the world are now common. Plumes of smoke paint the blue skies of gray after commercial and private planes release chemicals. Both government agencies and institutions such as the air force and private contractors are responsible for operating the aircraft, putting the chemicals in tanks or even in the fuel that airplanes use.

With all the negative effects that chem-trails have had on populations, many scientists have made pronouncements about the dangers that this type of Geo-engineering poses to the environment and people. Dan Schrag, from Harvard University, warned that any attempt to change the environment, including the ecosystem itself, could have disastrous consequences, including droughts and other natural disasters. ”I think we should consider the climate engineering only as an emergency response to a climate crisis, but there is no evidence to show that a climate crisis exists,” said Schrag. Alan Robock, a professor at Rutgers University, says the consequences could go much further than drought. These experiences, he says, “could create disasters”, damaging the ozone layer and potentially changing the stratosphere, eliminating weather patterns, such as the rainy season from which billions of people depend on for their crops and to feed their families. “The problem is that this is exactly what the use of chemical trails are supposed to do: change weather patterns. The use of chemicals to block the sun’s rays will lead to drastic changes in the biosphere and atmosphere, such as the hydrological cycle, wind patterns and how the sun drives the winds around the planet. Other consequences such as soil fertility and water availability are beginning to be emerge.

Do not let the lies of the Zero Hora newspaper confuse you. Geo-engineering and chemical trails are not the same as condensation trails or contrails. While the contrails disappear after a few minutes in the sky, chem-trails are left by airplanes crossing the sky several times, producing figures like chessboards, circles and semi-circles.

If humans are responsible for global warming, why block the sun? The truth is that the sun is the most gigantic hot body in the solar system and as such, the element that determines the climate. Different calculations estimate that human activity emits only between 4 and 6 percent of total CO2 in the atmosphere, thus having little influence on weather patterns. Volcanic eruptions and the sun, for example, have a greater effect on climate than any human activity. CO2 is really what most of the biosphere uses as food. An environment rich with CO2, provides more fuel for the plants and trees and more food for animals and humans. Another consequence of chemical trails is acid rain. Raindrops containing chemicals cause massive acidification of lakes and rivers, contributing to the poisoning of humans, trees at higher elevations and many sensitive forest soils.

But not only those who reject the theory of anthropogenic global warming are skeptical about the use of chemical trails. The chief scientist of Greenpeace UK, Doug Parr, a defender of the explanation of anthropogenic global warming, disqualifies Geo-engineering as “strange” and “dangerous.” A report from KSLA earlier this year found that chemical experiments with aerosols have been happening for decades. The report revealed experiments exposed in 1977 in hearings before the U.S. Senate. The report showed experiments with biochemical compounds in humans and reported that “239 populated areas were contaminated with biological agents between 1949 and 1969.

According to the article on Zero Hora, -which omits the name of the reporter- these tracks mean nothing more than random condensation of

This is what a chem-trail looks like 30 minutes after it was sprayed. It then spreads and covers the sky in what seems to be haze.

contrails, but the evidence shows exactly the opposite. The newspaper reporters are ignorant or simply lie to their readers deliberately.

If the ultimate goal of Geo-engineering is to reduce the effects of global warming due to human activity and their related emissions of greenhouse gases, you would think that this method would at least have a good chance of working, Would not you? Well, it happens that Geo-engineering has no effect in preventing what corrupt scientists say causes global warming in the atmosphere. Therefore, the use of chemical trails is at best an inefficient solution and, at worst, a mass poisoning of humanity.

Scientist David Suzuki says Geo-engineering is “madness” and goes further to say: “If we learned anything from the past, is that although we are very skillful in inventing new and powerful technologies, our knowledge of how our world works and how things are interconnected is almost zero. ”

But there is a more worrisome aspect about Geo-engineering We all know what governments are capable of doing when they want to manipulate people: inexplicable wars, false pandemics, non-existent terrorist events … Although the use of chemicals as weapons of war is generally seen as morally and universally banned, we have seen very convincing evidence that such a prohibition is not always respected. According to an article published in Wired Magazine, other forms of Geo-engineering such as ocean fertilization can be used to sterilize the oceans, that in turn would destroy fisheries and water ecosystems.

