Enough Government Control and Quackery? Not yet. Meet I-dosing

Kurt Nimmo

I don’t know about you, but I am not about to run out and experiment with the latest fad, known as “i-dosing,” a gimmick that supposedly uses binaural tones to create euphoria. “Simply put, i-dosing is the attempt to achieve a perceived drug ‘high’ from listening specially-engineered sounds and music,” reports Psychology Today. “Is it a real drug? Probably not.”

But don’t tell that to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs. The government agency has declared that i-dosing induces the same kind of mind-altering effects as marijuana, cocaine, peyote, and opium. “Kids are going to flock to [i-dose websites] just to see what it is about and it can lead them to other places. If you want to reach these kids and save these kids and keep these kids safe, parents have to be aware, and they’ve got to take action,” said Mark Woodward, the spokesman for the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

So dire is the threat, Oklahoma’s Mustang High School recently sent home letters to parents warning them of the dangers of i-dosing.

State lawmakers and Congress have yet to catch on and propose draconian laws to prevent this scourge from spreading. But give them time.

Back in 2001 a link between heavy television watching and Alzheimer’s disease was discovered, but the government is not clamoring to outlaw the idiot box or pass laws limiting the number of hours spent before it.

Real honest pharmaceutical drugs — antibiotics, anti-convulsants, mood stabilizers and sex hormones — are in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans. In addition, illegal drugs like cocaine and LSD end up in water, as a studies in Europe reveal. Not only are public officials not doing anything about this involuntary form of drug dosing, they are refusing to disclose results of pharmaceutical screenings.

But never mind this involuntary dosing — so-called researchers are now advocating the government put lithium in the water in order to curb suicide. “We already know that lithium can act as a powerful mood stabilizer for people with bipolar disorder, and treating people with lithium is also associated with lower suicide rates,” said one researcher, who added that this outrageous prospect “certainly merits more investigation.”

Eventually the corporate media will hype the exaggerated threat posed by i-dosing to the point where the government will dream up and enforce – ultimately by way of SWAT team – myriad laws that will add thousands of individuals to the state’s prison-industrial complex.

Choosing healthy foods now called a mental disorder


In its never-ending attempt to fabricate “mental disorders” out of every human activity, the psychiatric industry is now pushing the

Eating healthy foods, pseudo-scientists say, is sign of a mental disorder.

most ridiculous disease they’ve invented yet: Healthy eating disorder.

This is no joke: If you focus on eating healthy foods, you’re “mentally diseased” and probably need some sort of chemical treatment involving powerful psychotropic drugs. The Guardiannewspaper reports, “Fixation with healthy eating can be sign of serious psychological disorder” and goes on to claim this “disease” is called orthorexia nervosa — which is basically just Latin for “nervous about correct eating.”

But they can’t just called it “nervous healthy eating disorder” because that doesn’t sound like they know what they’re talking about. So they translate it into Latin where it sounds smart (even though it isn’t). That’s where most disease names come from: Doctors just describe the symptoms they see with a name like osteoporosis (which means “bones with holes in them”).

Getting back to this fabricated “orthorexia” disease, the Guardian goes on to report, “Orthorexics commonly have rigid rules around eating. Refusing to touch sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten, yeast, soya, corn and dairy foods is just the start of their diet restrictions. Any foods that have come into contact with pesticides, herbicides or contain artificial additives are also out.”

Wait a second. So attempting to avoid chemicals, dairy, soy and sugar now makes you a mental health patient? Yep. According to these experts. If you actually take special care to avoid pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified ingredients like soy and sugar, there’s something wrong with you.

But did you notice that eating junk food is assumed to be “normal?” If you eat processed junk foods laced with synthetic chemicals, that’s okay with them. The mental patients are the ones who choose organic, natural foods, apparently.

What is “normal” when it comes to foods?

I told you this was coming. Years ago, I warned NaturalNews readers that an attempt might soon be under way to outlaw broccoli because of its anti-cancer phytonutrients. This mental health assault on health-conscious consumers is part of that agenda. It’s an effort to marginalize healthy eaters by declaring them to be mentally unstable and therefore justify carting them off to mental institutions where they will be injected with psychiatric drugs and fed institutional food that’s all processed, dead and full of toxic chemicals.

The Guardian even goes to the ridiculous extreme of saying, “The obsession about which foods are “good” and which are “bad” means orthorexics can end up malnourished.”

Follow the non-logic on this, if you can: Eating “good” foods will cause malnutrition! Eating bad foods, I suppose, is assumed to provide all the nutrients you need. That’s about as crazy a statement on nutrition as I’ve ever read. No wonder people are so diseased today: The mainstream media is telling them that eating health food is a mental disorder that will cause malnutrition!
Shut up and swallow your Soylent Green

It’s just like I reported years ago: You’re not supposed to question your food, folks. Sit down, shut up, dig in and chow down. Stop thinking about what you’re eating and just do what you’re told by the mainstream media and its processed food advertisers. Questioning the health properties of your junk food is a mental disorder, didn’t you know? And if you “obsess” over foods (by doing such things as reading the ingredients labels, for example), then you’re weird. Maybe even sick.

That’s the message they’re broadcasting now. Junk food eaters are “normal” and “sane” and “nourished.” But health food eaters are diseased, abnormal and malnourished.