Even the globalist United Nations, traditional supporter of these policies expressed concern with the use of chemical trails. The 14th Session of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice was the first place where the United Nations Council discussed Geo-engineering since the signing of the ENMOD Treaty in 1976. The treaty banned Geo-engineering when it is used for hostile purposes.  SBSTTA 14 will recommend to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity to impose a moratorium on all activities related to climate change through Geo-engineering at a meeting in Nagoya Japan on October 2010.

So why have we adopted a technique of changing the climate which is harmful to humans and whose main goal is not achievable? Who benefits from this type of Geo-engineering technologies that are adopted for other reasons? Certainly not the environment. More answers about chemical trails or chem-trails, its origins and what they mean can be found in The Science of “Air Pharmacology” and “Chemtrails.”

Naturally, the knowledge spreads faster and better when more people locally and responsibly report on these issues. So tell your family, friends and acquaintances about the origin and dangers of Geo-engineering around the globe. Just as THE PEOPLE exposed the lies about anthropogenic global warming and Climategate, it is our duty to expose this too.

To my colleagues at the Zero Hora newspaper, I have to say: it costs nothing to write a full report with credible sources and facts. But I think we all know why this newspaper avoids writing the truth. It is part of the great media empire from Brazil known as GLOBO. Maybe it’s hard to speak or write the truth while working there. Only those who lend themselves to lie or tell half-truths because of their ignorance or laziness have space in a company like Zero Hora or the GLOBO empire.

Geo-engenharia: Armas Laser e Modificação Climática

Por Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
Junho 3, 2010

Muitas pessoas agem com incredulidade quando o assunto do uso de armas de energia direta é falado em uma conversa. Acredita-se

Armas laser disparadas do ar o desde o espaço são já uma realidade.

que a pessoa é “excêntrica” se ela explica que estas armas podem ser usadas para modificar o clima ou derrubar estruturas ou locais. No entanto, uma recente utilização do laser revela que tal uso militar não está somente bem próximo da realidade, mas na verdade é uma aplicação comum hoje em dia.

Em um artigo publicado na Russia Today, a existência de tais tecnologias é admitida por cientistas e militares e suas aplicações explicadas.

Abaixo está o artigo que Russia Today publicou em 4 de maio de 2010, às 13:08:

Um poderoso laser pode ser emitido no ar úmido para provocar a condensação da água, os cientistas descobriram. A tecnologia tem o potencial de substituir a adubação de nuvens usada hoje.

Um pulso de laser é disparado no ar e este faz um caminho de oxigênio e nitrogênio ionizado. Alguns pesquisadores militares querem usar este canal “plasma” para conduzir a eletricidade em armas futuristas de energia direta, mas parece que existe também um uso para fins pacíficos.

As moléculas ionizadas atuam como núcleos de condensação de água natural e, potencialmente, podem ser utilizadas para induzir a chuva. Jérôme Kasparian, um físico óptico na Universidade de Genebra, na Suíça, e seus colegas descobriram este processo ao investigar a possibilidade de desviar a descarga através de um raio laser.

Adubação de nuvens, o método utilizado atualmente, envolve o uso de iodeto de prata ou dióxido de carbono, que estimula a formação de gotículas nas nuvens. Os produtos químicos são liberados a partir de geradores na terra ou lançados de aeronaves em qualquer lugar. Esta abordagem tem sido usada há 50 anos, é apenas moderadamente eficaz e existem algumas preocupações ambientais.

Kasparian e a sua equipe testaram com sucesso o uso de lasers para criar condensação, tanto em laboratório como no mundo real. O número de gotas foi contado para um segundo pulso disperso de baixa energia de outro laser. Em tempo úmido, a medida foi 20 vezes maior do que após disparar o primeiro laser. Isto é relatado na revista Nature Photonics.

A tecnologia, entretanto, está em seus estágios iniciais e os cientistas ainda estão por provar que realmente podem causar condensação em grandes áreas. Também tem que ser investigado a tecnologia opera em diferentes condições ambientais.