But why, you ask, would they attack healthy eaters? People like Dr. Gabriel Cousens can tell you why: Because increased mental and spiritual awareness is only possible while on a diet of living, natural foods.

Eating junk foods keeps you dumbed down and easy to control, you see. It literally messes with your mind, numbing your senses with MSG, aspartame and yeast extract. People who subsist on junk foods are docile and quickly lose the ability to think for themselves. They go along with whatever they’re told by the TV or those in apparent positions of authority, never questioning their actions or what’s really happening in the world around them.

In contrast to that, people who eat health-enhancing natural foods — with all the medicinal nutrients still intact — begin to awaken their minds and spirits. Over time, they begin to question the reality around them and they pursue more enlightened explorations of topics like community, nature, ethics, philosophy and the big picture of things that are happening in the world. They become “aware” and can start to see the very fabric of the Matrix, so to speak.

This, of course, is a huge danger to those who run our consumption-based society because consumption depends on ignorance combined with suggestibility. For people to keep blindly buying foods, medicines, health insurance and consumer goods, they need to have their higher brain functions switched off. Processed junk foods laced with toxic chemicals just happens to achieve that rather nicely. Why do you think dead, processed foods remain the default meals in public schools, hospitals and prisons? It’s because dead foods turn off higher levels of awareness and keep people focused on whatever distractions you can feed their brains: Television, violence, fear, sports, sex and so on.

But living as a zombie is, in one way quite “normal” in society today because so many people are doing it. But that doesn’t make it normal in my book: The real “normal” is an empowered, healthy, awakened person nourished with living foods and operating as a sovereign citizen in a free world. Eating living foods is like taking the red pill because over time it opens up a whole new perspective on the fabric of reality. It sets you free to think for yourself.

But eating processed junk foods is like taking the blue pill because it keeps you trapped in a fabricated reality where your life experiences are fabricated by consumer product companies who hijack your senses with designer chemicals (like MSG) that fool your brain into thinking you’re eating real food.

If you want to be alive, aware and in control of your own life, eat more healthy living foods. But don’t expect to be popular with mainstream mental health “experts” or dietitians — they’re all being programmed to consider you to be “crazy” because you don’t follow their mainstream diets of dead foods laced with synthetic chemicals.

But you and I know the truth here: We are the normal ones. The junk food eaters are the real mental patients, and the only way to wake them up to the real world is to start feeding them living foods.

Some people are ready to take the red pill, and others aren’t. All you can do is show them the door. They must open it themselves.

In the mean time, try to avoid the mental health agents who are trying to label you as having a mental disorder just because you pay attention to what you put in your body. There’s nothing wrong with avoiding sugar, soy, MSG, aspartame, HFCS and other toxic chemicals in the food supply. In fact, your very life depends on it.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to join the health experts who keep inventing new fictitious diseases and disorders, check out my popular Disease Mongering Engine web page where you can invent your own new diseases at the click of a button! You’ll find it at:http://www.naturalnews.com/disease-…

The Top 10 Worst News Presenters

Luis R. Miranda

Every so often I hear from readers, family members and friends about a problem I have because I only write, talk and worry about serious current events.  So I thought it was a good opportunity to break the tradition and make them all happy by writing something different.  It is still about news, but less important than the usual issues I write and talk about.  This is my first list of  Worst News Presenters.  So let’s get right to it!

Keith Olbermann

Coming at number one is Countdown’s Keith Olbermann.  He has earned his place on this list given his hypocritical double standard.  Mr. Olbermann went from being my favorite news presenter to being the worst in only one year.  Although he rightfully criticized former president George W. Bush and even asked him to resign, he seems to think that Obama can do everything Bush could not do.  Rendition, torture, violation of Habeas Corpus and freedom of speech do not seem to be important anymore.  If Obama does it, it is acceptable.

Rachel Maddow

On number two, I have placed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.  Ms. Maddow has championed an insatiable appetite for criticizing conservative views regardless of them being right or wrong.  Her show has become another Countdown.  She also strongly criticized Bush’s illegal policies, but now is an avid defender of Obama and the same policies she once strongly criticized.  After Obama got to power, she seems to fill her show up with Democratic National Committee talking points.  Just as Olbermann, she could not keep her stance on the issues and turned ‘the news’ into useless partisan politics.

The number three spot is for Fox’s Sean Hannity.  Mr. Hannity could easily be occupying the number

Sean Hannity

one place, however, given his unchanging positions I reserved this spot for him.  There is no lack of hypocrisy from his part, though.  He has been critical of Mr. Obama’s tenure in the white house when it comes to government spending, socialization of health care as well as of cap-and-trade and the global warming fraud, but there has not been lack of deception from his part.  He still continues to agree with the neocon views of invading countries, murdering millions of people and then rebuilding those countries for the sake of Democracy and Western values.  As many others at Fox, he also agrees with the military helping to take care of the poppy fields in Afghanistan.

Glenn Beck

Coming on number four is Glen Beck; another strong candidate to occupy the number one place.  In fact, the only reason why he is not there, is because there are other 3 worse television presenters.  Beck has managed to deceive most of his audience, which apparently is composed by conservative people.  I say deceive, because although he strongly criticizes the Obama administration for all their lies and crimes while lifting the patriot movement, he also calls tea party members and other unhappy citizens dangerous criminals who may, at any moment, try to assassinate the president or cause terrorist attack in the United States.  He usually interviews and congratulates Ron Paul, but calls his supporters lunatics, dangerous and kooks.