Podemos acreditar que esta tecnologia não está em uso agora? Claro que não. Pode este laser ser usado para criar um maior grau de instabilidade na atmosfera, da mesma forma que pode ser usado para criar nuvens e fazer chover? Julgue você mesmo.

Quais outras aplicações pode ter essa tecnologia? Que tal ser capaz de disparar um raio de laser desde o espaço até qualquer ponto na Terra? De repente, a teoria de que armas de energia foram usadas em 9/11, não parece tão louca, né? Apesar de ainda faltar um ponto de ligação entre a tecnologia e como ela pode ou não ser sido utilizada em 2001, o paralelismo estabelecido em alguns estudos parece ser bastante preciso.

Trilhas químicas sobre a cidade de Sao Leopoldo-RS, Brasil

Será que a alteração do clima é uma iniciativa pacífica, como é definido no artigo anterior? Na realidade não. O clima em nosso

planeta gira em torno de processos naturais que fazem parte de um equilíbrio natural, portanto, qualquer alteração artificial pode causar efeitos inesperados nos padrões do clima. A modificação artificial do tempo e o clima através da utilização de trilhas químicas, ou chemtrails, é negada como técnica para mudar o clima em uma região na atualidade, apesar da existência de programas secretos e outros de conhecimento público que revelam a utilização de compostos de bário, óxido de alumínio e outros para modificar o tempo. Estes programas são concebidos para controlar a quantidade de luz solar que atinge a Terra. Quando questionadas sobre os programas secretos, as autoridades afirmam que a pulverização química é para o bem de todos. A primeira desculpa dada é o acontecimento do aquecimento global. Os cientistas e os governos acham que é uma boa idéia pulverizar produtos químicos que causam problemas de saúde e poluem o ar que respiramos e a água que bebemos para mudar um processo que ocorre naturalmente.

Depóis de alguns minutos, as trilhas se expandem e toman conta do céu em Sao Leopoldo-RS, Brasil.

Programas que tratam com a modificação do tempo, acredita-se, é uma questão da imaginação das pessoas, até que descobrimos que organizações corruptas como o IPCC estudaram e proporam o uso da tecnologia para alterar artificialmente o clima. O que os estudos não dizem é que as partículas utilizadas na mudança do clima são tão pequenas quanto 10 mícrons e podem ter consequências desastrosas para nossa saúde. O acúmulo de óxido de alumínio e outros produtos químicos na água da chuva coletada em regiões onde o produto químico foi usado é 20 vezes superior ao normal.

A iniciativa de mudar o clima através do uso de produtos químicos não é apenas uma coisa do presente ou do futuro. No passado, o governo dos E.U., por exemplo, usou adubação de nuvens para modificar o tempo e causar chuvas torrenciais no Vietnã durante a guerra. A chuva trouxe grandes enchentes que interromperam a ação do exército de resistência vietnamita e facilitou o trabalho dos aviões americanos. Os Estados Unidos realizaram mais de 2.000 missões de modificação do clima durante a guerra. O projeto Stormfury, ou Furia da Tormenta, usado para adubar nuvens e modificar o clima, assim como outras tecnologias, têm sido estudadas e aplicadas há pelo menos 40 anos. Dr. Joseph Golden, um cientista e pesquisador na National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), disse que essas tecnologias têm sido usadas para enfraquecer furacões em até 15 por cento no passado. Ele também apoia a utilização de produtos químicos que permite que os cientistas e militares controlem o tempo em qualquer lugar durante períodos variados. Chemtrails, ou trilhas químicas, podem permanecer entre 6 e 20 horas na atmosfera após os produtos químicos que os formam serem pulverizados. Elas podem abranger áreas tão grandes quanto 4.000 milhas ou mais. Minha pergunta é: estas tecnologias podem ser usadas para criar furacões da mesma maneira que se usam para enfraquecê-los ou até mesmo dissipá-los? A resposta é SIM.