Number five is good old Bill O’reilly; or as Olbermann would call him Bill O’rally.  O’reilly is one of those

Bill O'reilly

Sean Hannity types who supports and believes in neocon policies like war and nation building for the sake of saving face.  He supported all of Bush’s Constitution-murdering policies, but hypocritically dismisses sound economic and financial policies.  He is quick to point out that taxes need to be raised and created to pay for the government’s gargantuan deficits, although he calls himself a conservative.  The no-spin zone is an everlasting spinning capsule that accommodates his ever-changing views according to what is kosher.  ’Billo’ used to be a real reporter many years ago, but the millions he gets paid together with his cowardice and egotistical personality changed his good work for the crap he calls fair and balanced reporting.  That is why is officially the list’s pin head.

Chris Matthews

Next on the list is Chris Mathews, also from MSNBC.  Mr. Mathews, a sick follower of politics and politicians is the hardest working news presenter when it comes to keeping the audience inside the left-right paradigm.  His show is a never-ending salad of talking points propelled by a bunch of talking heads who, instead of improving the program, simply make it unwatchable.  It is liberal against conservative galore.  Never watch Hardball, as he calls his show, if you are looking for independent, objective views on current events.  Since Hardball is mainly an opinion mouth piece, there is nothing of substance.  Instead, it is plumped with baseless attacks between guests and up to the minute lies on current affairs.  Mr. Mathews’ intoxicating, obnoxious on-air personality makes him a strong candidate to become number one of this list.  On the positive side, Chris Mathews does not label himself fair, balanced or anything of the sort.

There are a number of careers that can be taken on without a college degree.  With other careers, getting a college education may be

From left to right: Mika, Willie and Joe

an option, depending on what the job is.  And then, there are those things you learn on the fly and simply wing them.  All of this is contained in our number 7 title holder: the Mika and Joe morning comedy show.  Also known as Morning Joe, this program is an example of everything that is wrong with news and journalism today.  It is a combination of three egos: Joe’s, Mika’s and the other dude, who wants to be like them.  Oh, yeah, his name appears to be Willie Geist.  It is the typical smart-looking, cute face, funny dude show-biz combination.  As I said, these presenters are all that is wrong with news and journalism.  First, going by their bios, they don’t appear to be journalists, at least not with a diploma.  And believe me, Journalism is one of those professions you cannot wing your way around.  Although there are some people who ‘make it’ without going to school in the current news business, these three fellows are not examples of them.  Take it from me, a 14 year professional journalist.  By the way, is Mika the daughter of Zbiniew Brzezinski?

Kyra Phillips

Towards the end of our list -at least for now- we have CNN’s Kyra Phillips.  Although she is simply impossible to watch and pound for pound worse than the previous seven presenters, I decided to give her a break.  The reason for this is that she is not a lady with an agenda, but simply a news presenter.  She is one of those who seats at the booth or desk and reads the prompter no matter what.  As an example of why she occupies a position in this list is her latest gaffe on live television.  She had the nerve to conduct an interview about whether or not homosexuality was in need of a cure.  Of course, she was just reading the tele-prompter, ‘the news’, doing her job.  Watch the video here.  She then allowed a guest to compare homosexuals with sexual predators.  That guest was a former homosexual as he called himself.  In one sentence, she is just sad to watch.  By the way, she changes looks come and go like seasons.

The last two spots in the count are reserved for two of CNN’s best known faces.  Number nine for Anderson slick Cooper.  Mr. Cooper

Anderson Cooper

is the anchor all the girls fall for.  However, that does not save him from making this list, because just like all other previous presenters, he is a man with an agenda.  Cooper is one of the most prominent heirs of the Vanderbilt Empire.  Yeah, don’t let the Cooper side make you think he is just another “Joe”.  He is on the way to becoming the ‘most trusted’ man in Americas news industry; that is if you trust Pentagon written news or Skull&Bones.  And one little secret that CNN does not want you to know about Mr. Cooper: He trained at the CIA.

Larry King

Lastly we have an old timer at CNN.  Who doesn’t know Larry King?  The veteran show-biz presenter has been fading away through the years not only due to the quality of his show, but also because he refuses to quit.  Part of the refusal may be because CNN has arranged he does not quit until it is physically impossible for him to present his show.  Unbelievably, Larry King Live continues to be one of CNN’s top shows.  No wonder the network is dead last.  The problem with King, or Lawrence Harvey Zeiger, as he was born, is not necessarily himself, but the quality of the content he talks about.  That is why I put him last on my list.

So this is it folks.  I hope you enjoyed my list of worst presenters.  And for all of you who enjoy real news rather than insignificant personality-oriented crap, I promise I won’t do it again!