O uso de lasers e outras tecnologias semelhantes é, como podemos ver nesta tabela, um objetivo bem alcançado. O mais famoso de todos os usos é o de Nikola Tesla, com o uso de energia direta. A aplicação de Tesla foi estudada e aperfeiçoada ao longo de décadas e é agora reconhecida, mesmo pelos militares, como uma fonte real de energia. Tenente-Coronel Thomas E. Bearden (aposentado), analista de sistemas com experiência e especialista em programas militares disse: “O tempo e a energia eventualmente tornam-se coisas que você pode inventar.” Ele continuou: “Para a nossa própria sobrevivência, é absolutamente imperativo que os cidadãos informados estejam conscientes desta mudança radical, que está apenas no início. A ciência nova e poderosa deve ser controlada e utilizada em benefício da humanidade e não em seu prejuízo. Caso contrário, será usada para destruir toda a vida na terra, como indicado por Nikita Khrushchev em 1960. ”

Tenente-Coronel Bearden

O que o Tenente-Coronel Bearden quer dizer é que a humanidade tem em suas mãos uma nova arma, uma arma que pode destruir toda a vida na Terra. A sua visão é apoiada pelo ex-secretário de Defesa dos Estados Unidos, William Cohen, quem alertou sobre o uso de armas laser como uma forma de terrorismo ecológico. “Outros estão envolvidos, mesmo em um tipo de eco-terrorismo que pode alterar o clima, causar terremotos e erupcões vulcánicas remotamente através do uso de ondas eletromagnéticas … Então, há uma abundância de mentes engenhosas que estão lá fora trabalhando para encontrar maneiras de criar terrorismo em outros países … “

Embora os cientistas não estejam pensando em usar a geo-engenharia ou tecnologias de modificação do tempo para causar danos a grandes áreas da Terra, -pelo menos não todos eles- a realidade é que essa decisão não está em suas mãos. Os cientistas são responsáveis por pensar, criar e implementar tecnologias. O que é feito com essas tecnologias é, então, a prerrogativa de empresas privadas ou governos, que são aqueles que fornecem financiamento e infra-estrutura para os experimentos. Uma questão que pode surgir sobre as alterações climáticas com armas laser ou trilhas químicas é: como ela nos afetam? A resposta é: não positivamente. Outra questão é: porque se no passado os governos e as empresas negaram a existência de modificações climáticas e as tecnologias de armas deste tipo, estão agora falando sobre seu uso e tornando-as visíveis para todos? Bem, porque você não pode negar a geo-engenharia que está acontecendo, como é reconhecida pelos cientistas e militares. Portanto, não é necessário documentar as trilhas químicas, porque está provado que elas existem. Não há necessidade de documentar as armas laser, tanto na Terra como no espaço, porque sem dúvida existem. Leia este documento PDF do Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), uma organização globalista conhecida por suas opiniões sobre o uso unilateral da geo-engenharia.

Como disse o ex-secretário de Defesa, William Cohen, a questão agora não é se a geo-engenharia através de lasers e trilhas químicas é real ou não, mas para que será usada. E se tomarmos a dua palavra, como ex-secretário de Defesa da mais poderosa força militar do mundo, o futuro não parece ser bom. Simplesmente a partir do ponto de vista do que armas laser ou a geo-engenharia são capazes de fazer, todas as questões devem ser levantadas. Se esses rastros químicos não são tóxicos, como alguns cientistas dizem, porque a Monsanto, empresa química em si, está criando um tipo de semente que pode suportar os produtos químicos utilizados nestes percursos? Segundo a Dra. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri, os produtos químicos aplicados às áreas povoadas e despovoadas estão prejudicando não só o ambiente mas também a saúde humana.

“… Nós também sabemos que certos tipos de produtos químicos podem danificar a saúde humana e dos animais, especialmente o sistema imunológico … … os perigos das alterações hormonais estão agora mais amplamente explicadas na Internet, mas não são bem conhecidos pelas pessoas que escutam notícia dos meios de comunicação tradicionais. (1) A maioria destes produtos químicos altamente tóxicos são invisíveis e, portanto, estão facilmente fora do nosso radar coletivo. Com o nível de estresse criado deliberadamente pela crise financeira orquestrada pelas elites, onde milhões de pessoas perderam seus empregos e lares, um ambiente degradado não é prioridade para ninguém, especialmente se há pouca informação ao respeito. Este cenário faz parte de uma perspectiva mais ampla e é o que Naomi Klein escreve em seu livro “The Shock Doctrine”. Temos grandes crises, uma após a outra, sendo difícil manter o contato com nossa rotina diária, muito menos ter tempo para considerar as implicações toxicológicas de enormes quantidades de metais pesados e produtos químicos que envenenam nossa cadeia alimentar e, portanto, a nossa suposta saúde. ” Estamos no topo de uma cadeia alimentar em ruínas. ”