Learned Helplessness: This is why People are so Easily Bamboozled

Along with Cognitive Dissidence, Learned Helplessness is Responsible for People’s Hopeless Behavior

By Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
May 1, 2010

People are broken people. They have been intentionally transformed into manageable human resources that consciously and learned helplessnessotherwise have stopped fighting for what is theirs; they have stopped fighting oppression and injustice. There is a system that has been established to inflict brokenness and desperation, fear if you will, which seems so paramount, that makes people lower their arms and give up. Daily, we can see clear examples of this behavior. The most recent one is the installation of body scanners in airports and courthouses around the globe under the pretext of terrorism. What is people’s answer to this invasion of privacy? Compliance. (1)

Before the scanners -which capture a digital picture of a person’s naked body- (2) we had other examples of how the system continuously corrals us and we do not seem to know what to do. For example, the financial meltdown that began several years ago turned into a bailout of powerful banking interests. (3) The same banks and same financial system that created and perpetuated the collapse, gave themselves a pat on the back and carried out the most gigantic transfer of wealth in history, leaving the ordinary citizen in shambles, jobless, in debt and homeless. (4) What was the reaction given this illegal wealth transfer? Compliance.

Previous to the financial collapse, citizens were indoctrinated into believing that humans were responsible for the warming of the planet, and that only a global carbon tax would be the solution to save ourselves from doom. (5) Fortunately, a series of leaked e-mails and documents from the University of East Anglia, revealed not only that Anthropogenic Global Warming was a hoax,(6) but that it was part of a greater plan to further consolidate power and the resources of the planet into the a few hands. Although the climate alarmists’ agenda was debunked beyond doubt, (7) there are people out there who still have not looked at the science and continue to claim that the warming is occurring and that it is due to human activity. More compliance.

Going back even further in history, we find another very clear example of how people became hopeless and easily manipulated. Common wisdom dictates that it is correct to count on synthetic pharmaceuticals in order to prevent, treat or cure disease. People could not and cannot figure out that health freedom and a healthy state of being could not be further away from such industrially manufactured products. Due to lack of information or a way to check false statements from manufacturers and doctors, the citizenry simply trusted the “experts” and their magic pills in their blind pursue of health and fall into learned helplessness.

A state of learned helplessness is a psychological condition in which people have learned to believe they are helpless in a particular situation. They believe they have no control over their situation and that whatever they do is futile. As a result, they will stay passive in the face of an unpleasant, harmful or damaging situation, even when they actually do have the power to change their circumstances.”For example, in politics, when there is a two party dictatorship in a country and people can only vote for one or the other -a false sense of choice- and things do not change or continue to get worse because the same corporate interests continue to maintain control. The automatic psychological response is a sense of hopelessness. Another valid example is when a person is in a relationship where he or she is physically, mentally or sexually abused. The victim knows the truth, but is unable to liberate himself or herself due to fear, guilt or any other feeling of despair. The same happens in a society, where the citizen is no longer called a citizen or a human being, but a consumer or a human resource. In a society filled with broken people, the truth no longer sets them free. Different from say, colonial times, when most members of a society still adopted the fighting spirit, today most citizens are conformists, laid-back or apathetic.(8)

What all these people who have learned to be helpless have in common is that pain, in any shape or form, simply makes them weaker, more prone to abuse, and more easily swindled. This takes us to another form of learned helplessness. When people feel depressed, lonely and mentally drained the immediate answer by common wisdom is to look for a psychiatrist or a psychologist to deal with their problems. “What they do not know,” says Dr. Bruce E. Levine, “is that most of the psychologist and psychiatrists out there are only looking to make money out of helpless people.” They are also instruments of the plan the establishment has to maintain control of society.

In today’s society there are three main pillars that support the learned helplessness and cognitive dissidence filled environment: School, Television and the Mental Health Profession. According to doctor Levine, television makes people more passive and docile due to the effect it has in brain waves. It is one of the most effective tools for pacifying the population,” he adds. (9) “Schools and schooling are increasingly irrelevant for the important enterprises of the planet,” says professor John Taylor Gatto, author of books such as the Underground History of American Education and Weapons of Mass Instruction. Professor Gatto was named New York’s teacher of the year. “School is not the place where most people get any kind of education. In fact it is a place used to subdue the population, ” agrees Levine. (10) Are scientists trained in science classes, or politicians trained in politics classes? The only thing schools are good for is to teach people to obey orders. This is a conclusion that people who have any critical thinking skills learn very easily and very fast. Of course, school has also been used to completely eliminate critical thinking and creativity in the population. (11) From very young we are taught to worship and depend on the government for every single aspect of our lives. A clear example of this is the fact that a majority of the most relevant citizens in any country were and are people who did not attend school. They can even become presidents! A couple of things people who attend the traditional educational system have in common are that they end jobless in many cases and with a pile of outstanding debt. The traditional educational system has turned into a tool for the creation of an assured state of servitude.

Mental health professionals and psychologists are along with teachers, two of the most compliant groups in society. Health professionals are also one of the groups with the highest suicidal rates. (12) What happens when psychiatrists find resistance to compliance? They become anxious and tend to pathologize. So, almost every person who disagrees with the establishment or with authority is automatically diagnosed as mentally ill. Ernest Hemingway was himself a victim of this system. He was drugged and punished with electric shocks after being diagnosed as mentally imbalanced because he thought he was being followed and watched. It later turned out he was indeed being harassed by intelligence agencies. So, does it make sense to obtain advice from professionals who cannot even control their own personalities? Can we trust people who are indoctrinated to maintain the status quo?