Leia a avaliação completa da Dra. Perlingieri sobre a geo-engenharia e as alterações climáticas aqui. E sobre as armas laser? Bem,

Secretario de Defesa dos Estados Unidos, William Cohen.

se os governos e as empresas têm agora a possibilidade de criar nuvens, criar e gerenciar furacões, criar terremotos e outros fenômenos tais como William Cohen e o Tenente Bearden dizem, é seguro afirmar que estas são ameaças gigantescas à sobrevivência da humanidade. O uso de produtos químicos e lasers são o mesmo tipo de soluções rápidas que nos trouxeram DDT, gases CFC, dispositivos de radiação de microondas, os organismos geneticamente modificados (OGM), os pesticidas em alimentos e outros. É essa ameaça que levou as pessoas a se mobilizarem a nível mundial. O cientista David Suzuki diz que a geo-engenharia é uma “loucura” e vai mais longe ao dizer: “Se nós aprendemos alguma coisa do passado, é que apesar de estarmos muito hábeis em inventar novas e poderosas tecnologias, nosso conhecimento de como o mundo e as coisas estão interligadas é quase zero. ”

Mesmo os globalistas, tradicionalmente defensores da redução da população nas Nações Unidas, manifestaram sua preocupação com a utilização tanto das armas laser como das trilhas químicas. A 14ª Sessão do Órgão Subsidiário de Assessoramento Científico, Técnico e Tecnológico foi o primeiro lugar onde o Conselho das Nações Unidas discutiu a geo-engenharia, desde a assinatura do Tratado ENMOD em 1976. O tratado proibiu a geo-engenharia, quando ela é usada para objetivos”hostis”. SBSTTA 14 irá recomendar à Convenção das Nações Unidas sobre a Diversidade Biológica a imposição de uma moratória sobre todas as atividades de modificação do clima através de geo-engenharia em uma reunião em Nagoya, Japão em outubro 2010. Naturalmente, o conhecimento se dissemina mais rápido e melhor quando as pessoas mais a nível local são responsáveis por informar sobre estas questões. Então, conte à sua família, amigos e conhecidos sobre a origem e os perigos de armas laser e a modificação do clima com geo- engenharia ao redor do globo. Assim como OS POVOS expuseram as mentiras sobre o aquecimento global antropogênico e Climategate, é nosso dever expor isso também.

Laser Weapons and Weather Modification Today

Laser beams shot from Earth into space (HAARP) or viceversa are a reality today.

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
June 1, 2010

Many people act in disbelief when the topic of direct energy weapons is brought into a conversation. It is thought to be ‘kooky’ if one explains that such weapons can be used to change weather patterns or shoot structures down. However, a recent application of laser beams reveals that such uses -military and otherwise- are not only closer to reality than we thought, but indeed a common application nowadays.

In an article published on Russia Today, the admission of the existence of such technologies is not only admitted, but also explained in their applications.

From Russia Today Published 04 May, 2010, 13:08:

A powerful laser can be shot into humid air to cause intense water condensation, scientists have discovered. The technology has the potential to replace cloud seeding widely used today.

Then a short laser pulse is shot into the air, it forms a path of ionised nitrogen and oxygen. Some military researchers want to use this “plasma channel” to conduct electricity in futuristic direct energy weapons, but there appears to be a peaceful application.

The ionized molecules act as natural nuclei for water condensation and can potentially be used to cause rain. Optical physicist Jérôme Kasparian at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and colleagues stumbled on it as they investigated the possibility of diverting lightning discharges via laser.

The “cloud seeding” method used today involves silver iodide or frozen carbon dioxide, which stimulate droplet formation in clouds. The chemicals are released by ground generators or dropped from planes wherever needed. The approach, which has been used for some 50 years now, is only moderately efficient and there are some environmental concerns over it.