Imagine society as a victim of kidnapping who then suffers from Stockholm Syndrome during and after a kidnapping. The incapacity to react to a kidnapping is such that they begin to make excuses as to why it was normal not to run away when given the opportunity or the chance. Society as a whole, just as kidnapping victims do, even get to a point where they defend their kidnappers. Most people shield themselves from reality by being apathetic, or ignoring what is staring at them as a mechanism of defense against their impossibility to react to such reality due to a feeling of fear and helplessness. In other cases, people choose to spend their lives worrying about football games, reality shows, fashion, gossip and so on.

Another very common problem in today’s society is cognitive dissidence. This happens when people are incapable of being in a state of tension, so they choose to make up a series of excuses in order to escape such situations. The most common reaction is to tell themselves they are not in such tense situation, which serves them to ignore the humiliating state of affairs they are in. So, even though society seems to be turning into an abusive place, where all of our rights are disrespected or taken away, citizens still conform by saying things like “it is not good, but we still live in the best country in the world”. This kind of statements reflect people’s lack of power to face the truth that they live in a repressive tyrannical city or country.

An example of a society where all hope and reason has been lost is the United States. In 2000, one president was elected but the losing candidate was who took power. Short of the circus created by the main stream media, no one else manifested the slightest interest in resolving the election through democratic means. In a clear example of how weak democracies, or pseudo-democracies work, the Supreme Court of the country was the one that decided who would govern the nation. In other countries often called Banana Republics, such as Iran or Mexico, the decision reached by the Court would have resulted in numerous manifestations on the streets and perhaps a real recount of the votes or a second round. How is it that 50 or 60 million people simply let their votes be stolen away without any interest to make it count? In Iran, 3 million people would have turned to the streets to protest a few tens of thousands would have certainly manifested in Mexico. (13)

Madison avenue found out a long time ago that it was possible to make people feel inadequate, that it was possible to tell people what kind of person they should be and that everything that was not so would be socially unacceptable. (14) With that it also realized that it would be easier for the industry to commercialize its crap among insecure people. That is how most women use Botox or surgery to manipulated their bodies in order to look like the model from the magazine cover. That is why men inject themselves with human growth hormone in order to look as strong as the baseball player who also takes drugs to improve his performance. This insecurity spurred the sale of make up and slave-made goods such as sports shoes, apparel and handbags. So the image makers tell the people that not fitting a specific pattern or mold will render them worthless; and people believe it. This of course makes people who are financially incapable of providing themselves with Madison Avenue products victims of their own ignorance, and those who can afford it become petty victims of their power trips. People were taught to hate their humanity and that of others.

Equally insidious is the abuse perpetrated by “professionals” who mostly take advantage of weak-minded people. “There is a lot of money to make out in my profession,” says Dr. Levine. The amount of money people spend in pharmaceuticals and visits to their psychologist or psychiatrist -that in turn supports the very same system that benefits from people’s weakness- is uncountable. “Is it not easier to control a population whose self-esteem is low or non existent? It is in the total interest of the corporate authoritarian society we live in,” adds Levine. That is why it is common to hear professional psychiatric associations call for the identification of new mental disorders. The recognition of such disorders will not only ensure that more people can be subjected to their management model, but also that society will continue to operate business as usual. Recently, the American Psychiatric Association revised its “bible” with the purpose of creating and including new mental diseases. (15)

The “bible” now contains things like “Oppositional Defiant Disorder” (ODD), which includes anyone who disagrees with authority. People who are antisocial are suddenly considered as victims of “Antisocial Personality Disorder” and require pharmacological treatment. Children are no longer unhappy or throwing a temper tantrum, they are suffering from “Temper Dysregulation Disorder with Dysphoria.” The so called “bible” even adopts other made-up disorders such as Repetitive Dysmorphic Nose Picking Disorder With Itching (RDNPDWI), Oppositional Disorganized Speaking Disorder With Indigestion (ODSDWI) and so on. (16)

Is there a solution for Learned Hopelessness and Cognitive Dissidence? Sure. Does it work for everyone? Unfortunately not. So many people are so deep into depression or a state of helplessness that it may be impossible to let them out. The level of indoctrination is such, that losing their homes, families, jobs, liberties and self-respect may not be enough to wake them up. For the lucky ones, it seems that the start of a solution is called Individual Self-respect and/or Collective Self-confidence. In other words, what can I do on a daily basis to restore confidence, faith and respect in myself and people around me? All democratic movements or nations had these two ingredients. What can I do to help myself and others? People who follow these paths are those who identify what is bothering them, but instead of handing those issues to the government -which in turn will make them captives- they give themselves the opportunity to use their problems and solutions to connect with other people. They themselves form their own support groups where everyone shares their solutions to their own problems and those of others. It is what not too long ago used to be called communities.

Another way to pick oneself up is to take on intelligent safe risks. There are projects or goals that everyone has which would exponentially raise his or her confidence and self-esteem. It is precisely pursuing those goals and projects -especially those that include a certain degree of healthy risk- and conquering them, what exalts people out of their sorry empty lives. This risk-taking sometimes includes a decision to get away from people who always drag you down or who simply do not help. A decision needs to be made as to whether this person needs to be left behind in order to achieve that which will help you become what you want. So, the advice is to let the backbiters and backstabbers behind and get on with your life by surrounding yourself with those who support you and wish you well.


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Porqué las Personas son tan fácilmente Engañadas? Impotencia Aprendida

Es a Través De la “Impotencia Aprendida” Como Se Puede Explicar Por Qué Las Personas Son Tan Fácilmente Engañadas Sin Ni Siquiera Saberlo

Por Luis R. Miranda
The Real Agenda
Mayo 1, 2010

Las personas están abatidas. Ellas han sido intencionalmente transformadas en recursos humanos manejables que de manera impotencia consciente e inconsciente han dejado de luchar por lo que es suyo, contra la opresión y la injusticia. Hay un sistema establecido para causar rupturas y desesperación, miedo si se quiere, que parece tan poderoso, que hace que la gente baje los brazos y se rinda. Diariamente, podemos ver ejemplos claros de este comportamiento. El más reciente es la instalación de escáneres corporales en los aeropuertos y edificios de gobierno bajo el pretexto del terrorismo. ¿Cuál es la respuesta de la gente a esta invasión de la privacidad? Conformidad. (1)
Antes de los escáneres -que capturan una imagen digital del cuerpo desnudo de una persona- (2) habían otros ejemplos de cómo el sistema continuamente acorrala a la població esta no sabe que hacer. Por ejemplo, la crisis financiera que comenzó hace varios años se convirtió en un plan de rescate de los intereses bancarios. (3) Los mismos bancos y el mismo sistema financiero que crearon y perpetuaron el colapso, se dieron una palmadita en la espalda y llevaron a cabo el traspaso más gigantesco de riqueza en la historia, dejando al ciudadano común en ruinas, sin trabajo, en deuda y sin hogar. (4) ¿Cuál fue la reacción dada esta transferencia ilegal? Conformidad.

Previo al colapso financiero, los ciudadanos fueron adoctrinados en la creencia de que los humanos son responsables del calentamiento del planeta, y que sólo un impuesto mundial al carbono sería la solución para salvarnos de la destrucción. (5) Afortunadamente, una serie de e-mails y documentos de la Universidad de East Anglia, revelaron no sólo que el calentamiento global antropogénico es un engaño, (6), sino que es parte de un plan mayor para consolidar aún más el poder y los recursos del planeta en la manos de unos pocos. Aunque el programa de los alarmistas del clima se ha visto desacreditada fuera de toda duda (7), hay gente que todavía no ha analizado la ciencia del calentamiento y sigue afirmando que este está produciendo y que se debe a la actividad humana. Otro ejemplo de Conformidad.

Yendo aún más atrás en la historia, encontramos otro ejemplo muy claro de cómo la gente se volvió desesperada y fácilmente manipulable. El sentido común dicta que es correcto contar con fármacos sintéticos, a fin de prevenir, tratar o curar cualquier enfermedad. La gente no puede entender que la libertad de salud y un estado de salud óptimo no podrían estar más lejos de este tipo de productos de fabricación industrial. Debido a la falta de información o una forma de comprobar las declaraciones falsas de los fabricantes y los médicos, la ciudadanía, simplemente confía en los “expertos” y sus píldoras mágicas en su ciega carrera por una vida saludable cayendo así en el estado de desaliento aprendido.

Un estado de desaliento aprendido es “un estado psicológico en que la gente ha aprendido a creer que están indefensos en una situación particular. Ellos creen que no tienen control sobre su situación y que todo lo que hacen es inútil. Como resultado, se quedarán de brazos cruzados ante una situación desagradable, dañina y/o perjudicial, incluso cuando en realidad tienen el poder de cambiar sus circunstancias.” Por ejemplo, en la política, cuando hay una dictadura bipartidista en un país y la gente sólo puede votar por uno o el otro, -una falsa sensación de elección-, y las cosas no cambian o siguen empeorando porque los mismos intereses corporativos siguen manteniendo el control. La respuesta psicológica automática es un sentimiento de desaliento. Otro ejemplo válido es cuando una persona está en una relación donde él o ella es física, mental o sexualmente abusada. La víctima sabe la verdad, pero es incapaz de liberarse a sí mismo por temor, culpa o cualquier otro sentimiento de desesperación. Lo mismo sucede en una sociedad, donde el ciudadano ya no es identificado como ciudadano o un ser humano, sino un consumidor o un recurso humano. En una sociedad llena de gente conformada o sin esperanza, la verdad ya no es suficiente para liberarlos. Esta situaciós es diferente a la época colonial, cuando la mayoría de los miembros de una sociedad todavía mantenían el espíritu de lucha. Hoy la mayoría de los ciudadanos son conformistas, relajados o apáticos (8).

Lo que todas estas personas que han aprendido a ser impotentes tienen en común es que el dolor, en cualquier forma o modalidad, simplemente les hace más débiles, más propensos al abuso, y más fácilmente sumisos. Esto nos lleva a otra forma de desaliento aprendido. Cuando la gente se siente deprimida, sola y mentalmente agotada la respuesta inmediata es la búsqueda de un psiquiátra o un psicólogo para hacer frente a sus problemas. “Lo que no saben”, dice el Dr. Bruce E. Levine, “es que la mayoría de los psicólogos y psiquiátras sólo buscan sacar dinero de las personas indefensas.” Ellos también son instrumentos del plan que pretende mantener el control de la sociedad.