So far Kasparian and the team have successfully tested the laser-induced condensation technology both in lab and in the field. They measured the number of new droplets by counting back-scatterings from a second low-energy pulse from another laser. In humid weather, they measured 20 times more of those after firing the first beam, they report online in Nature Photonics.

The technology, however, is in the early stages, and the scientists are yet to prove that it can effectively cause condensation over wide areas rather than along a narrow channel. They also need to investigate if it works in different environmental conditions.

So are we supposed to believe this technology is not already in use? Of course not. Can this laser technology be used to create higher degrees of instability in the atmosphere the same way it can be used to create clouds and make it rain? You be the judge.

What other applications can this weaponry have? How about shooting a laser beam from space into any point on Earth? Suddenly, the theory of direct energy weaponry used on 9/11 does not seem so far fetched, does it? Although she is still missing the connecting dot between the technology and how it may or may not have been used in 2001, the drawn parallels during her investigation seem to be pretty much on the spot.

Chemtrails have taken over the skies of world with aluminum oxide, barium and sulfur compounds.

Is weather modification a peaceful application as the article above defines it? Not really. The weather in our planet revolves around natural processes which are part of a natural balance, so any artificial changes will -at the very least- ultimately have unforeseen effects in the regular weather patterns. Artificial weather modification through the use of chemtrails is denied as a technique to change the weather over a region today even though there are classified and unclassified government programs that consist of spraying barium and aluminum oxide compounds, among others. into the atmosphere as a way to control how much sunlight gets to Earth. When authorities are asked about the unclassified programs, they state that the use of chemical spraying is for the greater good. The first excuse that unequivocally comes to mind is Global Warming. So, scientists and the government think it is a good idea to spray chemicals that cause health problems and pollute the air we breath and the water we drink in order to affect a naturally occurring process.

Programs that deal with weather modification are thought to be a matter of people’s imagination; that is until we discover that corrupt organizations like the IPCC studied and suggested the use of technology to artificially alter the weather. What the studies don’t tell you is that particles used in weather modification that are as small as 10 microns, can be disastrous for our health. The accumulation of aluminum oxide and other chemicals in rain water collected in regions where chemtrails are used are as high as 20 times the natural content.

Weather modification is not only a thing of the present or the future. In the past, the United States government, for example, used weather modification in the form of cloud seeding to cause heavy rains in Vietnam during the war period. The rain brought massive floods over the Vietnamese resistance army and facilitated the work of the U.S. American planes flew over 2,000 weather modification missions during the war. Project Storm Fury, which used cloud seeding to modify weather, as well as other technologies have been studied and applied for at least 40 years. According to Dr. Joseph Golden, a senior research scientist at the National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration (NOAA), says such technologies have been used to weaken hurricanes by as much as 15 percent in the past. He also admits the spraying of chemicals allow scientists and the military to control the weather in any area for different periods of time. Chemtrails can last anywhere between 6 to 20 hours in the atmosphere after the chemicals that form them are sprayed. They can cover areas as large as 4000 miles or more. My question is, can these technologies be used to create or direct hurricanes as they are used to weaken, slow them down or even dissipate them? The answer is YES.

The use of laser beams and similar technologies is, as we see on this table, a well achieved goal. The most famous of all applications is Nikola Tesla’s laser beam direct energy technology. Tesla’s application has been studied and perfected throughout decades and now, it is recognized -even by military men- as a real source of energy. Lt. Colonel Thomas E. Bearden (retired), an experienced systems analyst and wargames specialist, said: “time as energy eventually becomes engineerable”. And he continued: “For our very survival, it is absolutely imperative that informed citizens be aware of this dramatic change, which is just now starting. The powerful new science and engineering must be controlled and used for humanity’s benefit, not its detriment. Else it will eventually be let loose unrestrainedly, to destroy all life on earth – as possibility indicated by Nikita Khrushchev in 1960.