En la sociedad actual hay tres pilares principales que originan y apoyan el estado de desaliento aprendido y la disidencia cognitiva: el sistema educativo, la televisión y el sector de salud mental. Según el doctor Levine, la televisión hace que la gente sea más pasiva y dócil, debido al efecto que tiene en las ondas cerebrales. Es una de las herramientas más eficaces para la pacificación de la población “, añade. (9) “Las escuelas y la educación son cada vez más irrelevantes para el progreso del planeta”, dice el profesor John Taylor Gatto, autor de libros como Underground History of American Education y Weapons of Mass Instruction. El profesor Gatto fue además nombrado profesor del año en Nueva York. “La escuela no es el lugar donde la mayoría de la gente obtiene cualquier tipo de educación. De hecho, es un lugar utilizado para someter a la población “, concuerda Levine. (10) Acaso son los científicos formados en las clases de ciencias, o los políticos formados en las clases de política? Lo único que las escuelas hacen es enseñar a la gente a obedecer órdenes. Esta es una conclusión que las personas que tienen alguna capacidad de pensamiento crítico aprenden muy fácil y muy rápido. Por supuesto, la escuela también ha sido utilizada para eliminar por completo el pensamiento crítico y la creatividad en la población. (11) Desde muy pequeños nos enseñan a adorar y depender del gobierno para cada aspecto de nuestras vidas. Los ciudadanos más relevantes en cualquier país fueron y son personas que no fueron o no terminaron la escuela. Estos ciudadanos incluso alcanzan altos puestos de poder en la sociedad como la presidencia de un país. Un par de cosas que la gente que asiste al sistema educativo tradicional tienen en común es que terminan desempleados en muchos casos y con un montón de deuda pendiente. El sistema educativo tradicional se ha convertido en una herramienta para la creación de un estado de servidumbre.

Profesionales de la salud mental tales como psicólogos, junto con los educadores, son dos de los grupos más obedientes en la sociedad. Los profesionales de la salud son también uno de los grupos con la más alta tasa de suicidio. (12) ¿Qué sucede cuando los psiquiatras encuentran personas que no obedecen? Ellos se sienten ansiosos y tienden a diagnosticarlos como enfermos mentales. Así, casi todas las personas que no están de acuerdo con la figura de autoridad son automáticamente diagnósticadas con enfermedades mentales. Ernest Hemingway fue víctima de este sistema. El fue drogado y castigado con descargas eléctricas después de ser diagnosticado como mentalmente desequilibrado, porque pensó que estaba siendo seguido y vigilado. Luego resultó que él estaba de hecho siendo acosado por organismos de inteligencia. Por lo tanto, tiene sentido obtener asesoramiento de profesionales que ni siquiera pueden controlar su propia personalidad? ¿Podemos confiar en las personas que han sido adoctrinados para mantener el status quo?

Imagine la sociedad como víctima de un secuestro que luego sufre de síndrome de Estocolmo, durante y después de un secuestro. La incapacidad para reaccionar ante un secuestro es tal que empiezan a poner excusas de por qué no huyeron cuando tuvieron la oportunidad. La sociedad en su conjunto, así como las víctimas de secuestro, incluso llegan a un punto en el que salen en defensa de sus secuestradores. La mayoría de las personas se protegen de la realidad adoptando una postura apática, o ignoran lo que les está carcomiendo como un mecanismo de defensa contra su imposibilidad de reaccionar a esa realidad. Esto se desarrolla debido a ese sentimiento de miedo e impotencia. En otros casos, las personas optan por pasar sus vidas preocupándose por los partidos de fútbol, reality shows, moda, chismes y así sucesivamente.

Otro problema muy común en la sociedad de hoy es la disidencia cognitiva. Esto ocurre cuando las personas son incapaces de soportar un estado de tensión, por lo que optan por hacer una serie de excusas para escapar de esas situaciones. La reacción más común es decirse a sí mismos que no se encuentran en tal situación de tensión, lo que les sirve para ignorar el estado humillante en el que se encuentran. Así que, aunque el entorno sea abusivo, donde todos los derechos son irrespetados, los ciudadanos aún se justifican diciendo cosas como “no es bueno, pero todavía vivimos en el mejor país del mundo”. Este tipo de declaraciones reflejan la falta de poder de la gente para enfrentar la verdad de vivir en una sociedad tiránica y represiva.

Un ejemplo de una sociedad donde la esperanza y la razón se han perdido es Estados Unidos. En 2000, un presidente fue elegido, pero el candidato perdedor fue quien tomó el poder. Además del circo creado por los principales medios de comunicación, nadie más manifestó el menor interés en resolver la elección a través de medios democráticos. En un claro ejemplo de cómo las democracias débiles, o pseudo-democracias funcionan. Fue entonces la Corte Suprema del país que decidió quién debía gobernar la nación. En otros países, a menudo llamados repúblicas bananeras, como Irán o México, la decisión adoptada por la Corte habría dado lugar a numerosas manifestaciones en las calles y tal vez un verdadero recuento de los votos o una segunda vuelta. ¿Cómo es que 50 o 60 millones de personas simplemente dejaron que su voto fuera robado, sin interés alguno para hacerlo valer? En Irán, 3 millones de personas se tiraron a a las calles para protestar, y en México unas pocas decenas de miles de personas ciertamente se habrían manifestado. (13)

Madison Avenue descubrió hace mucho tiempo que era posible hacer que las personas se sintieran inadecuadas, que era posible decirle a la gente qué tipo de persona debían ser y que todo lo que no era como los ingenieros sociales decían, sería socialmente inaceptable. (14) Ellos también se dieron cuenta de que sería más fácil para la indústria comercializar su basura entre personas inseguras. Así es como la mayoría de las mujeres usan Botox o cirugías para manipular su cuerpo de manera que se parezca a la modelo de la portada que aparece en su revista favorita. Es esta la razón por la cual los hombres se inyectan con hormonas de crecimiento humano, a fin de parecer tan fuertes como el jugador de béisbol que también toma fármacos para mejorar su rendimiento. Esta inseguridad estimuló la venta de maquillaje y de mercancías hechas por esclavos del corporatismo, tales como zapatos deportivos, prendas de vestir y bolsos. Así que los creadores de imágenes le dicen a la gente que no encaja con un patrón específico o molde que son inútiles, y la gente lo cree. Por supuesto, esto hace que las personas que son económicamente incapaces de comprar los productos de moda se conviertan en víctimas de su propia ignorancia, y aquellos que pueden hacerlo, se convierten en víctimas de su falsa realidad. La gente aprendió a odiar su humanidad y la de los demás.

Igualmente insidioso es el abuso cometido por “profesionales” que en su mayoría se aprovechan de la gente con mentes débiles. “Hay un montón de dinero para hacer en mi profesión”, dice el Dr. Levine. La cantidad de dinero que la gente gasta en productos farmacéuticos y visitas a su psicólogo o psiquiátra -que a su vez apoya el mismo sistema que se beneficia de la debilidad de la gente- es incontable. “¿No es más fácil controlar a una población cuya autoestima es baja o inexistente? Este es el interés de la sociedad corporativa autoritaria en que vivimos “, agrega Levine. Por eso, es común escuchar a las asociaciones de profesionales psiquiátricos para que se identifiquen nuevos trastornos mentales. El reconocimiento de estos trastornos no sólo asegurará que más personas puedan ser sometidos a su modelo de gestión, sino también que la sociedad seguirá funcionando como de costumbre. Recientemente, la Asociación Americana de Psiquiatría revisó su “Biblia” con el propósito de crear e incluir nuevas enfermedades mentales. (15) La “biblia” ahora contiene cosas como “trastorno de oposición a la autoridad (ODD por sus siglas en inglés), que incluye a cualquier persona que esté en desacuerdo con la autoridad. Las personas que son antisociales son de repente consideradas víctimas de “Trastorno de Personalidad Antisocial” y requieren tratamiento farmacológico. Los niños ya no son infelices cuando lanzan una rabieta, ahora son seres que están sufriendo de “Transtorno de Temperamento Desregulado con Disforia”. La llamada “biblia”, también adopta otros “trastornos” inventados por un sitio web, tales como Trastorno Repetitivo Dismórfico de Hurgarse la Nariz (RDNPDWI), Trastorno de Oposición Desorganizada al Hablar con Indigestión (ODSDWI) y así sucesivamente. (16)

¿Hay una solución para la desaliento aprendido y disidencia cognitiva? La respuesta es SI. ¿Funciona para todos? Desgraciadamente, no. Muchas personas están tan profundamente en depresión o un estado de desamparo que puede ser imposible ayudarles a salir. El nivel de indoctrinación es tal, que la pérdida de sus hogares, las familias, el empleo, las libertades y respeto de sí mismo puede no ser suficiente para despertarlos. Para los afortunados, parece que el inicio de una solución se llama Respeto a Si Mismo y/o Autosuficiencia colectiva. En otras palabras, ¿qué puedo hacer diariamente para restaurar la confianza, la fé y el respeto en mí mismo y la gente alrededor mío? Todos los movimientos democráticos en países o regiones del mundo en la historia tuvieron estos dos ingredientes. ¿Qué puedo hacer para ayudarme a mí mismo y a los demás? Las personas que siguen estas rutas son aquellos que identifican lo que les molesta, pero en lugar de acudir o depender del gobierno -que a su vez los hará cautivos- se dan la oportunidad de utilizar sus problemas y soluciones para contactar con otras personas. Ellos mismos forman sus propios grupos de apoyo donde todos comparten sus soluciones a sus propios problemas y los de los demás. Es lo que no hace mucho tiempo se llamaba comunidades.

Otra manera de levantarse uno mismo es tomar riesgos inteligentes. Existen proyectos o metas que cada uno tiene que aumentaría exponencialmente su confianza y autoestima. Es precisamente el ejercicio de las metas y los proyectos, especialmente aquellos que incluyen un cierto grado de riesgo y la conquista de los mismos, lo que exalta a la gente en sus vidas. Esta toma de riesgos a veces incluye la decisión de alejarse de la gente que siempre son un obstáculo y que arrastran hacia abajo o que simplemente no ayudan. La decisión debe hacerse en cuanto a si esta persona tiene que ser dejado atrás para conseguir lo que le ayudará a ser lo que se quiere. Así, el consejo es dejar a los maldicientes e hipócritas atrás y seguir adelante con la vida rodeándose con aquellos que sirven de apoyo y que desean lo mejor.


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