What Mr. Bearden means is that humanity has in its hands a new weapon; a weapon that is capable of wiping all life on Earth. Lt. Colonel Bearden’s vision is supported by former U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, who warned about the use of laser weapons as a form of eco-terrorism. “Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves… So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations…”

Although scientists themselves may not be thinking about using geo-engineering or weather modification technologies to cause harm to large areas of the Earth, -at least not all of them- especially those densely populated, the reality is, it is not in their hands to make that decision. Scientists are the ones in charge of thinking, creating and applying technologies. Whatever is done with those technologies is then the prerogative of private corporations or governments, that are the ones who provide financing and infrastructure for the experiments. One question that may be raised about weather modification in the form of laser weapons or chemtrails is, how do they affect us? The answer is, not positively. Another question then is, why if in the past governments and corporations denied the existence of weather modification and weapons technologies of this sort, are they now telling us about their use and putting them in plain sight? Well, because it is undeniable geo-engineering is happening as it is admitted by scientists and military men. So no more need to document chemtrails as they admittedly exist. No more need to document laser beam weapons; both on Earth and in space, as they admittedly exist. Check this PDF from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a known influential globalist organization on the ideas about the unilateral use of Geo-engineering.

Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen

As former United States Defense Secretary William Cohen confessed, the issue now is not whether geo-engineering through laser beams or spraying is real or not, but what is it going to be used for. And if we take his word as the former defense secretary of the most powerful military in the world, the future does not look well. Simply from the point of view of what laser weapons are capable of, or what does geo-engineering do to the environment, all eyebrows need to be raised. How toxic can these chemtrails be that Monsanto, a chemical company itself, is creating a type of seed capable of resisting chemicals of the kind being used in chemtrails. According to Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri , the chemicals sprayed over populated and non-populated areas are damaging not only the environment, but also to human health.

…we also know that certain kinds of chemicals can and do disrupt human [and other animals’] entire immune system… …on the dangers of hormone disruption, is now more widely available on Internet sites, it still is not well known by the average person who gets news mostly from mainstream media.(1) Most of these highly toxic chemicals are invisible; and, therefore, are easily off our collective radar. With the high stress level created by the deliberately orchestrated financial crisis –where millions have lost their jobs and homes– a degraded/collapsing environment or serious health problems are not priorities –especially, if very little is reported in mainstream news. This disaster scenario is part of the larger picture of what Naomi Klein writes about in her book “The Shock Doctrine.” We have so many major crises, one after another, that it is hard just to keep up with one’s daily routine –let alone have time to read and consider the toxicological health ramifications of massive amounts of thousands of heavy metals and chemicals that have poisoned our entire food chain and, thus, our own supposed “health.” We are at the very top of this wrecked food chain.”

A global awakening has begun to stop the atmospheric and orbital war on the people.

Read Dr. Perlingieri’s complete assessment on geo-engineering and weather modification here. And how about those laser beam weapons? Well, if governments and corporations are now capable of creating clouds, creating and directing hurricanes, creating earthquakes and other phenomena, as both William Cohen and Lt. Bearden say, it is safe to say that those too, are threats of gigantic scale for the survival of humanity. The use of chemicals and lasers are the kind of quick fixes that brought us DDT, CFC gases, microwave radiation devices, genetically modified organisms (GMO), pesticides in the food supply and others of the kind. It is this very same threat that has propelled people around the world to mobilize. Scientist David Suzuki calls geo-engineering “insane” and goes beyond to say: “If we have learned anything from the past, it is that while we are very clever at inventing powerful new technologies, our knowledge of how the world works and is interconnected is almost zero.”

Even the traditionally globalist, population control supporter United Nations is restrained on the use of both -chemical and laser- weapons. The 14th meeting of Subsidiary Body of Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice was the first time a UN Body addressed geo-engineering for the first time since the 1976 ENMOD Treaty banned environmental modification for “hostile uses”. SBSTTA 14 is already recommending that the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity call on its member governments to impose a moratorium on all climate geo-engineering activities when it convenes in Nagoya, Japan this October. Of course, knowledge spreads faster and better when more people, at the local level, take it upon themselves to let others know about mainstream important issues. Please inform your relatives, friends and acquaintances about the origin and dangers of laser weapons for military and weather modification purposes, as well as Geo-engineering with chemicals all around the planet. Just as THE PEOPLE exposed the lies about Anthropogenic Global Warming and Climategate, it is our duty to expose this, too.

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